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Prefer to be a Townie. J townie opt16.gif

Tasky is a new player on mafia-scum who is playing mafia for some years now and recently started to play online-mafia.

Real Life Play

As a real-life-mafia-player he is awesome when playing on town side and usually not so strong playing Mafioso. The only evil role he is known to play extremely well is the Terrorist, with which he has an almost 100% win percentage. As you might already have guessed, his favorite role is Townie. In general he prefers setups with only Townies and Mafiosi (and maybe one sane Cop) while playing. On the other side he is known as an astonishing game-mod when proposing closed setups surprising the players every time with new and unexpected ideas (and usually a lot of strange roles). This leads to him modding a lot lately.

Online Play

Currently Tasky has stopped playing and is modding only.

As a Mod

Name Game Type Game Status Winner
Red Herring Mafia Large Theme Coming Soon ??
Newbie 1133 Newbie Game Over Town
Newbie 1109: Paradise City Newbie Game Over Town
Time Travel Mafia Mini Theme Game Over Town
Large 130.Mirror Mafia Large Normal Game Over Black Mafia
Newbie 1087: Welcome To The Jungle Newbie Game Over Mafia
Mini 1107 - Just a Game Mini Normal Game Over Town

Planned Games:

Name Game Type Description Release
Death Note Mafia Large Theme Inspired from the Death Note Manga/Anime. May feature interesting flavor-related mechanics and there might be use of aliases. If someone wants to help me with setup and/or flavor, I'd be grateful. design on hold
Schizophrenia Mafia Mini/Large Theme Two intertwined games are played by the same players in the same thread. Each player has one role for each game but some roles influence the other game. maybe
Time Travel Mafia 2 Mini/Large Theme Sequel to Time Travel Mafia. New roles, partially new mechanics, even more fun. maybe

As A Player

Name Game Type Modded by Result Faction Role Replaced Slot Status Winner
American Gods Mafia Large Theme Jahudo Win Mafia Roleblocker Out D1 Sacrificed D5 Mafia
New Designer Mafia Large Theme Fashion Llama Lose Mafia B Voyeur // Lynched D6 Mafia C
SSK's Random Mafia XL Large Theme zwetschenwasser/SSK N/A Town Naive Cop // Killed N1 N/A
Sorcerers in the Magic Order Academy II Large Theme Snow_Bunny Win Town JOAT // Lynched D4 Town
Spontaneous Bastard Mafia II Large Theme zwetschenwasser Win Town (confused) Vanilla // Killed N1 Everybody
Mini 1105: A Mafia Invasion Mini Normal Zachrulez Win Town Vanilla // Killed N2 Town
Magician's Mafia: The Hypnotists Large Theme petroleumjelly Lose Town Vanilla In D2 Killed N5 Mafia
Mini 1080: txt Mafia Mini Theme Nobody Special Win Mafia Roleblocker // Survived Mafia
Hydra Mafia Large Theme bv310 Win Mafia Roleblocker Out D1 Survived Mafia
Mini 1069: Hospital Madness Mafia Mini Theme Parama Lose Mafia Traitor // Killed N2 Town
StrangerCoug's Worst Nightmare IIIS: The Dungeon Large Theme StrangerCoug Win Town Naive compulsive Vig // Survived Town
Open 245: Mini Love Open Mr.Sandman Lose Town Vanilla // Endgamed Mafia
Mini 1047: Urban Dead Mafia Mini Theme bv310 Win Town Tracker // Survived Town
Mini 1044: Lie To Me Mafia Mini Theme Zorblag/Stef Lose Town one-shot Tracker // Endgamed Mafia
1043: Spontaneous Bastard Mafia Mini Theme zwetschenwasser Lose Town one-shot global Roleblocker // Lynched D5 JesterCult & Mafia
Mini 1041: Wheel of Fortune Mafia Mini Theme StrangerCoug Win Town Vanilla In D1, Out D3 Survived Town
Mini 1026: Ohne Mafia Mini Normal Zhero Win Town Jailkeeper // Survived Town
Mini 1023: City Watch Mafia Mine Theme molestargazer Lose Mafia Goon // Lynched D2 Town
Mini 1005: Mafiaphobes Mini Normal totallynotmafia Win Town Vanilla Out D1 Lynched D2 Town
Mini #1004: Popularity Mafia Mini Theme LlamaFluff Lose Town Vanilla Out D1 Endgamed Mafia
Mad World: Time Travel Mafia Large Theme ooba Win Mafia Alignment Cop Out D2 Survived Mafia
Mini 1003 Mafia Mini Normal Zang Win Town Vanilla // Lynched D2 Town

Other Interest

Tasky's main interests lie in the area of Mathematics and Philosophy. His favorite sports are climbing, skiing and handball and he likes playing Go and various other board games.