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Sudo Nym

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Sudo_Nym is one of the greatest people ever to exist. He is known to be surrounded by a halo of brilliant light at all times, illuminating the path of the unrighteous so that they might be more like the example set by Sudo_Nym. Many say that this aura of brilliance is blinding, though, as they could never hope to live up to the awesomeness that is embodied in Sudo_Nym. Little do they know that Sudo_Nym doesn't demand perfection, knowing that it is beyond such pitiful mortals as they; no, he requests only that they try, and that every day, in every way, they attempt to become more Sudo_Nymian.

In his personal life, Sudo_Nym is known to heal the lame and restore sight to the blind with a touch. He was once spotted walking across a pond to heal an injured swan.

Sudo_Nym is love.