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~Mafia Record~
26-28-5 (Total - 48.1%)
26-28-5 (Town - 48.1%)
0-0-0 (Mafia - 0%)
0-0-0 (Anything Else - 0%)
Lynched: 12/81 (14.8%)
Killed: 39/81 (48.1%)
Suicided: 2/81 (2.5%)
Survived/Endgamed: 22/81 (27.2%)
Abandoned: 6/81 (7.4%)
Alive in/Ongoing: 0/0 (Division by zero.%)
Games entered as replacement, invitation, or IC: 46/81 (56.8%)
Lynch SWA: 65/137 (47.4%)
Average Lifespan: 3325/82 = 40.55 days/game

Rules for Lynch Scum/Wagon Average (shamelessly plagiarized from Mr. Flay):

  1. Pro-Town role, or part of a Team Anti-Town Faction where at least one other Anti-Town Faction existed for me to successfully lynch. SKs don't count, because it doesn't matter who they lynch.
  2. Vigilante attempts count. So do S-Kills.
  3. Getting lynched myself counts as a failure. :(
  4. No ongoing games (unless I'm already dead).
  5. No Mafia Mutations so distorted that lynching is essentially meaningless: RPS, Unknown Role, etc.

Completed Games by most recent completion


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
MafiaScum Fantasy Camp 2 Lost Butterfly SpyreX Fanpeople, Friends of mith Killed Night 1 REAPERcharlie Win D7 0/1 4/12/14 - 4/25/14 (13) Original Player (as Sixty)
Since I have no historical memory, I thought it would be an excellent idea to join the sequel to a game I really didn't enjoy. The game was mostly a domino effect of people having personality clashes and complaining about the game. We had some ideas on who the scum were but backed a bunch of wrong horses, so getting killed as early as we did may not have been so bad. On the other hand, I ducked out of dayvigging scum, which is probably going to bother me for some time in the future.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Doctor Who: The Last Great Time War jasonT1981 Dalek Thay, Cult of Skaro Goon Killed Night 1 Dalek Win N8 N/A 7/5/13 - 7/31/13 (26) Original Player
Candillan basically rocked this game. The Town was in a pretty impressive position with four scum dead before the Day 2 lynch with a Skaro Cop in play and Doc-protected, but Candillan managed to bring it down to a showdown with the SK, who shot wrong. I, somewhat predictably, didn't last through the first Night (shot by the other scum team). I thought I was doing well, too. :/ Also, someone let loose a bunch of weirdos in this game, so maybe my sanity came out better for the early exit.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
[ACCESS CODE 1461] Paradox Prime AurorusVox Irena Daletskii, Communications Killed ?? (Timeline A) Town Win D6 1/2 6/17/13 - 6/17/13 (0) Pre-/in as Sixty
Irena Daletskii, Communications Killed Night 2 (Timeline B) 7/1/13 - 7/22/13 (21)
Iiiiit's another time travel game! And that means that you can never keep your eyes off of it! The game was quite the roller coaster with a lot of complex mechanics. The scum narrowly avoided losing thanks to us finding the optimum strategy (and then pulling off literally the worst lynches we could with it) and Cabd unleashing a set of gambits to keep the Town in the game to patch up what the strategy couldn't. Also, this game had TOO MUCH PUPPY for one thread. Or even four threads.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
HunterxHunterxMafia: Yorknew City hitogoroshi Baise, H.A. One-Shot Dominatrix Killed Night 3 Town Win D6 3/3 5/4/13 - 6/8/13 (35) Replaced FUT pregame
Now we're talking. I teamed up with Nachomamma8 (in a surprise move given previous history) and took down scum one by one. I can't take credit for two of them (one of which is counted in the S/WA), but my reads after I died helped get a fourth one lynched. The only mislynch came after my guidance ran out, so I feel fairly pleased with myself. This game got nominated for Best Town Performance.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
/in-vitational 12: Mafia in #YOLOville Faraday Two-Shot Vanilla Cop Killed Night 2 Town Win D6 0/2 2/18/13 - 3/23/13 (35) Original player (invited?)
This was definitely a tough game for everyone with some uncooperative Townies; the endgame team really pulled it out. I didn't do a great job, but I was able to luck my way out of being lynched. That said, I missed my chance to lynch CES-Mafia :( Also I may forgive Tammy for ever voting me someday.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Micro 134 (definitively not Zachtown) Zachrulez Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Town Win D3 0/1 2/18/13 - 3/4/13 (14) Pre-/in as Sixty
Woof. It took the Town some length of time to do it because a lot of people looked scummy, but the Town did pull off a win even after the Cop got lynched D1. I'll claim credit for finding one scum D1, at least...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
NY 160B - Welcome to Castle Zar Zar Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Town Win D4 0/1 12/14/12 - 12/22/12 (8) Original player (invited)
Troll game, be totally useless (intentionally), die N1 anyway - just as planned. Life is good. The Town did a decent job without me, I suppose. :/


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
The Dresden Files - Early Days Mafia MagnaofIllusion Harley MacFinn, Loup-Garou Mason Survived Day 5 Town Win D5 4/5 10/20/12 - 12/3/12 (44) Original player (Sixty)
Also, a bastard SK. We were kind of hoping for it but didn't think we would see Albert B. Rampage killed before us.

Other than that, the scum teams kind of fell apart right in front of us, and the setup just never swung in scum's favor in any of the many ways it could have. Overall, a nice curbstomping that gives me a little bit of an idea what it's like to win.~


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Open 463: Black Flag Nightless callforjudgement Mafia Goon Lynched Day 2 Town Win D4 N/A 11/10/12 - 11/17/12 (7) Original Player (Sixty)
So Empire pretty much rocked our world in this game. Oh, and replacements made the Town twice as good as initially budgeted. It wasn't great Town play, but it would have taken a lot of effort to squeeze four mislynches out of the final player list.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1381: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden: Mafia: Chapter One of the Hoopz Barkley Mafia SaGa hitogoroshi Charles Barkley, One-Shot Blackout Dayvig Killed Night 3 Jam Win D5 1/3 9/28/12 - 10/31/12 (33) Original Player (pre-/in)
I dayvigged scum Day 1 (awesome!) and then proceeded to die just as I happened across the other scum... a couple of Days later... who won, of course.
Let's just stick with the first five words.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Micro 59 - Bird 7P - At one fell swoop Tierce Vanilla Townie Survived Day 3 Town Win D3 2/3 10/14/12 - 11/5/12 (22) Original player (invited)
Seven-player games make for very tight quarters, but they're becoming something of a specialty. This one was a bit rougher than I hoped, as there was reason to argue for and against each of the other players... It fell apart at the end in Town's favor, so we escaped unscathed. Also, the D1 lynch was rather therapeutic. :P


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
xudeR aifaM esreveR - 3831 iniM yuGecI einwoT allinaV 7 yaD devivruS 7D niW nwoT A/N (42) 21/82/01 - 21/4/01 ytxiS sa ni/-erp
~tneconni dna sselmrah yltcefrep er'eW  ?yppup eht tsurt eno on lliw yhW .laviver htiw dedrawer t'nerew ew ,yletanutrofnU .dedis-nwoT erom hcum emag eht ekam ot seinwoTfnoc eht esu ot yaw a dnuof dna cinahcem eht dezylana eW .kniht I ,emag siht ni llew did eW


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
My Little Pony: Friendship is Redemption Rainbowdash Thunderlane, The "Sick" Pony Returned Night 4 Friendship Win D6 2/4 7/29/12 - 9/22/12 (55) Original Player (pre-/in)
Two scum out of three lynched in the first two Days. Still lose with one of my defTown slots as the last scum. So much for redemption.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Micro 12: Chain of Command Timeater Role Cop Ensign Killed Night 3 Mafia Win D5 0/1 8/11/12 - 9/1/12 (21) Invited (as Sixty)
Yet another utter failure on Town's part. petapan, even on a bad day, completely outclassed everyone. We stole AurorusVox's pirate hat (and eyepatch) so that something positive could come out of this.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Otherworld Mafia Cyoaraeth Villager Survived Day 4 Town Win D4 3/4 6/22/12 - 8/21/12 (60) Original Player (invited)
Never mind that the setup was terribly Town-sided, the two Towns of this game pretty much steamrolled the scum with only one mislynch each. It only even got close in one thread, and only because of the numbers in Aia dwindling due to voluntary cross-thread travel. It's pretty much how good Town play is supposed to look (at least in Aia).


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Chrono Trigger Mafia Resurrection Kdub Center Pod Killed Night 1; Revived Night 8 Town Win D11 N/A 5/8/12 - 5/16/12 (8) Original Player
Still the Center Pod Lynched Day 10 7/15/12 - 7/24/12 (9)
Home of the Worst Replacement Request in History, courtesy of Katsuki.
I got crosskilled so early that I don't really know what to say about the game - it was swingy and had a TON of Town power to make up for ten scum, and the revival mechanic was kind of a waste for scum. Also, such a poor excuse for getting lynched as scum. Well, I can say that you only live twice... twice...~


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1327: Murder in the Louvre springlullaby The Louvre's Mummy Survived Day 6 SK Win D6 N/A 4/14/12 - 7/21/12 (98) Original Player
This game pretty much served to highlight all the fascinating ways a game can screw over an SK role, with the inability to falsely name claim, the inability to kill without a clue getting posted, and no plausible claim in a vanillaless game. Yet somehow I managed to make it one of the most successful games of my career. This is the sort of game that shows that you can never, never give up as scum. Also, it shows how much I really miss duck cooked in honey and garlic (among a laundry list of other things).


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Experimental Role Mafia TWIN SWORDS OF DESTINY Fire Killed Night 1 Town Win D6 N/A 4/22/12 - 5/12/12 (20) Original Player
The mods gave me a Role PM that was like "you lose" and I was like "okay".


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1319: Divided Germany Mafia IceGuy Jan Winkel, Upstanding German Citizen Shot Night 1 West Win D6 1/1 3/29/12 - 4/4/12 (6) Replaced bv310 D1
Replace into game, peg scum, die Night 1. Three of the four reads I was working with, including the person who got lynched D1, were scum. Not bad for replacing into a game to get the site to move forward from the crash.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Ponybash Invitational Cogito Ergo Sum That Bald Guy at the Westeros Panel Survived Day 2 Town Win D2 2/2 4/21/12 - 5/4/12 (13) Original Player (invited)
The next best thing to actually going to Ireland was getting invited to play with the people who did.  :/ I'm not a huge fan of high-pressure seven-player games, but going from L-1 to winning, especially with some really basic Mafia know-how combating Phillammon's plausibly implausible claim, is a welcome change from recent history.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Otters vs. Tigers vs. Sharks Amrun, Trumpet of Doom Whale Shark, Weak Mafia Goon Lynched Day 5 Tiger Win N6 N/A 1/13/12 - 4/10/12 (88) Replaced Velazanth D1
Surely you've seen theoretical situations where it's best for the scumteams to work together for a joint victory, right? And how claiming scum should be an A-OK gambit to get that kind of mutual victory to work, right? Well, um, that doesn't actually work in practice. I doubt we would have won anyway, but that pretty much drove it in.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
My Little Pony: Friendship is Awesome Rainbowdash Lily the Overdramatic Pony Endgamed Day 5 Discord Win D5 3/5 1/7/12 - 2/9/12 (33) Original Player
Once you took away the Townies getting modkilled and claiming scum, this was actually a really tight game. I'm impressed with how the scumteam did, but losing this one by the vast amount that we did really hurt.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Animal Rescue: petsPick zoraster Roxi the Hyper Puppy Killed Night 2 SK Win D5? 1/2 11/6/11 - 11/30/11 (24) Original Player (pre-/in)
The SK basically stole this game at the end. I'm sad, though somewhat amused at how Kublai Khan vs. glowball turned into a rather "unique" conversation. I really should have stuck to my reads more.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1243: Magician Mafia Debonair Danny DiPietro Teller Unhearted Night 3 Town Win D5 1/3 9/16/11 - 10/19/11 (33) Original Player (invited)
In a break from reality, my team actually won a game AND I didn't even do that badly! I drew Teller - probably my favorite role in the game/flavor - and used the power of QuickTopics to overcome my no-speaking post restriction. I even caught one scum and saved one lynchable Town through QuickTopics! What really saved the game was the group of capable newbie players playing for Town and Mafia, though. I'm pleasantly surprised that I won, but I would have been pleased either way at the competence of this younger generation.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
UPick: Mafiascum Fantasy Camp Lost Butterfly Gammagooey Fan??? Lynched Day 4 Mafia Win D6 1/4 8/13/11 - 9/18/11 (36) Original Player (pre-in)
What incredible failure on so many peoples' parts.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mind Screw Mafia 5 Tarhalindur, UncertainKitten Homura Akemi, Townie Time Traveler Survived D3 Abandoned D3 1/4 8/5/11 - 9/1/11 (27) Original Player (invited)
You can't run a complex bastard mod game if you're not around to run it! I was probably going to win... as Cult... since one of the obvious Townies was the Cult Recruiter. It's a shame to see the series go out like this, but...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
DEFCON Mafia 3.0 AlmasterGM European Nuclear Silo Nuked Day 3 Town Win D5 N/A 6/9/11 - 6/30/11 (21) Invited, Revenge of Wei
Because this was an Open game, I was able to review this and play in it too. I reviewed it horribly, pushing it to be more Town-sided than it was. Then I drew scum. Then I realized I wasn't going to get help from half of the rest of the team. Then I realized I wasn't going to get help from my hydra. I lasted as long as I could, and then helped kick off the greatest party on mafiascum as nukes inexorably targeted my position. This was truly a game that was better enjoyed when dead, at least from my point of view.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Fire Emblem: Battle for Archanea diddin Beck Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win N4 0/1 6/4/11 - 6/24/11 (20) Original Player
Towns are as good as their weakest players. I don't even want to talk about this one.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Dynasty Warriors Mafia SpyreX Cao Cao, Ruler of Wei Endgamed Night 4 Mafia Win N4 1/4 5/22/11 - 6/8/11 (17) Original Player (invited)
In this game, players could duel each other for fantastic powers (if they won) and a chance to vent personal animosity. This wound up forcibly locking the Town's attention into needless Town-on-Town duels. The scum did well enough to avoid getting dueled, and coasted. As for me, I ignored the duels altogether and simply dayvigged who I thought was scum. I thought I was doing fairly decently due to the Death Miller, and made poor choices in the last Day of the game as a result.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1161: Neruzian Era Mafia Neruz Mafia Role Cop Lynched Day 4 Town Win D4 N/A 4/25/11 - 5/24/11 (29) Original Player
Now that site meta is shifting toward making it harder for scum to win, I seem to be drawing it a lot now. <_< It wasn't a great game on my part, but it got torn apart by a surprise replacement and... well, there's the loss.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Cowboy Bebop Redux Fate Vicious Lynched Ses. 2 Mafia Win S6 N/A 3/8/11 - 3/25/11 (17) Original Player (invited)
My first game back after another short break. I drew scum, and drew the ire of GreyICE. After getting counterclaimed twice (almost three times), I went down fairly quickly but took the rest of the game with me - the Town self-destructed afterward. It wasn't at all glamorous, but I'll take the win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Cyclic Experimentation Set x01 The Eruci Eruci Survived Day 5 Eruci Win D5 3/4 1/16/2011 - 2/27/11 (42) Original Player (as Saint)
Midway through Day 2, the Town was losing in the worst kind of way, so I stepped out of being the silent half of a teaching hydra and started applying myself toward the game. It didn't work; my reads were mostly accurate but I pushed enough wrong lynches that I lost all my credibility. I guess these games happen...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Blackest Night Mafia danakillsu, ReaperCharlie Kilowog, Bus Driver Killed Night 1 Cult Win D7 1/1 1/1/11 - 1/12/11 (11) Original Player (invited)
Rather than talk about a Large Theme with five factions and a secret Cult where the Town lost after lynching correctly every Day but one, let's talk about how many 1s appear in a row in the above breakdown. It's kind of spooky, isn't it?


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1090 - Of Rogues and Curses Ythill Ungrika Fortune Teller Flu'd N3 Mafia Win D5 2/2 12/1/10 - 1/18/11 (48) Original Player (pre-in)
My role was awesome :D and it wasn't even the best one in the game. Then we lynched scum twice in two Days. Then we blazed onward to victo--oh wait. Mass hysteria with nonstandard roles and some unfortunate play by the remaining Townies caused the game to dissolve into senseless panic. More to put into the players' guide...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Objection Redux Faraday Will Powers, Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Mafia Win D6 0/0 11/23/10 - 12/3/10 (10) Original Player (re-in)
You know how some people can look at a player list and generally guess who will get lynched and who will get NKd? This was one of those. A great example of how NOT to play Town.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1080 -- txtMafia Nobody Special Mafia Godfather Survived Night 3 Mafia Win N3 N/A 11/15/10 - 12/28/10 (43) Replaced Korts D1
Out of kindness and boredom I replaced into a game for NS. Apparently I didn't learn from Phables, Appenine, or Serum/Steel; I found out soon afterward that I was coming into the tail end of one of the longest Day 1s onsite. Not helping was that every post was truncated at 160 characters, making ordinary posting habits turn more or less incoherent. My predecessor looked somewhat scummy and I never really got off the hook, but after weeks of having no idea what was going on we were able to barely squeak a win out.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Objection! sykedoc Phoenix Wright Converted D1C2 Abandoned D1 N/A 8/12/10 - 10/9/10 (58) Original Player
sykedocFaraday Phoenix Wright Abandoned D1 10/9/10 - 11/19/10 (41)
A game with mechanics so confusing and elaborate that it held nobody's interest; a good idea that doesn't work in practice. But it had a great twist ending though.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Open 250: Pie E7 Mark II jasonT1981 Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Town Win N4 1/1 10/13/10 - 10/29/10 (16) Original Player (re-in)
If the first run of this game wasn't enough to convince me that Pie E7 is a terribly cheesy setup, the sequel definitely was. I almost completely locked the game down with a Day 1 massclaim. (Although I was pushing both scum anyway.~) At this point I'm largely responsible for the top two Shortest Days in a Mini Game (quicklynches, in other words) on the Records page.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 1031: Encore Mafia Plum Corrupt ISSP Agent, aka InterrogatorInquisitor Interrogator Survived Day 4 Inquisitor Win N4 2/3 8/30/10 - 10/15/10 (46) Original Player (pre-in)
I drew the most powerful role I have ever gotten, and got recruited by the second-most powerful role I've ever gotten. I almost forgot how to play as something other than Vanilla =p Nailing scum D1 was astonishingly easy in this game, and the Mafia basically fell apart. The problem was that we had to keep the entire cult alive from D2 onward, and we made it somehow. Not having the option to bus was actually kind of refreshing given site meta. And I finally won another game this year! (and I can almost say that it was a Town win!)


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Open 250: Pie E7 jasonT1981 Mafia Goon Survived Day 2 Mafia Win D2 N/A 9/18/10 - 10/2/10 (14) Original Player
A pseudo-invitational game, as you can probably guess from my alignment. Blunders by curiouskarmadog-Town and me-scum canceled each other out, resulting in a very close game. Is it just me, or are most Open games Town-biased? One nice thing about this game is that it was over and done in 8 pages. I've always wanted to play in a short game like that.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
NY 114: Mafia vs. Werewolves MichelSableheart Vanilla Townie Killed Night 1 Werewolf Win N9 0/0 5/17/10 - 5/30/10 (13) Original Player (invited)
This was my last game before going on vacation, and between burnout and being surrounded by newbies it didn't go well. The Town did considerably better than I expected for reasons I'm not sure of, and both scum teams thought I was scum for reasons I can guess. Hopefully this will be the last of the bad Town games.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 949 - Rainbow Robot Unicorn Attack Mafia!!!!!! Percy Robotic Queen of Robot Faeries Endgamed Night 4 D. Horse Win N4 1/3 4/1/10 - 6/6/10 (66) Original Player
One of the difficulties of being Town is that you don't know how well you're doing. One of the difficulties of being scum is that you know EXACTLY how well Town is doing. I was actually mostly correct on my reads in this game, but got foiled by some extremely clever claims on the parts of VasudeVa and ElectricBadger. Given what the setup actually turned out to be, I probably shouldn't feel too bad about this one; as it stands, I wonder if I can get a body-of-work Cassandra award.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 942 - Gonzo Mafia VP Baltar Whimpering Slave of the Fear Killed Night 5 Mafia Win D6 1/4 3/17/10 - 5/6/10 (50) Original Player (invited)
The game blitzed two of the scum in the first two Days. Then it imploded in the worst way possible. I regret that I was playing my weakest game in a long time and wasn't able to catch Sotty-scum pulling yet another miraculous scum win out. The less said about this game, the better, probably.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 946: The New Zachtown Zachrulez Vanilla Townie Devoured Night 2 Mafia Win N3 0/1 3/26/10 - 4/18/10 (23) Original Player (invited)
This game featured seven scummy players. Four of them were scum. The other three were the ones who got lynched.
If you are Town, you must look Town. Otherwise, you are a liability and are dragging your team down.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Open 193 - Friends and Enemies Head_Honcho Mafia Goon Survived Day 5 Mafia Win D5 N/A 1/8/10 - 3/28/10 (79) Original Player (invited)
I'm never scum. Except in invitational games, apparently. This was an astonishingly decent game for me, and a testament to the fact that scum cannot give up hope; there are few truly unwinnable situations for scum - even, say, being caught in LyLo with everything I've said discredited and a Townie who was told by a little bird that I was scum. This was my first game with Albert B. Rampage, and I was suitably impressed - more so than I was with the 3 vs. 3 Friends and Enemies setup.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Open 189 ~ Trouble at Warren State Mental Hospital tubby216 Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 5 Mafia Win D5 1/5 12/9/9 - 2/28/10 (81) Original player (invited)
I wanted tubby's game to be a success, so I joined without looking much at the player list. What resulted involved two Mafia Goons beating two Cops and a Doctor, in that order. I was graciously able to continue my pristine record of losing in LyLo without being the end lynchee, so I'll call it a hollow victory and never speak of this game again. Sotty7 played a terrific scum game though.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 880 iamausername Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 4 Mafia Win D4 1/3 12/27/9 - 2/14/10 (49) Rep. evolving_fruit D1
Another Newbie game, another terrible experience. I called a few Townies correctly, but was way wrong about the scum throughout. We really shouldn't have lost in LyLo, but the other Townie immediately voted me for reasons that appeared from nowhere and were mostly unsubstantiated. Mafia is, once again, a team game.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 101: Mafia Dodgeball Plum Vanilla Townie Killed Night 4 Town Win D10 2/4 9/17/9 - 11/24/9 (68) Original Player
Another interesting surprise of a setup. I came under fire for leading the wagon against the D1 Vigilante lynch (so sue me, I was V/LA when he claimed and got lynched anyway) and for half-inadvertently defending favorite target RayFrost (who in a rare break from my usual luck was actually Town). I did well enough defending myself that in spite of being considered "scum with RayFrost" D3 and D4, I was able to turn it around D4 and essentially control the Town in wagoning one scum to near-lynch, realize that player was V/LA, and then herd the Town toward lynching a different scum. Vig-lynching aside, I did a better-than-decent job finding scum in this game. I just wish my first game with roflcopter could have gone more amicably.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 105: Caught in the Crossfire zoraster Vanilla Townie Killed Night 2 Mafia Win D8 0/2 11/13/9 - 11/28/9 (15) Original Player (invited)
A strange setup filled with zealous players. To contrast with the below game, it was ultimately dragged down by scummy Townies (somehow I became one of them?) as well as Townies eager to accuse Townies of doing fairly average things. Even though the scum were almost obliterated by Day 4, the experience felt like a disappointment (even though nobody suspected the two remaining scum, particularly popsofctown, to pull off a win at the time). But Mafia is a team game...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Pick Your Power SpyreX Framer Killed Night 1 Town Win D5 1/1 12/15/9 - 12/26/9 (11) Original Player (invited)
In this game, we drafted our power roles. I was third in the draft order and chose to deprive the scum of their Framer, the only obviously anti-Town role. As it turns out, the scum already drafted Cop and none of the scum bothered to take Framer. Oh well. I hammed up whatever pro-Town-looking things I could come up with in hopes of drawing the NK, and it worked~ This Town did a pretty amazing job, outing two scum D1 and lynching correctly five out of five times. This is the power of high-level play.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 884 - Last Man Standing hohum, MiteyMouse, Vi Vanilla Townie Daykilled Day 1 Town Win T3 0/0 11/16/9 - 12/1/9 (15) Original Player (invited)
In a troubling role reversal, I was daykilled. I don't think I've ever died on Day 1 before... But then, the people who shot me were scum and honorary scum, so I guess that's okay. I had to step in as a back-up back-up mod after I died so the game could keep going. I'm not sure if I would run this kind of setup again given that I had (mostly) perfect knowledge of the game's workings, but it certainly came down to a fascinating conclusion.~ And I still never got to daykill anyone :(


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 867: Tengen! Toppa! Gurren Lagann! Mafia forbiddanlight Kittan, Townie Bodyguard Killed Night 1 Mafia Win D2 0/0 10/25/9 - 11/18/9 (24) Original player (pre-in)
There were no winners to this game except Slicey, who replaced Jebus (again, no winners anywhere). The setup was filled with power roles designed to make the game dramatic and/or finish quickly, and none of them were put to good use - even the Watcher that 100% nailed scum. I deduced that there were at least two scum among the lurkers (in actuality, ALL of the scum were in the lurkers), but I couldn't convince enough people to lynch them before they were replaced. Townies -have- to lynch lurkers...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Battle Mafia Battle Mage Enhancer; Lynchee Survived Day 7 Town Win D6 3/6 8/23/9 - 11/9/9 (78) Original Player (invited)
Well, now I know what a bastard mod game is like, bonus bonus~


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 847: Murder in Zachtown Zachrulez Mafia Godfather Survived Day 4 Mafia Win D4 N/A 10/1/9 - 11/7/9 (38) Rep. ckool5000 N1
Surprise! Another Mafia-side game this year. This game pointedly demonstrates why Townies must focus on active scumhunting.
This game could have been much more difficult than it was... It's not that the players were bad, but rather that they weren't proactive.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 839: Mafia Invasion RedCoyote Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win D4 1/2 8/29/9 - 10/5/9 (37) Original Player (invited)
A Cop, a Survivor, a Framer, a Godfather, one other Mafioso, and a modkill on Town. Even with the Cop (ew) this didn't make for very good odds for the Town on paper, but because the Framer and Survivor died before D2 it was still winnable. I found myself caught in all the wrong places at the wrong times making a lot of gambles that didn't pay off, and had to resign myself to a lynch. Not my best moment. What's worse is that even if I had been alive, I would have been a liability; my two strongest Town reads were on the two remaining scum. Hopefully I can do much better next time.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 98: Appenine Mafia Yaw Vanilla Townie Killed Night 3 Mafia Win D5 0/1 8/6/9 - 9/3/9 (29) Rep. blackcatcontract D3
A game with no power roles and generous three-week deadlines. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. To the Town's credit, the game only stalled to deadline once because people were so tired of having 50-page Days that ended in policy lynches on whichever of the anti-Town players (including virtually everyone) enough people could agree to lynch. So this is a good example of why long Days and excessive discussion are NOT good for Town. It's also a compelling argument to make me a dayvig. Sooner or later...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Phables: Death Note Mafia Gelus Light Yagami Gunned Down D3 Pro-Kira Win N5; Survivor Loss D3 N/A 6/21/9 - 7/27/9 (36) Rep. Jebus D1
So I replaced into a game where I didn't know the flavor and drew Light Yagami. I had quite a few pro-Kira allies - but I didn't know who most of them were and had no contact with them. I could talk to four other players - but I couldn't be certain of their alignments (one was Town). I had a shinigami to protect me-ish - but he was outed Day 1 and had a Win Condition that was virtually mutually exclusive to my own. I had a Death Note - but both of my kills were blocked. I only needed to kill three roles to win the game - but I had no Role Cop. Another scumpartner was Searching for me - and found me by killing me. Pro-Kira won - except for me, because I was a pro-Kira Survivor. Seriously?


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 792: Tofu Mafia caf19 Mafia Goon Survived Day 5 Mafia Win D5 N/A 5/13/9 - 8/4/9 (83) Original Player (invited)
I'm never Mafia. So of course the one time this year I draw Mafia it's in the all-star game. What followed was a game that seemed like a farce of high-level play, with some very sophisticated players taking some very incredible stances. Adel-scum managed to bamboozle and demoralize the Town to the point where only one of them was actually interested in playing at any given time, and they fell apart nicely. This is the first time onsite I've ever made it to endgame and won; it's a weird feeling. I was nominated for a Scummy for this game... but it wasn't thirded. But I got accepted into BaM for it, so I'll take that ^.^


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 91 - Hell Aboard the Purple Flower StrangerSSK Cop (Mod Note: Sane) Axed Night 7 Town Win D9 3/5 3/28/9 - 6/7/9 (71) Rep. blizzire D1
To contrast with the below game, this one was... actually very painful. The first three Days were spent agonizing over idiot Townies at excessive length. Then me and Zazie-Cop (actually insane) claimed D4, and seven Mafiosi died in seven days. There's plenty to laugh at in this game (other than the mostly awful Town play), such as how I survived four kill attempts while investigating four scum, how one Mafioso tried to get me modkilled for posting an image with red text in it (seriously), how fully outed scum tried to openly steer the Town in the wrong direction, and how I stole Page 100 out of a mountain of spam. I was nominated for a title for this game... but it never went anywhere.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 783: Cowboy Bebop Mafia Jahudo Corrupt ISSP Agent, aka Interrogator Retired Night 2 Town Win D5 1/2 4/27/9 - 6/15/9 (49) Original Player (invited)
This was a cool game. Jahudo invited twelve good players in for a very unusual setup. The power roles were heavily concentrated on the Town side, but the scum had... well, a unique advantage of their own. I tried about three different ways to break the game, with a surprising amount of success. The level of play in this game was pretty high; I'm really glad I got to play in it ^.^


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 734: GrimMafia Grimmy Vanilla Townie Shredded and Drained Night 3 Town Win N5 1/1 3/25/9 - 4/23/9 (29) Rep. madame.fobs.hero D3
I replaced into a game as part of International Mafia Month. Up until that point, the game was... suffering pretty badly, with VIs, RAGEquitting, a Night that lasted for two weeks, two or three replacements pending, and a self-hammering zwet. I managed to correctly identify a VI-mafioso, but for the wrong reasons (that involved someone else being scum - which was correct, but from a different family). Overall this game went okay for me.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Mafia Tarhalindur Clock Town Guard+Romani Mask Lynched Day 5 Town Win D6 1/3 4/12/9 - 5/12/9 (30) Original Player (pre-in)
This was a cool setup, although it practically begged for an immediate massclaim and heavily favored coordinated actions. The scum, which had a number of fascinating ways to ruin the Town, sealed its own death warrant when the Godfather got modkilled and the rest lurked and/or acted too scummy to avoid being vigged. Which was a good thing, since the Town was going down in flames beforehand. The ending was too good to spoil here - read it for yourself. I got through this game through sheer pro-Town behavior (considering I was what amounted to a Mod Note Miller on top of being a Doublevoter) that only ended with me getting policy lynched D5 for lack of better options. But I missed my one chance to forcelynch someone like I've always wanted to :-(


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
US Election Mafia 08 Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Barack Obama the Neighbor Barack Obama the Serial Killer-Neighbor Lynched Day 5 Republican Mafia Win N5 2/4 12/23/8 - 4/16/9 (114) Original Player
Probably my best game yet. DrippingGoofball, my latest psychopath Neighbor, was actually a good mentor on how to play Mafia like a pro - something that came in handy when we agreed to activate a mystery option and become SKs D2. Oops, DGb had already claimed McCain-Neighbor. Oops, DGb got lynched amid outrage over Obama not claiming. From that point I managed to dodge the gamewide hunt for Obama and kill/out every Mafioso in the game... and then get lynched in the most awkward LyLo ever. Hey, it was my best game so far, not a success >.>


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 725: Mind Screw Gaiden Natirasha, Machiavellian-Mafia Richard Nixon the Wiretapper Suicided Day 2; Resurrected Day 4 Town Win D6 0/0 12/30/8 - 2/3/9 (35) Original Player
Richard Nixon the Prinny Vassal Suicided Day 5 3/22/9 - 4/4/9 (13)
Well, it was a screwy game at least. And I did get quite screwed, finding scum left and right after my death and getting recruited into a doomed cult. My poor, poor S/WA. Unfortunately, this game wasn't a pleasant experience for most anyone playing. If nothing else, I can say that I suicided in a game... twice.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 733 - KILL DIE DEAD elvis_knits Doctor Killed Night 2 Mafia Win D3 0/1 1/30/9 - 3/19/9 (48) Original Player (IC)
I've always wanted to IC a Newbie game; and although my previous experiences in Newbie games were rather embarassing, this one wasn't too terrible. I tried to play a scummier game than usual as Doc, but I did not foresee actually catching on to both scum separately (after protecting one of them N1) during D2, and getting offed for looking in the right direction. This was a fairly decent game by scum, and it really brought home (again) the anti-Town power of wallposts. I've since been cutting down on them. Also, this will forever be known as "that game with wiploc". Until the next one.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 89: Revenge Phate Vanilla Townie Endgamed Night 5 Mafia Win N5 1/3 12/23/8 - 3/27/9 (94) Rep. johhan D1
Five scum versus a game plagued with replacements and idiot Townies. What do YOU think happened? All but one of the power roles went to people who were either lynched or S-Killed for scum. I don't think this game was too horrible for me, but it wasn't pretty, either. Shanba-scum acted as the voice of reason throughout and was able to direct the Town for the last two days; gj Shanba.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 729 - Wolf and Travelers' Road Mafia Jebus Merchant's Companion Killed Night 4 Wolves Win N4 1/3 2/2/9 - 3/15/9 (41) Rep. Prom King D2
A flavorful game wherein the Town lynched scum twice in four days, vigged correctly once, and still lost. I thought it was very role-centric, but while it was still possible to do (after we were told Town auto-won on D5) it came down to a war of claims, and the scum falseclaimed excellently. There's really not much more to say here, except that I'm really tired of being a Neighbor to obvscum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mind Screw Mafia 3 Tarhalindur, Natirasha Aldaris the Inquisitor Nuked Day 3 Mafia & Jester B Win D8 0/2 12/9/8 - 12/24/8 (15) Original Player
In a game with roles as bastardish as they get, I drew the Vigcultist. With 1-shot NK immunity. And massive falseclaim potential. Best. Role. EVER. Unfortunately, the Mafia targeted me for trying to look like I had purpose in this game (it never did go very quickly or organizedly outside D1). Note to self: Don't attract attention as a third-party role. Ah well; it was fun while it lasted~


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mafia 87: New Age Mafia OhGodMyLife, Incognito Mafia Godfather Lynched Day 5 Town Win D6 N/A 10/13/8 - 2/1/9 (111) Original Player
My first game as Mafia that wasn't a complete borefest. Everything proceeded to go as wrong as possible, as I lost one partner on N0 and bussed the other two, only to find that I had painted myself into a corner D5. I think what really stopped me in this game was that I played conservatively out of inexperience, and missed out on two gambits that would have surely secured a win. Rhinox and Tarhalindur turned this game around for Town when they replaced in; they deserve a lot of credit for the parts they played.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 667: Random C9 Simenon Doctor Killed Night 2 Town Win D3 1/1 10/3/8 - 1/15/9 (104) Rep. KrisReizer D1
Scummy Townies all around again. I claimed Doc at D2 LyLo and got counterclaimed by JDodge-scum. What followed was a fascinating bout of mudslinging and theory arguments, eventually leading to JDodge's lynch. What I didn't find out until then was that JDodge never lied about the setup (which he would know) or the likely scum among kuribo and charter, the claimed Vanillas - so by deliberately doing the opposite of what he suggested, I WIFOMed the Town into a harder game. Then again, Sotty7 nailed both scum twice as the Cop/designated stalemate breaker; she really came through.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 685 nonny Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 3 Mafia Win D3 0/2 10/28/8 - 1/22/9 (86) Rep. Oswaldian Tournet D1
I freely confess I had no idea who the scum were in this game; everybody except the obvNKs were scummy. Toward the end of the game, I noticed that someone was (I thought) catching failure arguments and was on the verge of being lynched, so I intervened with a better case of my own. 'Turns out the people I accused were the other two Townies and as a result I didn't even give the extremely pro-Town player (in everyone's eyes) the chance to bus his partner (the person I thought was getting scumlynched). This one was entirely on me.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 670: Kirby Mafia MafiaSSK Gooey the Mason Killed Night 2 Town Win D5 0/2 9/13/8 - 11/11/8 (59) Original Player
This was the fourth game I joined, and it coincidentally gave me a way to connect to Natirasha, my Neighbor partner and an old arch-rival (well, that's what he thought anyway) from elsewhere. Except... well, being a Neighbor with Natirasha sounds funny until it happens to you. He wasn't confirmed, but seriously, he was Kirby - his name was in all the Vanilla PMs as a pro-Town figure. This game taught me to shop for mods and players over themes, and was vampirized by idiot Townies (of which I eventually became) and flakers. By the time D2 was half-over, nobody cared about the game. Nyeh.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
RealTime Mafia SensFanNatirasha Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 2 Canceled D2 1/1 11/11/8 - 1/3/9 (53) Original Player
In this game, players were encouraged to use as few words as possible. While it gave everyone a break from walls of text, it was a major hassle on the mods, who were both incapacitated IRL. Between the normal Large Game Lurking and the lack of mod presence, this game was granted a merciful death. I did well enough in this game, I thought.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 702: Serum and Steel Nicol Bolas Triskelion the Metal Fleet Lynched Day 3 Town Win D4 1/2 11/26/8 - 12/16/8 (20) Rep. Timeater D2
A classic example of why pressuring (if not lynching) lurkers is good. Thirty pages of catfighting D1 were almost entirely Town vs. Town, and replacing for one of the least-favored people in the game was unpleasant. What was expected to be a Vi-quicklynch D3 (by the Town) turned into ten days of desperate heroism where I was ultimately lynched as SK (they couldn't peg me as Mafia). And the confusion suddenly ended D4 as everything was explained and the three-person LyLo took care of itself. The Town did enough things wrong that they won, in a sense...


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Xyl's Relative Chaos Xylthixlm Townie Killed Night 3 N. Mafia Win D5 1/1 11/1/8 - 12/9/8 (38) Original Player
One of my better moral victories; my position D1 focused on three people, two of which turned out to be scum. Unfortunately the two people I defended most were also scum, albeit on separate teams; one went to the gallows against my better judgment and the other hit me the night afterward for being his partner. Ironically, the two scum in my three-person focus roleblocked me and rendered me voteless D1 and D2, for naught! It's good to be considered a threat, especially when vanilla~


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 687: Time Abuse Mafia Gurgi Grandfather Time Surgeon (Loyal) →
Fourth Dimensional Cultist
Killed Night 2 (Timelines B & C) Capitalists & Cult Win D4 1/1 10/18/8 - 12/7/8 (50) Original Player (pre-in)
A strange, strange game where no night actions went through until the actor killed himself at a specified time. My role was basically one of the most useless, if not by the book then certainly by the protects I made (mostly to scum). I won brownie points for standing up for an obvious mislynch, but lost them by not chasing down f-light-scum after her obvious partner got lynched. I won because Natirasha was kind enough to recruit me into his cult - before telling the truth about his role (the first time!). Hilarious flavor text though.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 669 Cream147 Mafia Goon Endgamed Night 3 Mod Abandoned N/A 9/7/8 - 12/3/8 (87) Original Player
My first game as scum. I was the designated killer, but (inexplicably at the time) none of my kills went through. (Ironically, I was being jailkept as most pro-Town both nights...) Combined with the Town pushing what amounted to policy lynches, the result was a painfully slow game where the Town had zero information to work with. We could have won if D4 had ended in a mislynch, FWIW.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 678: Anytown Mafia EctomancerFlay Mr. Flay Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 2 Player Abandoned 0/1 10/13/8 - 11/19/8 (36) Rep. Douglas D1
Another Newbie game I replaced into that got abandoned and canceled. I was on an obvious policy lynch wagon, and then went after a promising IC target who turned out to be Town. Le sigh.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 644: Kodak City, Muffin District yellowbounder Vanilla Townie Endgamed Night 2 Mod Canceled 0/1 9/10/8 - 10/12/8 (32) Rep. Chiarosicada D2
When I replaced in on Day 2, I put together some very nice cases against three of the six other players. All three of them were Town. Not my proudest moment. The game was canceled because a person replacing in for scum got a Town Role PM and vice versa. Still, a great game by scum - they probably would have won if the game had continued.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Mini 644: Meerkat Manor Mafia Rishi Kinkajou the Babysitter Killed Night 2 Whiskers Win D5 1/1 8/25/8 - 9/4/8 (10) Rep. Bogre D2
I replaced into this game on Day 2 for an obvscum lurker... who turned out to be the Doctor. I nailed scum trying to pull a heroic drag-the-Town-down-but-never-get-replaced tactic, but got NKd afterward. This turned out to be my first win as Town, so I suppose I should take it even though I wasn't around for very long.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Newbie 645: Mafia Massacre Rishi Vanilla Townie Endgamed Day 4 Mafia Win D4 1/4 7/5/8 - 9/2/8 (59) Original Player
This was my first game here, and by sheer coincidence it turned out to be packed with people who were very experienced with Mafia and were using this game to get a feel for this site. The result was a phenomenal, yet nightmarishly tough game. Having read "typical" Newbie Games, I honestly prefer what I got. It was a trial by fire, and I came out of it considerably better as a player than I came in.

Ongoing Games by most recent entry

Name Moderator Role Fate Decision SWA Time (Days) Entry
Alice in Wonderland FakeGod  ? Currently Alive Pending  ? 8/9/14 - present. Original player (invited)