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almost as fluffy as those avian creatures that like swimming!

More to come someday.

BESTTOWN.png - 2011

MOSTCUNNING.png - 2014

BESTTOWN.png - 2015

TM2018.png - 2018

Town Record: 9-10
Scum Record: 16-6
Third Party Record: 1-2-1
Newbie: 1-1 (town)

Mini 967: Mafia War: First non-newbie on site. Killed D2, VT. Scumteam A win.
Mini 1018: DNA Evidence: Was half a cop who received results (but with no investigation names). Lynched scum first 2 days, had last scum read, but went against gut and followed zwet. NK'ed N4. Scum win.
Mini 1034: Castlevania Mafia: First non-newbie win. Scum sweep. Was Dracula, mafia JOAT.
Alphabet Mafia: Scum team suffered unbelievably bad luck. Town win.
Mini 1037: Madmen Mafia: Jester game. Scum partner died early. Scum win in lylo.
Open 249: Mayo Clinic: Mafia Goon. Scumsweep.
Mini 1045: Mario & Luigi: BIS Mafia: Town mason, lynched D1. Lynch led to vig shooting the doc, while scum shot the vig due to vig obvtownness. Townloss.
Magician Mafia: Town roleblocker, lynched D5. Scum win in lylo.
Mini 1049: Hide and Seek Mafia: Heavy sleeper (VT), lynched D3. Scum win.
Open 252: Whoniverse Jungle Republic: VT, endgamed.
Lord of the Rings Mafia: Isenguard roleblocker. Shot by SK D2. Town win.
Mini 1070: The Godfather:Hunt for Sollozzo: Town 2-shot vigilante. Went against gut, and shot VT over scum N1. NK'ed N2. Townloss.
Pick Your Power 4 Town Even-Night Vigilante. Shot town N2, scum N4. Town win D5.
Mini 1072: Battle of Alcatraz Serial Killer. Lost in LYLO D5. Town win.
Mini 1081: Sorcerers in the Magic Order Academy Mafia Serial Killer. Inactive due to Finals. Lynched D3. Scum win D5.
Mini 1093: Fates Mafia VT. Perfect town win. Game lasted 3hrs in terms of actual game time. Origin of the NINJAS. Should have won Scummy for Best Town Play. Town win D2.
Mini 1096: Seinfeld Mafia VT. Deepsouth Mechanic. Lynched D3. Town was scumsweep, scum win D4.
DEFCON Mafia 2.0 Chinese Mafia Missile Silo. Flaked along with team-mate due to incompetence of 3rd scum member. Nuked D3. Town win.
Multiple Personality Mafia Town Day Cop (sanity unknown)/Governor/Jailkeeper/Day Vigilante/Busdriver. Town win was pretty much guarenteed by D3. Town won in convincing fashion D5.
The Return to Liten Town Neighbor. Shot N3. Town win in LYLO D7.
Square Enix IV Modified Survivor. Survived and won with scum D5.
Mini 1111: Wait Your Turn, Tex! Mafia 1-Shot Gunman. Scummate screwed up strategy D1. Shot N1. Town Win N2.
Mini 1113: Brotherhood of the Wolf MafiaTown Redirector/Modified Jailkeeper, lynched D1 due to RL apathy and bad play. Scum win D5.
Mini 1127: Cult vs Masons Vanilla Townie. Killed N2. Town win
Convict's Revenge Town Modified Roleblocker. Convict 3rd Party Win D5.
Mafia of the Chosen Ones VT. Lynched D4. Town and SK joint win D9. OOT Mafia Town Mason Busdriver. Town should have won this game, but lost due to MOD SHENANIGANS. Lynched D8 in LYLO due to said MOD SHENANIGANS. Technically a Boss Scum win, but counting this as Town win as town would have won barring BASTARD MOD role.
WoW Mafia Cult Recruiter. Game ended in draw due to questionable mod decisions D6.
Choose Your Side: A Monument of Sins Mafia AI. Two-man scumteam, perfect scumsweep won D4.
Stars Aligned III Town Investigator (VT). Disastrous hydra. Lynched D3. Town win D10
Encore Mafia: Moderator Mayhem English Muffin, Mafia Enabler. Claimed mason with scumbuddy Reck who claimed Mason Recruiter. Scum win D4.
Corpse Bride Mafia Scraps, Town Weak Victor Cop. Won game by claiming 3 innocent town investigations in what was 7p LYLO D4. Town win D5.
Through the Looking-Glass Dark Alice, Alice in the Reflection, Mafia Rolestopper. Carried game after scumbuddies got killed by town vigilante N1 and N2. Scum win D6. Performance nominated for and won Don Corlone.

Lost Cupcake Mafia Katsuki-mod marathon game, one of the best games ever played.