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Current Completed Games Stats

Town/Mafia/Other 61/14/3

Win/Loss 42/36 (32/28 as town, 9/5 as scum, 0/3 as other)(Win 54% of the time, 52% as town and 69% as mafia)

Town Survived/Lynched/NK/DK/Endgame kill 15/12/24/4/6

Scum Survived/NK/Lynched 7/0/7

Other Survived/NK/Lynched/Endgame Kill 0/2/0/1

Last 10 Completed Games

SUPER MARIO BROTHERS MAFIA 1: INVASION OF BOWSER'S CASTLE COMPULSIVE PSYCOPATH TOWNIE/Night Killed Night 3/won --- Can not recall what went down here.

Open 256: Fire and Ice MafiaVanilla Town(replaced in day 1)/Survived/Won --- Can not recall what went down here. Went to lylo and was able to pull out a win for town.

Mafia 119: MURDER AT HOTEL DEATH Town Neighbor One-Shot CPR/Endgame Death Day 6/Lost --- Can not recall what went down here. SK win.

Open 258 Night WatchMafia Goon/Lynched Day 3/Lost --- Been awhile since updating this. Can not remember exactly what happened. 3 man scum team, one gone early because he was super scummy. the other flaked and didnt follow a plan. Poor playing for all involved.

Open Pie E7 - Mark II Vanilla Town/Survived/Won --- This was a reboot of Open Pie E7 (see below). This time I played much better, though this win should go to Vi, who played excellent as town.

Mafia on Holy Order (replaced in Day 1)Vanilla town turned Town Doctor/Day Killed Day 6/Lost --- Replaced in for a guy who was lurking. Can was tough. The "mafia" took me out Day 6. This game had some cool mechanics that kept us guessing. Vi deserved props for modding this. Hate that I lost. Mafia won the same day.

Mini 1041: Wheel of Fortune Mafia Town Mason/Night Killed Night 1/Won --- STILL NO MAFIA ROLES, WTF!. Not much to say about this game, I was taken out quick. Again went to the final 3, but town won out in the end.

Open 250 Pie E7Town Doctor/Endgame Killed/Lost --- Still no mafia roles for me. This game was a huge fuck up and it was mostly my fault. I was attempting to draw out scum Day 1, by fake hammering (misspelled the name), but discovered that the hammer stuck. Of course it was town. My doctor claimed saved me from a quick lynch, but nopointinactingup voted without thinking it through and the scum quickly hammered. This game will be restarted.

Open 223: Ninja Mafia Boolagoo Town Cop/Night Killed Night 2/Lost --- correctly picked the scum (Chronopie) to investigate Night 1. Had a good case on him, but what tipped me off was his "overreaction is scummy", but couldnt explain why that was. That is my number one tip off on scum. OVERREACTION IS NOT SCUMMY. Anyway, could not get the town to follow my lead on the investigation and the person the town was wagonning I believed was i claimed and then was killed. Went to the final 3, but town still lost.

Mad World: Time Travel Mafia Vanilla Town/Night Killed Night 3/Lost --- Yet another game where I am town. I am actually quite surprised we lost this game. I correctly idenitifed a 3rd party player and once scum on Day 1. However, i could not get anyone to lynch the claimed cop (the scum). The scum did not win this game, as much as town lost it. Going into day 3 we had a 2 scum and a 3rd party down, but it really was not enough.

Games Modded

Dark Goma Mafia

Mini 627: Riverworld Smalltown

Mini 559: Cult Mafia again

Awards Won

2009 Scummies, "Oscar" for Best Performance: Scum Group, for ADVERTISING MAFIA

Other Older Games

Scummies Invitational Vanilla Town/Survived/Won

/invitational 10 - Robot Love Vanilla Town/Endgame Death/Lost

Karma Mafia Vanilla Town/Lynched Day 7/Lost

Mini 971 Princess Bride Limited Town Cop/Night Killed Night 2/Won

Lay of Leithian Mafia Vanilla Townie/Lynched Day 4/Won

Mafia 107 Christmas Time Mafia Townie Neightbor/Survived/Won

Open 186 - Jungle Republic Vanilla Townie/Night Killed Night 2/Lost

Open 185 (replaced in Day 1) Vanilla Townie/Night Killed Night 2/Lost

Calfornia Trilogy: City of Angels Townie/Lynched Day 6/Lost

Mini 857: Disney Movie Mafia 2 (replaced in Day 2) Progessive Townie/Day Killed Day 3/Lost

Mini 881: Moviestar Madness Town/Night Killed Night 1/Won

Battle Mafia Town Day Tracker/Survived/Won

Mini 828: ProzacMod 3 Lost Mafia Town Lover (of sorts)/Lynched Day 4/Lost

In-vititional Game 3 Town Vig Townie Vig(blank)/Survived/Won

Mafia 96: Murder in Emerald City (replaced in day 1)Mafia Tracker/Lynched Day 5/Lost

Advertising Mafia Mafia (Account Exe)/Survived/Won

Mini 754: Frog Mafia Mafia Vote Condenser/Survived/Won

Mafia 87 Townie Weak Doc/Night Killed N0/Won

Mafia 86 Townie/Night Killed N3/Lost

Crackers! Mafia Townie/Lynched Day D1/Won

Mini 688 Townie/Survived/Won

Mini 646: Pick a Player Townie One Shot Day Vig/Night Killed N3/Won

Mini 678: 12 Angry Men Mafia Doctor/Survived/Won

Mafia 75: Return of the Mafia Mafia Roleblocker/Lynched Day D9/Lost

Mini 655: Eddie Izzard Mafia Makeup Artist Townie/Night Kill Night 3/Lost

Mini 644: Merekat Manor Mafia (replaced in Day 1)Mafia/Lynched Last Day/Lost

Mafia 80: Nice Shot Mafia Mafia Roleblocker/Lycnhed Day 4/Won

Minvitational 8 Townie/Lynched Day 1/Won

Mini 595 (replaced in Day 1) Townie/Survived/Won

Enigma Mi Game Townie/Survived/Won

Fritz's Fav Fictional Figures Faction Fest Town Cop/NKed Night 5/Lost

Cultafia Town Mason(recruitable)/Lynched Day 2/Won

President Maker Town Tracker/Nked Night 3/Won

California Trilogy - Going to San Francisco Townie/Survived/Won

Mafia 74 Townie/NK night 1/Lost

Newbie 580(Replaced Day 1)Townie/End Game death/Lost

Mini 589: SSBB Smalltown Tracker/NK Night 1/Lost

Thespival Mafia Mafia/Lynched Day 4/Won

Open 60: the New C9 Townie/NK Night 0!!!/Lost

Prophecy Mafia townie/End game death/Lost

Mini 562: Omod Townie/Night Killed Night 2/Won

Mini 558: Wintereenmas Townie/Driven insane Night 4/Won

House Mafia Townie/Day killed, "Day" 4/Lost

Mini 536: Heroes Smalltown Town Jailkeeper/Lynched Day 4/Lost

Newbie 516(replaced in Day 2)Townie/Survived/Won

Mini 487: Small Town Mafia (replaced in Day 1)Townie/Deadline Lynched Day 1/Lost

Mafia 69: NoXkill Mafia Town Odd Night Sorcerer/Nked Night 7/Won

Mafia 72: Peril in Panama Mafia/Lynched Day 2/Lost

Mafia 71: The Corsican Syndicate Nurse/NK/Lost

Mini 518: Underground Mafia Town Cop/Survived/Won

Newbie 486 Mafia/Survived/Won

Mafia 68: Ork Mafia Townie/Survived/Won

Mini 500: Cult Mafia Cult Leader/NK Night 1/Lost

Open 45: Baby Too Much Scum Mafia/Survived/Won

Newbie 487 (replaced in Day 2) Town/Lynched Day 4/Lost

Open 40: Medical Mafia Doctor(paranoid)/survived/Won

Mini 458 (Replaced in Day 1) Townie/Deadline Lynched Day 1/Won

Mini 490: Speed Mafia (Replaced in Day 1) Mason(Town)/Lynched Day 2/Lost

Open 28: Quack Mafia Doctor (Town)/Killed Endgame/Lost

Mini 486 Mason(Town)/Night Killed Night 3/Won

Newbie 458 Townie/Lynched Day 1/Lost

Newbie 430 (Replaced in Day 2) Mafia Goon/survived/Won

Mini 466 Townie/NKed Night 2/Won

Mini 487: Open Countdown Townie/DKed Day 2/Won

Newbie 390 (Replaced in Day 1)Mafia Goon/Survived/Won

Gleemax: Baseball vs. Football Mafia Townie/NKed Night 5/Won