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  • Unstoppable
  • Juggernaut
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Killing
  • Night

Strongman is a role modifier that signifies that any kills performed by this player cannot be blocked by any means - neither by Bulletproof, nor by Doctor or other protective roles, nor by Roleblocks. It is, however, trumped by roles that prevent the victim from being targeted at all, namely Commuter and, in some open setups, Hider.

Strongman is usually X-Shot. It is usually scum-aligned, but has been seen on Town Vigilantes as well (where the overall role is called Juggernaut).

Normal Guidelines

A Mafia or Serial Killer aligned Strongman is considered Normal on A Strongman cannot be stopped from performing a kill, unless their target has commuted. A Bodyguard would essentially be stopped from protecting against a kill and would not die.

Unstoppable is an official alias for Strongman. You may call this role Unstoppable in Normal Games in any context.

Use and Power

Usually, One-Shot Strongman kills are put into the game to balance a potentially broken combination in the game. It is important not to waste the Strongman kill before something like Follow the Cop starts to take place.