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  • Noble
  • Senator
  • Mayor
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Voting
  • Day

Doublevoter can be used as a role modifier or as a role in its own right. It allows the player to cast the equivalent of two votes.

Obviously this can be extended to a triplevoter having three votes and so forth, but by that point this concept becomes silly in terms of balance and acts more like a dayvig than anything.


Exactly how the double vote works is up to the moderator. Some examples include:

  • A player may have two votes in play at a time, controlled with Vote: PLAYERNAME and Second Vote: PLAYERNAME.
  • A player may cast a single vote, but it has the weight of two votes. If this is done, the moderator may explicitly list the vote twice, or just once.
  • A player may cast a single vote inthread, but control an invisible second vote via PM.

It is not standardized whether a Doublevoter can change the number of votes required to lynch. The Doublevoter is more powerful when the number of votes required to lynch is based on the number of players in the game, rather than how many votes are in the game.

It is possible for a Doublevoter to simultaneously hammer two wagons if they are both at L-1 and the Doublevoter is on neither of them (and so is the only player not currently voting). What the moderator does in this scenario is not standardized simply because it's not a commonly plied strategy - if you're interested, contact your moderator to ask how they would handle such an occurrence.

Use and Power

Unless the moderator resorts to shenanigans such as obscuring the weight of EVERY player's vote, the presence of a doublevoter will become obvious before too long.

For Town, Doublevoter is a very mild power role. While it has the potential to stop Mafia from endgaming the Town when they make up 50% of the living players (because they do not control 50% of the votes), they will usually be targeted to die much earlier than then because of the above point. In addition, possessing two votes does not imply that the doublevoter has any special knowledge about who is scum, and Towns tend to get quite angry if a doublevoter tries to use its power to push its will on the other players. Thus, Doublevoter is an especially weak Town power role that is often treated as an obstacle by the Town.

For scum, Doublevoter is immensely valuable because it allows the faction to endgame the other players (that is, control 50% of the votes) earlier than usual. This is especially true if the scum's doublevote is hidden, as they can fool the Town into believing they have more chances to lynch scum than they actually do. Thus, scum doublevoters are not unheard of but still remarkably powerful.

Play Advice

As a general rule, a Town Doublevoter's second vote is wasted if it is not on the same player as the Doublevoter's first vote. The exception is the simultaneous-hammer scenario detailed in "Variations".