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The Fonz

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The Fonz been a scummer since the beginning of April 2007.

The Fonz has given up trying to keep track of all his games on this page.

The Fonz is prone to Illeism

These things I believe

Anything that is detrimental to the town is at least slightly more likely to make the person doing it scum, since both town and scum are at least as likely to do it by mistake, but the scum are far more likely to do it deliberately. OMGUS accusations are meaningless. Farside22 is always scum. Battle Mage is the most underrated player on site. Any competent mod will make early massclaim detrimental to the town.

Games Played

Completed Games

Mafia Roleblocker- Scum- Lost (Replaced Twito)
Replaced in for a guy who'd just claimed doc during a massclaim, and was counterclaimed by the real doc, who had an innocent investigation on him from a confirmed cop. Needless to say, I was lynched in short order.

Angel (roleblocker)- Town- Won
I went hard after Albert B. Rampage, correctly as it turned out, as he was Satan, the GF. I was nightkilled night one but the town came through to win, thanks to some good play from WhoMe? as cop.

  • Newbie 376- Modded by MeMe.
Vanilla Townie- Town- Lost
Replaced aleldtritch six pages into day one. A townie was quicklynched day one, I was NKed, the two ICs both claimed cop day two, the one confirmed townie (both 'cops' claimed innocent on him) chose wrong.

  • Mini 456- Ultimatum Mafia- Modded by pablito.
Conservative Mafia- Scum- Won
My first scum win, a perfect scum game, alongside Albert B. Rampage (replaced SpinWizard) and Yosarian2. Opposing Liberal Mafia self-destructed early on, and then we managed to orchestrate four consecutive town lynches (Battle Mage, Dylan41985, mneme and Mr Stoofer).

Vanilla Townie- Pro-town- Won
A perfect town. Facing two newbie scum, they gave themselves away pretty quickly.

  • Mini 431- Happy Normal Mafia- Modded by HurriKaty.
Ruined by a childish scum who couldn't take being bussed and outed his buddies.

Mafia Goon, alongside GF LivinGod, Goon Battle Mage and Framer YogurtBandit. Lost.
Replaced in towards the end of Day Three, our GF having gone down on day one. Caught in the act of NKing by a tracker a couple days before the end, made a fake claim that allowed buddy Battle Mage to get to endgame, where Theopor_COD, a confirmed townie, guessed correctly to win the game.

  • Newbie 423- Modded by MeMe. Mafia- Won.
The traditional newb-townie self-destruction on day one was followed by a genuine cop claim from Muerrto, with an innocent on Battle Mage. No counterclaim left those two players having to choose between me, my buddy Happiest Sadist and townsperson JDuB, which fortunately for us led to the latter's lynch, winning us the game.

  • Mini 478- Too Much Scum- Modded by Simenon.
Vanilla Townie- Pro-Town- Lost (Endgamed, SK Win).
I played really badly here. Very lurky game in general, lead to me lurking due to lack of anything to comment on. Quicklynched newbie Xerebz out of boredom, when he decided to quit under pressure. Was replaced by VitaminR due to vacation.

Mafia Goon - Scum - won. Replaced yakult, who had yet to contribute, day one (night start). Bussed the crap out of scumbuddy Bob700 day one, after he made a slip that indicated he wasn't a vanilla townie, then claimed vanilla townie. NKed Mason Bird1111 whilst the SK (Cum Grano Salis) offed Bird's buddy, Aimee. Day two saw cop claims from Someone2 and Streeflo. Lynched townie Xyzzy D2 in (actually genuine) belief he was SK. Killed CGS Night three, no-lynched D3, killed Primate (Doc) Night Four, then Streeflo was hammered by Someone2 to hand us the game. A really enjoyable game, slightly marred by excessively long nights due to replacement issues.

  • Mini 491: Porly Ritten Flayver- Modded by Seol. Doc, Pro-town. NKed night two. Won.
Funny one this- my title was doc, but I had cop powers. WE got scum days one and two (props to Jack) I got vigged (!) night two, but the vig redeemed himself by taking down the GF night three for the win.

  • Newbie 421- Where is the Love- Modded by Mr Stoofer.
Vanilla Townie- pro-town- lost. Basically, got in very heated argument with Kilmenator who was dropping every scumtell in the book day one, got fooled by scum fakeclaiming doc d2.

Along with buddy Crub, won it when d3sisted, a townsperson, fakeclaimed cop with a guilty on me. I claimed doc, wasn't counterclaimed, he got lynched, we NKed for the win.

  • Mini 433- Dry, Bland, Generic Mafia- Modded by TheStatusQuo.
Watcher- Pro-Town- Lost.
The combination of scumkill, SK kill and some frankly unfathomable play by Kilmenator in using a one-shot vig ability on a claimed doc eliminated all the town power roles on N1. Pie_Is_Good played quite well as town, and we had some luck with SK and scum killing each other on night two, but confirmed townie Creampuffeater chose to believe PetroleumJelly in endgame, handing scum the game.
  • Mini 502: Basically Communist Mafia- Modded by Simenon. Mafioso- Scum- Lost.

Started wagon on buddy D1, she put up no resistance and allowed herself lynched. Buddy got SK-NKed, I got lynched for opposing a massclaim (which i still maintain was anti-town).

  • Mini 422- Paranoia Mafia- Modded by Thesp. Replaced Dahen at the start of day three.
Pro-Town Mutant with bastard-modded regeneration ability, lost.
Not sure what to say here. I correctly identified Mr. Flay and The Central Scrutinizer as town, but didn't make my case nearly well enough, resulting in one teaming up with the scum to lynch the other. I was NKed to give the scum the win.

  • Mafia 67. Modded by Blahgo. Mafia Goon- Scum- NKed night two.

Abandoned due to not being able to find enough replacements. We were getting pwned though.

  • Mini 475- Modded by Mert. Doctor- Pro-Town- NKed Night One (Night Start).


  • Mafia vs Wolves Redux- Modded by Phoebus. ESE Member- Mason- Pro-Town. Replaced Spectrumvoid at the start of day three. Won.

I played OK, though the game was pretty much won for the town at night. Correctly pushed for lynch of Akbar/Kakeng in endgame though.

  • Friends and Enemies- Modded by Simenon. Mafia Goon- Scum- Won. Odd one this. Basically all I had to do upon replacing in was not to do anything to disturb townie Phate's firm conviction that my buddy Per was town.

  • Mini 488- Killings in Cliche-Town: Cop, Pro-town. Replaced Head Honcho day two (night start). NKed Night four. Won. Basically, My predecessor got lucky nailing a scum RB, the scum GF Guardian made an ill-timed claim, and the remaining townies got the last scum by process of elimination.

  • Short and Sweet Mafia- Modded by Ibaesha. Replaced deepthought day one. Vanilla Townie- Protown- Won. NKed night one.

  • Big Love Mafia- Modded by Lawrencelot. Replaced xyzzy day one. Treacherous Lover (mafia), won (died in endgame due to death of lover).

  • Dr. Who Mafia- Modded by Battle Mage. Replaced longname day one. Anne-droid (vig), pro-town, won. This one was rather ruined due to a scum outing his buddies on another forum.

Ongoing Games - Dead

  • Mafia 70- Traditional Mafia- modded by Patrick.

Tracker- Pro-Town- NKed night two.

  • DrippingGoofball's Food Fight Mafia. Cafeteria investigator- pro-town - NKed night two.
  • Mars III- Weasel Mafia- Modded by IamMars.

Vanilla townie- protown- NKed night two.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Mafia- Modded by Nocmen.

The Haunting Voice- protown- NKed 'day' two.

Ongoing Games - Alive

  • Egypt Mafia- Modded by Mgm- NKed night two. Revived Day Three.