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Hey. I'm Elias the Thief. I started my mafia career sitting around a fire with some friends, and at times my brother. Some time in 2006 he introduced me to a wonderful place where I could play mafia online: mafiascum. I have now been around the site a little over a year. I took a 3-4 month break from the site a while back, and I'm very sorry I did. My playstyle is very much still in development as a result of this. So good luck figuring it out if you have to play with me. More than anything, my style changes depending on mood, how the game is going, whether I have spare time, etc, so I'm pretty hard to metagame anyhow. Besides mafia, I play piano, guitar, saxophone, bass, soccer, magic the gathering, various videogames, and ultimate frisbee.

Playing History

Completed Games

(not in chronological order)

Mafia 78: Meta Breaking Mafia: Town, lynched day 3, loss.

Mini 571: Town, killed in endgame, loss.

Mini 551: Town, NKed N1, mod abandoned.

Mini 559: Town, NKed N1, win.

Mini 497: Played as Sephiroth, scum with Kabenon and Shanba (replacing Nirp), win.

Open 19: Town, win.

Mini 495: Town, win.

Mini 515: Scum with Hasdgfas and Bookitty (traitor), win.

Mini 486: Town, win.

Mini 424: Scum with HandBanana (replaced multiple times), win.

Mini 365: Scum with Cogito Ergo Sum and Lowell, loss.

Mini 367: Scum with Arafax and Ziliu, win.

Mini 381: Scum with Echo 419, game abandoned after 06 crash.

Mini 462: Masons with Belgarion, Loss.

Mini 355: Town, lost on Modkills.

Mini 417: Scum with Kison and Sweenytodd (replaces Spag, replaces Sandy), (spades mafia) win.

Mini 416: Town, loss.

Mini 430 Town, Loss.

Mini (theme) 516: Scum, game abandoned.

Newbie 255: (Noob, replacement) Town, win.

Newbie 496: (IC Replacement) Town, win.

Newbie 499 (IC Replacement) Scum with Flameaxe, win.

Newbie 436: (IC) Town, loss.

Newbie 440: (IC) Town, game abandoned.

Newbie 571: (IC) Town, killed in endgame, loss.

Newbie 393: (IC) Scum with VampanezeHunter, win.

Newbie 513: (IC) Scum with Soupfly, win.

Newbie 330: (IC) Scum with Mitzef (replacing dsutsei, replacing shotgun_holiday), win.

Newbie 353: (IC) Scum with Mert, win.


As Town: 6-8-0-2

As Scum: 10-1-0-2

Total: 16-9-0-4

Scum-Town Ratio: 13-16

Ongoing Games

(not counting alt games)

Newbie 567 IC, Dead already

Modding History

Survivor: Tundra of Thunder (in mish mash)

Mini 488: Town wins on Day Five, with three survivors.

Mafia 74: Large Normal, Mafia (PEG, Toaster Strudel, egruntz) wins on Day Six.

FFVII Mafia Serial Killer (Sephiroth) Cephrir wins on day eight.