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The Central Scrutinizer

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Player Profile

The Central Scrutinizer joined mafiascum on August 18th, 2006, about a week before his third year of undergraduate study began. He was referred to the site on another forum by Nightson, who probably doesn't remember doing so.


Age: 23 years

Sex: Male

Job: Fire Alarm Technician

Interests: Gaming, books, Blue Bell ice cream, political science (history, philosophy, evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychology, and sociology), stand-up comedy

Future Plans: Becoming a billionare by writing a best-selling series of young adult novels.

Currently Reading: Mad Ship, Robin Hobb

Currently Gaming: Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword for PC

Mafiascum Meta: I am not a good player.

Completed Games

Games are listed chronologically, from least to most recent:

  • Newbie 270 Pro-Town Cop (Scum Win). My first game and not a shining moment in the history of my mafia play. Actually, it's embarrassing how badly I sucked this game. You can see that not much has changed. The shortest game I've ever played on MS.
  • Newbie 283 Vanilla Townie (Town Win). Also a really short game. The first game I really felt good about, because even though I sucked a lot I made the right endgame choice for the right reasons.
  • (Link) Insane Pro-Town Cop (Town Win). What a great setup, even though it was hurt by lurkers and replacements. I'd love to claim that we won this game because of my brilliant Cop play, but that's simply not the case. We won because HackerHuck saved his vig kill for the precise moment, I got a good investigation in the last night, and we stole a game from the very able scum.
  • (Link) Vanilla Townie (Scum Win). I screwed up on Day 1, and crypticgeek screwed up on Day 2. Good game by gootentag/Glork; we lost because the town didn't participate actively in scumhunting.
  • Open 9 Mafia (Town Win). My very first game as mafia. I bussed IH on Day 1, Fircoal basically suicided with his play, and I was the obvious lynch on Day 4. I played pretty poorly, in my estimation. It might have worked if Fircoal hadn't been so obviously scum. A good game for the town.
  • Mafia 57 Pro-Town Vigilante (Mafia Win). I counterclaimed a Godfather as vig, which was stupid. However, I also picked out the majority of the remaining scum before I was NK'd. An example of poor town play overall, in my opinion.
  • Mini 408: Exile Mafia Vanilla Townie (Mod Abandoned). I was nightkilled on Night One (game was a night start) for reasons I'll never fathom. I thought I had been replaced out of the game but was not, so came in twenty pages late and completely lost.
  • (Link) Post-Restricted Pro-Town Tracker (Mod Abandoned). I was given a real bastard role in this game--I couldn't post anything but unvotes or votes, and any attempt at code would lose my night ability. After losing my night ability accidentally and garnering some suspicion in the process, I intentionally modkilled myself so that I wouldn't distract the game. Too bad it fell apart anyway.
  • Mini 409: Amazing Race Mafia Vanilla Townie (Town Win). This game made me feel like I actually know what I'm doing. I didn't play very well, but I made the right calls and choices in the end, and the town pulled out a narrow win.
  • Mini 410: McDonald's Mafia Vanilla Townie (Town Win). Good investigations, good scumhunting... I was just part of the crowd in this one.
  • Mini 405: Love Boat Mafia Mafia (Mafia Win). I came, I saw, I fakeclaimed vig to seal the mislynch at LYLO. My first mafia win.
  • Open 15: Vengeful Vanilla Townie (Mafia Win). Made a bad read, game lost. I learned in this game that I always think JDodge is scum. :\
  • Open 2: Vanilla Mafia Vanilla Townie (Mafia Win). Double-replaced, was nightkilled the first time and dead in endgame the second. Replaced second time in LYLO, caught one scum, failed to catch the third in endgame. Still pissed off about this one, but a decent gambit by Lowell that my anus still aches from occasionally.


12 Games Total

  • Stat: Total (Wins-Losses-Abandoned)


  • Town: 10 (4-5-2)
    • Vanilla: 7 (3-3-1)
    • Power Role: 4 (1-2-1)
  • Scum: 2 (1-1-0)


  • Survived Until Endgame: 7 (5-2-0)*
    • Town: 5 (4-2-0)*
    • Scum: 1 (1-0-0)
  • Nightkilled: 3 (0-2-1)*
    • Town: 2 (0-2-1)*
    • Scum: 0 (0-0-0)
  • Lynched: 3 (0-3-0)
    • Town: 2 (0-2-0)
    • Scum: 1 (0-1-0)
  • Modkilled: 1 (0-0-1)
    • Town: 1 (0-0-1)
    • Scum: 0 (0-0-0)

(*Includes one game that I double-replaced into, Open 2.)

Overall Record

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6
  • Mod Abandoned: 2