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Twito is always pro-town. All cool kids vote the same player Twito votes. Twito is your friend and would never lie to you. Remember that Twito loves you.

Twito's profile Joined: 24 Apr 2006, 2441th Joined date, Twito is this important: 0.50% of total posts


"As long as Twito doesn't die or cross the border, we're fine. ^_^" - livingod

"Twito is always a cult leader" - IH

"Twito's improving." - Zindaras

"Twito should not be let near a game, let alone one with noobs in it." - Thestatusquo

"I'd classify both Twito and Fritzler as idiots" - ChannelDelibird

"I would random vote but I want to know if Twito's read his role PM first." -Mr Finch

"But It's cause I hate you Twito." - Panzerjager

"Twito, I hate you too." - KaleiÐoscøpe

"I hope you get fucking banned for this. Thanks a bunch for wasting my time." - CrashTextDummie [1]

JackieChansBr0 (12:02:00 a.m.): Welcome Twito, you are a moppet.

-Theory(even in open games): We are all townies and the mod is evil. He just wants us innocent townies to lynch eachother.

"MC is threat to the town regardless of allignment" "Twito is town regardless of allignment" "I hate being scum I feel like I'm lying"

Adding my games when I return to Finland.. in 5 months or so.

Feel free to add stuff to this page.