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SFG loves you.

We're not sure why. Just be grateful you are.


Current Games

Game Moderator Setup
Open 60: The New C9 -TinVision- 3 M, 1 GF, 0-2 C, 0-2 D, 0/2 MAS, 0-1 V, 8-15 T
Mini 534: Vegetable Mafia Aimee Closed
Yaw's Split Open Mafia bird1111 Open - 3 Mafia, 1 SK, 8 Town // CS, D, RB, Role Switcher, 1 Role Re-Opener, 2 Night Communicators, 5 T - roles/alignments randomly distributed.
Open 57: Quack Mafia Crub 6D, 3 DQ, 3 M
Mafia 74: Minimally Flavored Mafia Elias_the_thief Closed
Open 53: Near Vanilla Hjallti 8T, D, ALIEN, 3M
Prophecy Mafia JDodge Closed
Mini 537: Happy Tree Friends Mafia KaleiÐoscøpe Closed
Newbie 510 Maz Medias Pie E7
Open 59: Daytalk 12 Oman Closed
Mini 520: Triumvirate Mafia Shanba Open - 3 M, 3 Triumvirate, 6 Town

Completed Games

Open 42: Friends and Enemies - Replaced in as town on D2. Guessed correctly on scum 2x in a row, got cocky, and went for the win.... only to lose. Learned a lot, though, about how to treat claimed power-roles and how to act in open games with power-roles, and about why refusing to explain votes isn't necessarily scummy (even if I don't like it).

Newbie 495 - Was scum with the IC. I learned that logic is not always the best way to convince people, although it most certainly has its uses. We lynched a newb and NK'd the other IC. My buddy came under suspicion immediately on D2 and I threw him under the bus immediately, while he lamely defended himself and connected himself with the claimed cop, whose first D2 post was to claim a guilty on me. With a combination of logic, emotion, the cop's frustration, and my partner's truly inspired play, we convinced the two vanilla townies that the pair was the cop and my partner. They lynched the cop ftl. My partner said I was the best scumpartner he's ever had.

Newbie 502 - This game was fucked all to hell. I replaced in as town on D2. One of the ICs was obviously (to me) scum, the other was lurking like a motherfucker. The lurker turned out to be the cop, and the mod forgot to tell the lurker's replacement that little fact. If the newbies had listened to me... *sigh*

Newbie 525 - I was Doc. Had a BM moment; I was pretty sure one townie was scum, then pretty sure another was. One of the mafia kept trying to defend me, but I chalked it up to newbie behaviour. I protected the wrong person N1 and was killed N2, although I protected the mafia's second choice. The scum won easily, and I can't help but think a lot of it was thanks to me.

Mini 516: Canyon City - This was NPC mafia. I was a jailkeeper that only worked as long as a certain NPC was alive. It was interesting while it lasted, and it could have been really cool... but it was plagued by inactives and it was abandoned. I'm sorry to say that I may have been part of the problem, as I at least wasn't part of the solution.

Mafia 71: The Corsican Syndicate - Replaced in as a vanilla townie. Not being (at that poing) familiar with BattleMage, I found his bulldogging to be quite scummy. After being convinced otherwise, I made a post analysis in which I correctly identified all of the remaining scum (they were in different factions)... which made up 40% of the remaining town. Needless to say, I was lynched. After a prisoner's dilemma endgame, the SK that was immune to one kill (and hadn't used it yet) won. Getting better at finding scum... need work on convincing the town.

Open 61: Mountainous Multiball - Successfully identified two scum in two different groups on D1. Lynched one of them, was nightkilled, town lynched the other D2, and the remaining scum in each group crosskilled for a town win. This was near-flawlessly played by town and by myself. I'm proud of this game.