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Rad Idea Mafia

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  • Rad Idea Mafia
Setup Size:
  • Up to 34
Setup Type:

Rad Idea Mafia is a semi-open setup, based on the Idea Mafia series (in particular, Great Idea Mafia), which introduces a few new roles, and, like the other Idea Mafia games, is good for removing (at least partially) the random voting stages and adding WIFOM.

Each player is dealt 3 cards, and must choose one card to represent their alignment in the game, a second, different card to represent their role, and, if a valid setup is created between the game's players, the remaining card will be publicly discarded at the start of the game.

A valid setup is defined as having both a majority of players picking Town alignments and at least one player picking one of the factional scum alignments.


Note that cards 95 to 104 have an alignment of ??. Before the game, the moderator should randomly determine for each card whether it is Alien or Replicant. Alternatively, the mod can determine another method for picking those cards' alignment. In this case, the method used, and their results (if applicable), should be disclosed to the players.

No. Card Name Alignment Role Type
1 Vanilla Townie Town None
2 Vanilla Townie Town None
3 Vanilla Townie Town None
4 Vanilla Townie Town None
5 Vanilla Townie Town None
6 Vanilla Townie Town None
7 Vanilla Townie Town None
8 Town Watcher Town Watcher
9 Town Double Watcher Town Double Watcher (Target two players, receive list of all players targeting either in player list order, duplicates and self removed)
10 Town Tracker Town Tracker
11 Town Cop Town Cop (Guilty on Mafia)
12 Town Seer Town Seer (Guilty on Werewolves)
13 Town FBI Agent Town FBI Agent (Guilty on SK's)
14 Town Conspiracy Theorist Town Conspiracy Theorist (Guilty on Aliens, investigates as Alien)
15 Town Dopplehunter Town Dopplehunter (Guilty on Replicants, investigates as Replicant)
16 Town Private Investigator Town Private Investigator (Guilty on Cult)
17 Town Bloodhound Town Bloodhound (Guilty on not Town)
18 Town Bulletproof Town Bulletproof (Immune to factional, Vig, and SK nightkills)
19 Town One-shot Diplomat Town One-shot Diplomat
20 Hardy Townie Town Hardy (Immune to Treestumps, negative modifiers, and alignment changes)
21 Town Miller Town Miller (Investigates as Mafia)
22 Hirsute Town Town Hirsute (Investigates as Werewolf)
23 Watchlisted Townie Town Watchlisted (Investigates as SK)
24 Tentacled Townie Town Tentacled (Investigates as Alien)
25 Town Changeling Town Changeling (Investigates as Replicant)
26 Evangelistic Town Town Evangelistic (Investigates as Cult)
27 One-Night Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie Town One-Night Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (Investigates as guilty to all investigations for the first relevant Night)
28 One-Night Honest Townie Town One-Night Honest (Investigates as innocent to all investigations for the first relevant Night)
29 Town Godfather Town Godfather (Investigates as Not Mafia)
30 Clean Townie Town Clean (Investigates as Not SK)
31 One-shot Town Census Townie Town Town Census (Once during the game, may have the Mod post the number of Town-aligned players remaining)
32 Town Vigilante Town Vigilante
33 Town One-shot Dayvig Town One-shot Day Vigilante
34 Town Shy Vigilante Town Shy Vig (Vig shot works only if no other player targeted your target and no one targeted you)
35 Town Compulsive Vigilante Town Compulsive Vigilante (Must make a shot every Night)
36 Vengeful Townie Town Vengeful (If eliminated, may kill any living player)
37 Town Supersaint Town Supersaint (If eliminated, automatically kills the hammer voter)
38 Town Ascetic Town Ascetic (Any non-kill actions on you fail, Treestumps do not count as kills for the purposes of Ascetics)
39 Town Gravedigger Town Gravedigger (You show as visiting all players who die during Night phases. Treestumps do not count as kills for the purposes of Gravediggers)
40 Town One-shot Governor Town One-shot Governor (At any time during the Day, you may select a player to be immune from elimination for that Day, may provide conditional Governs)
41 Town Innocent Child Town Innocent Child (May PM the Mod at any time, causing the Mod to confirm that they are an Innocent Child, if not a Bastard game, only allowable with Town alignment, immune to alignment changes)
42 Town Hider Town Hider (May target a player during the Night. If the target is group scum or SK, or if target player was Nightkilled, the Hider dies. Treestumps do not count as kills for the purposes of Hiders)
43 Town Enabler Town Enabler (If the Enabler dies, the player they enable loses all abilities, determine enabled player randomly. They may still make factional kills, even if disabled)
44 Town Mason Town Mason
45 Town Mason Town Mason
46 Town Mutually Assured Treestumper Town Mutually Assured Treestumper (Target a player, you and that player become Treestumps)
47 Town One-shot Kingmaker Town One-shot Kingmaker (Selects a King during one Night, including Night 0/Pregame. If alive, that player alone determines the elimination)
48 Town Weak Jailkeeper Town Weak Jailkeeper (If target is group scum or SK, Weak Jailkeeper dies, otherwise roleblocks and prevents kills and treestumps on target)
49 Town Jack-of-all-Trades Town Jack-of-all-Trades (One Cop, one Doctor, one Vig, one Roleblock)
50 Town Hero Town Hero (If a King attempts to eliminate the Hero, the King dies instead)
51 Macho One-shot Sherlock Townie Town Macho One-shot Sherlock (Select two non-Town factions, results is mod-guaranteed to be accurate, cannot be Doctored, Jailkept, or otherwise protected)
52 Town Tourist Town Tourist (Must target one player each Night, this target has no effect on the target player)
53 Town Doctor Town Doctor
54 Town Weak Doctor Town Weak Doctor (If target is group scum or SK, Weak Doctor dies, otherwise prevents kills and treestumps on target)
55 Town Nurse Town Nurse (If any Doctor dies, this player becomes a standard Doctor, regardless of what type of Doctor died)
56 Town One-shot Commuter Town One-shot Commuter (Once per game, during a Night, using this ability makes abilities used on this player fail)
57 Town Cop-of-All-Trades Town Cop-of-All-Trades (One shot each of Cop, Seer, FBI Agent, Alien Cop, Replicant Cop, and Private Investigator)
58 Town Inventor Town Inventor (The player may give one of the discarded cards' roles to target player as a one-shot ability)
59 Town Psychiatrist Town Psychiatrist (If an SK is targeted, they become a Vanilla Townie)
60 Town Reloader Town Reloader (Adds one shot to any X-shot abilities for target player)
61 Town Fruit Vendor Town Fruit Vendor (Target player is told they received fruit, the fruit does nothing)
62 Town Parrot Town Parrot (If target has an active ability, you use that ability, targeting on that player)
63 Town Mason One-Shot Global Private Topic Messenger Town One-Shot Global Private Topic Messenger (You may create any message of 200 words or fewer. This message will be posted in all Private Topics)
64 Underdog Underdog (Player is a Self-aligned Survivor until the first death of a Day phase. At that point, player becomes the same alignment as the killed player) None
65 Mafia Goon Mafia None
66 Mafia Goon Mafia None
67 Mafia Goon Mafia None
68 Mafia Jack-of-all-Trades-of-all-Trades Mafia Jack-of-all-Trades-of-all-Trades (One (Cop/Seer/FBI Agent/Alien Cop/Replicant Cop/Private Investigator), One (Vigilante/Treestumper/Kingmaker), One (Doctor/Jailkeeper/One-shot Bulletproofizer))
69 Mafia Reflexive Doctor Mafia Reflexive Doctor (Any player targeting Reflexive Doctor is automatically protected)
70 Mafia One-Shot Diplomat Mafia One-Shot Diplomat
71 Mafia Strongman Mafia Strongman (Factional kill target cannot be saved if Strongman performs factional kill)
72 Mafia Godfather Mafia Godfather (Investigates as Not Mafia)
73 Mafia Assimilation Hunter Mafia Assimilation Hunter (Guilty on Alien or Replicant)
74 Mafia Global Encryptor Mafia Global Encryptor (ALL Private Topics have Daytalk as long as you are alive)
75 Mafia Ascetic Mason Mafia Ascetic Mason (Any non-kill actions on you fail, Treestumps do not count as kills for the purposes of Ascetics, is part of any Mason group)
76 Werewolf Werewolf None
77 Werewolf Werewolf None
78 Werewolf Werewolf None
79 Werewolf Mason Werewolf Mason
80 Werewolf Modifier-of-All-Trades Werewolf Modifier-of-All-Trades (Target a player and give them either Macho, Weak, Ninja, Ghost {Allows one role use after death}, Shy {Active abilities only work if neither party are targeted}, Lovecraftian {All investigations on the player are Insane}, or Vengeful)
81 Ninja Werewolf Werewolf Ninja
82 Werewolf Hooker Werewolf Roleblocker
83 Werewolf One-Night PGO Werewolf One-Night Paranoid Gun Owner (Kills any players who targets them on the first Night on which they are targeted)
84 Alpha Werewolf Werewolf Alpha (Investigates as Not Werewolf)
85 Werewolf Wagoning Vig Werewolf Wagoning Vig (1-shot Vig for each time you're on an elimination wagon not on your own faction)
86 Werewolf One-shot Gladiator Werewolf One-shot Gladiator (Target two players at Night. If they are both alive at the start of the next Day, they are the only two valid elimination targets that Day)
87 Werewolf Videographer Werewolf Videographer (Target player loses all investigative modifiers and abilities)
88 Two-shot Bulletproof Survivor Survivor (Self, Wins if alive at Endgame) Two-shot Bulletproof
89 Scum-of-all-Trades Scum-of-all-Trades (Self, Wins if any non-Town player wins) None
90 Honest Serial Killer Serial Killer (Self) Honest (Investigates as Town)
91 Two-shot Bulletproof Serial Killer Serial Killer (Self) Two-shot Bulletproof
92 Double Protective Serial Killer Serial Killer (Self) Double Protective (Immune to two of Town, Mafia, Werewolf, Alien, Replicant, SK, and Cult actions, pick during Pregame)
93 Cult One-shot Recruiter Cult Cult One-shot Recruiter (Target player becomes Cult-aligned)
94 Cult One-shot Goomaker Cult Cult One-shot Goomaker (Target becomes Black Goo, and is not aware of being Gooified)
95  ?? Vanillaizer  ??* Vanillaizer (Target loses all abilities)
96  ?? Prober  ?? Prober (Target Jailkept, plus you get random investigation of Town/Mafia/Werewolf/Alien/Replicant/SK/Cult, excepting your own alignment)
97  ?? Psychotrooper  ?? Psychotrooper (Investigations are Insane as long as you are alive)
98  ?? One-shot Mass Redirector  ?? One-shot Mass Redirector (Target player will be the target of all actions)
99  ?? Bloodsucker  ?? Bloodsucker (Treestump target starting next Day, faction cannot perform factional kill same night)
100  ?? Copier  ?? Copier (You may use any roles in the same faction (if group scum only), dead players' roles, and roles found out by a faction mate's Role Number Cop role, each role may be used once only)
101  ?? Doppelganger  ?? Doppelganger (Investigative actions act as if they were player of your choice (pick during Pregame))
102  ?? Role Number Cop  ?? Role Number Cop (You learn the role card, including number, of the role the target picked)
103  ?? Day Exploder  ?? Exploder (Kills target and self)
104  ?? Suppressor  ?? Suppressor (Abilities used on the target during the Night other than this one fail)

Possibly Confusing Setup-Specific Things

  • Unless the game is specifically specified as Bastard, Innocent Child can only be selected as a Role of a Town-aligned card is selected as Alignemnt.
  • Any addition or removal of abilities or modifiers, and any vannillaization or treestumping takes place at the start of the next Day.
  • If there is only one Mason, that player is basically a named player.
  • One-Night roles activate only on the first night on which they would be applicable (e.g. One-Night Honest Werewolves would investigate as innocent to Seers on the first night on which they are Seen, and guilty to Seers on future nights).
  • The Alien faction gets only one factional kill, but also has a one-shot no-reveal bloodsuck.
  • The Replicant faction gets only one factional kill, but also has a one-shot Private Message activated daykill and rolesteal (this stolen role can be used only once).
  • The Innocent Child may PM the Mod or inform them in-thread at any time to have the Mod reveal their innocence. If informed during Pre-game, the Mod reveals that player's innocence on the start of Day 1.
  • The Governor may post target in thread during Day, before or after elimination, or PM mod a list of governor targets to take effect if an elimination occurs on them.
  • The Cult One-Shot Recruiter may not recruit a Mafia, Werewolf, Alien, or Replicant player. Any player, however, is affected by Goo.
  • In modless Face-to-Face games, the Alien/Replicator cards will be made public knowledge before the cards are dealt.
  • No Elimination is always a valid option, even if other roles (e.g. Gladiator) or modifiers change eliminations.
  • Blocked or otherwise unusable shots are refunded. X-shot Bulletproof players are not told when or if their shots are used.
  • Alignment changes are resolved before investigation results are processed, which are resolved before vanillaization/treestumping. For example, if A (a Bloodhound) investigates B (a Serial Killer), B is Psychiatristed by C (turning B into a Townie), and D Treestumps A (removing A's investigative abilities), B will first become a Town player, then A will learn that B is a Town player, then A will become a treestump, but will still get the result on B.


  • Roles can assigned to players via the List Randomizer, or via dice tags in Private Topics.
  • Balance is explicitly not guaranteed. Duh.

Setup Design

The Great Idea Mafia should have ample information about the origins of the first Idea Mafia setup. After modding a few Idea Mafia games, JerryArr decided to build his own deck. This 104-card deck may also be used with other Idea Mafia games.

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