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Multiball Setups:

All multiball setups can be found here. These are setups in which more than one anti-town faction is present, containing at least 2 members (with the exception of a Serial Killer).

Multiball setups introduce the necessity for Scum to also seek members of opposing factions, which as a result can make it easier for them to appear to be aligned with the Town. The opposing anti-town factions also oft have the ability to kill, and as a result sometimes they shoot each other. This tends to help town, however also makes games more Swingy balance-wise. The anti-town factions in a multiball setup don't necessarily have to be the same size; groups with fewer members tend to be balanced with more Abilities.

Games using these setups can end in Kingmaker scenarios and Draws.

Setup Sizes

The setup sizes used on the MafiaScum forums are as followed:

  • Micro: 3-9 players.
  • Mini: 10-13 players.
  • Large 14+ players.

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