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Vengeful (role)

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Vengeful (role)
  • Vengeful Townie
  • Hunter
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Killing
  • Passive
Choice: none
Vengeful (role)
  • Super Saint
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Killing
  • Passive
Choice: none

A Vengeful player is a one that, when voted out, or eliminated, is awarded the ability to kill any other player as they die.

Vengeful roles are much more commonly Town than Mafia, as Vengeful Mafia roles essentially punish the Town for eliminating them.

Normal Guidelines

Vengeful is a valid role to be used in a Normal game, but only if that role is Town-aligned.

A Vengeful Townie's action is only available to them if they are eliminated. They are to submit their action in Twilight. This action is not compulsive. Sending a kill target or no-kill will end Day.


A Super Saint is a Vengeful Townie who only kills the person who placed the hammer vote (they do not get to choose). The Super Saint is notably featured in the mafia variant SS3.

In Vengeful Mafia games, the Vengeful Townie may only kill if the game is in a ELo state. However, this is not done in any other setup.

Some versions of Vengeful are allowed to kill a player upon death regardless of whether they are eliminated or killed by another means.

The same general concept can plausibly be applied to effects other than kills (e.g. creating a Venge Vanillaiser) – in this case, "Venge" is seen as a role modifier of its own.

Use & Power

Vengeful when given to the Town can be seen as a way to redeem the faction and can act against swing. If elements of swing are not already present, the addition of a Vengeful player may have the opposite effect.

Vengeful Townies are in a unique position to solve speculated problems. If there are already a high number of Power Roles as in a Role Madness game, Vengeful can be seen as a good addition to the town.

As it is a straightforward role to play, consider adding a Gladiator instead.

It must be decided before the game begins whether a Vengeful kill will work in ELo.

Vengeful scum roles greatly enhance swing. A elimination is the Town's weapon against scum: giving scum an extra kill essentially punishes the Town for doing what Town is expected to do. For adding dynamic gameplay that changes upon the elimination of a scum player, consider Enabler.

Play Advice

Claiming Vengeful Townie is not advised (unless your actual role is Vengeful and Mafia-aligned). The effect of giving its faction a bonus kill is useless unless you yourself are worth eliminating - otherwise it's obviously more profitable to elimination the player you would Vengefully kill while leaving you alive. Thus, Vengeful claims under duress are seen as grounds for a policy elimination.

As a Vengeful kill is in its best case, a second chance at an elimination, a Vengeful player is already working uphill just by getting the opportunity to use their power. It's best to kill whoever would be the elimination the next day as a Vigilante would. If the Town is at Odds, consider no-killing, as the Town may go to Evens on the next day, and depending on game factors this may offer crucial information to be gained from Night Kill Analysis.

If you are still unclaimed at three-player ELo, consider deliberately getting eliminated and using your vengekill on the hapless quickhammering scum.

Sample Role PM

Vengeful Townie

  • Welcome, [Player]! You are a Vengeful Townie.


  • Kill: When you are eliminated, you may target another player in the game to attempt to kill them.

Win condition:

  • You win when there are no longer any threats to the town.

See Also

Similar Roles

A Gladiator limits the players eligible to be eliminated to the Gladiator and its target.

A Vigilante is a Normally pro-Town role that can kill another player at night.

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Vengeful Mafia is a setup that features a Day 1 Vengeful kill for Town, should they miseliminate.