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Alias: none
Role type:
  • Linked
  • Alignment-Changing
  • Night

The Psychiatrist is a player who can target a player each Night. If that player is a Serial Killer, that player reverts to a Vanilla Townie. These are not meant to be seen in Role Madness games where Serial Killers have multiple abilities.

Psychiatrists are rarely seen at all, but where they do exist, they are pro-Town.


It has been suggested that Psychiatrists should also be able to remove Suicidal from players' roles.

Use and Power

While the Serial Killer may not appreciate being turned into a powerless Townie, Psychiatrist is nonetheless a reasonably powerful role that grants the Town one more chance to stop one scum-directed kill per Night.

Because of its rarity and specific nature, it should be noted that Psychiatrist is arguably more likely to appear without a Serial Killer in the game than with.