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Still a work in progress! Getting better now though.

EDIT: Not edited in a long time, some stuff may be outdated

My Games

(Note: click the link to see in more elaborate detail)

Legend: Town, 3rd party

Semicolons denote role changes.

Games Played

Game Name Modded by Account Role Killed Outcome Comments
Newbie 1651 The (rerolled) Board of Directors insanity018 Main Tracker Night 1 Town Lost Short game due to tactical quick hammer D2. One of the scum was widely townread.
Mini 1737 Bringer Mafia Firebringer Main Tracker Day 1 Town Lost This game was rather townsided, but the massclaim, including VTs fakeclaiming, put town in a really bad position.
Micro 549 Everything is a Lie 2 wgeurts Main Spinner of Yarns;

Scoundrel (N1)

Day 1,

Day 2

Jester-Town tie I was suprised to have a case on me just due a (wrong) suspicion of a fakeclaim. But managed to get lynched the next day.
Micro 558 Slavic Music Mafia II Plotinus Main Bodyguard Night 2 (Direct kill) Town loss Was put at high pressure, but then I managed to get a counter going on scum. This however cleared her scumbuddy, which contributed to the loss.
Open 619 Leagues of (can't remember) Jackal711 Main Townie Survived Town Win Perhaps my best game on the site. Did a small push on a lurker and caught scum opportunistically jumping on. Survived to LyLo and hammered the scum.
Micro 576 Word Sneak 2 Aeronaut Main Townie Day 1 Town loss Never post when you aren't fully concentrating :\
Micro 587 Math ZZZX Main Differentiator Dayvigged Day 3 Town Win We got lucky Day 1 and revealed the person who turned out to be bulletproof. Also, the town's reads were generally on point.
Open 639 -Unnamed- lilith2013 Main Roleblocker Day 5 Mafia Loss A town PR misunderstood the rules and thus self-hammered D1, but the rest of the town played really well and kept lynching scum afterwards.
Fractals Fractals Plotinus Account on fallout shelter Townie Day 1 Town win Both town and scum played really well; it was an intense fight. The follower got a guilty on N1 and N2 (but got killed then).
Mini 1791 Mildly Dangerous Postie Main Bodyguard Survived Town win Setup got broken.
Micro 618 Whispers of the Woods Ranger Main Townie Lynched Day 1 Town Loss
Mini 1746 Science Upick Antihero Travelling Salesman Cauchy Riemann equations Killed Night 2 Town Loss I don't remember much of this game, my partner mostly carried
Micro 622 Queen The Show Must Go On Main Neighbour Lynched Day 2 Town Loss D1 lynch seemed like a trap so I refrained, but was powerless to stop the lynch. D2 I thought I had solved the game, but I failed to take into account a potential scum gambit.
Micro 642 Auction Lucky2u Main Town Survived Town Win Really cool mechanic! Both town and scum played really well, in fact scum had two opportunities of winning directly, but slipped at the end.
Micro 666 Dem Tryouts shos Main Roleblocker Lynched D1 3-way tie I was incredibly obvious as scum and got quicklynched D1. My partner continued to have a good scum game but claimed D3. He managed to survive until D5, where the mod declared a tie.
Micro 669 Procastination inspectorscout Main Police Night 2 Town win Most active micro game. Scum were obvious but I second-guessed myself.
Ttyll Mafia Ttyll Mafia Ircher Main Mason Encryptor Night 1 Town loss First large theme. I had some good reads but got killed.
Mini 2017 Encore Mafia: Now without cults KittyMo Main Town Police Night 5 Town loss We did well early, but someone tried a gambit that didn't work out and we eventually lost
Micro 824.2 Grand Idea Mafia (The Reroll) Korina singletonking Vanilla Townie Day 1 Lyncher, Cult win I tried engaging with the game but still got lynched Day 1. I had some good reads near the end but kept changing my reads too much for town to trust my reads.
Mini 2043 You've Got Mail! Performer Main Vanilla Townie Survived Town win Day 1 played badly and almost got lynched, but I somehow managed to salvage the slot. I played better on Day 4, where I managed to find the remaining scum.

Other Games

These are other games which I also technically played, but not counted under my stats for various reasons.

Games Played

Game Name Modded by Account Role Killed Outcome Comments
Newbie 1651 The Board of Directors insanity018 Main Townie Survived Abandoned Someone uninvolved with the game sent me a PM with reads and play advice. I reported the PM to the listmods and they got the mod to restart the game
Mini 1746 Grand Idea BBmolla Main Rooster Replaced by Expedience Day 3, Survived Town Win Most lurky game, and eventually replaced out
Micro 612 No Inglish Plotinus Main Townie Replaced lilith2013 Day 1, Replaced by mykonian Day 1, Killed Night 1 Town Win There was a mass replacement which induced apathy and caused me to replace out too.
Mini 1845 Everything is a Lie 4 wgeurts Main  ??? Survived Abandoned The moderator had internet issues. Was a pity that a setup many players were looking forward to got abandoned.
Mini 1863 Voting Ircher Main Triplevoter Survived Abandoned Quickhammer Day 1 on PR and Night kill on PR created apathy for town. Remaining PR that was misinterpreted but accurate created apathy for scum. The game stalled hard and the backup mod called the game due to lack of remaining interest.

Modded Games

Games Modded

Game Type Outcome Comments
Mini 1757 Mini Normal Town Win Day 6 One of the scum trolled excessively D1 which got him turbolynched. The rest of the scum managed to fly under the radar somewhat, but with the lack of PR kills and a replacement which became obvscum quickly, town managed to generate many clears for an autowin scenario

Other Accounts

Travelling Salesman - Hydra with Plotinus

singletonking - Alternate Account

rushing roulette - Hydra with randomidget

ThoseInCharge - Hydra with Aristophanes

Cool Stuff

Win rate: 6W:8L

Most common power role: Tracker/Bodygaurd

Most common death methods:

Lynched Day 1 (5: 4 as town, 1 as 3p)

Survived (4 as town)

Killed Night 2 (2)

People most often played with:

6: RadiantCowbells, Davsto, Vedith, Gamma Emerald

5: Postie, Firebringer

4: Charloux, lilith2013, lane0168, Not_Mafia

3: GuiltyLion, Flubbernugget, Bellaphant, JaeReed, shos, SirCakez, Aristophanes, BTD6_maker, drelamerz7, Pine

Favourite Games:

Well I have many favourite games, and I'll just elaborate on a few that I liked.

In Micro 558, I was able to deflect my own lynch correctly onto a scum lynch, and not onto the other mislynch. Though ironically, this may have actually lost us the game.

I also like games where both sides played really competitively, like in Fractals and Auction Mafia.


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So this is your page huh? It turns out you weren't lynch proof in my game man. Also, we haven't played in same game yet, whats up with that? -Firebringer