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Replayable setups that I've made. If you find any of them interesting, I encourage you to try modding it. Let me know if you do!

Guard Dog 10P aka Double Bluff


Also also known as nsg is indecisive at picking names. My submission for the August Open Setup Challenge. I think there's a pretty good amount of depth there, but it's still August as of writing this, so we'll see how things turn out.

Public Cop 9P

1st run

I ran this game as something of an experiment, to test the strength of a public cop and to see if it could balance a 9 person game all on its own. The result: maybe??

Yeah, the cop didn't actually end up doing anything this game and it basically ended up just being 7:2 mountainous. It was generally agreed, however, that the game would have ended up completely differently had the cop managed to get a shot off, so I think I'm going to go with my confirmation bias and just say that I was right in that a public cop is enough town power to balance a game on its own.

Baton Pass


My submission for the April Open Setup Challenge and winner for that month. Another one I'm a fan of! I think it's got a unique mechanic that adds to the central game of mafia without removing any of the core elements, similar to coalition. It's a large at 15 players, but at the same time players get removed fairly often, thinning down the playerlist pretty quickly in.

I'm planning to run this one fairly soon, so I'm interested to see how it turns out.

Pick 5


My submission for the March Open Setup Challenge. Another one I'm decently proud of. It's never been tested but it was pretty well received by the rest of the open setup creators and I think it's decently balanced. I would say one downside is that it's not really the most interesting or original setup that really reinvents mafia, but I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with just having a solid, replayable setup. Given the strength of the other setups this was pitted against during March, I'm happy with how it placed.

This might be another one to consider if you're interested in modding an open setup.

Fire on the Mountain

1st run

Ouch. Disaster game. I don't think many people (if anyone) had fun playing this near-350 page replacement-filled slog. Not sure how much of that is because of the setup, but I would say the lack of nightkills every night probably contributed. I don't think there's much about this idea that's salvageable – unless a game is strictly nightless and despite the fact that it's expected to raise EV by delaying nightkills, I think that people just really don't like getting no information each night. Maybe arson games are really more suited to micros than larges.

Tough on Crime

Original Marathon run

My submission for the February Open Setup Challenge. I'm proud of this one. I think the parole mechanic is pretty unique and makes for interesting gameplay. The rest of the setup is a bit less elegant and could definitely be changed around, but I think the central mechanic is a good one. In fact, I've always meant to use it in a series of closed large themes, but that's another thing I've never really gotten around to.

Was run once as a marathon, which went decently well I thought. It wasn't a complete broken disaster, so that's promising at least.

Treestump Express

1st run

Another one that's a modification to another person's setup, this time of BulletNLynchproof's Express Mafia. Essentially the entire game is the first and last day of a mafia game, and in the treestump variant everyone gets to stay alive to discuss for LyLo, which I think is interesting. My run was cut short by early voting in LyLo, so I've wanted to run this one again. I think it's a pretty fun one.

City That Never Sleeps


Made as a modification to another player's setup. This is one that I've always liked and wanted to run but haven't gotten around to it yet. It's pretty flavorful and thematically consistent in all of the roles and mechanics, and I think there's some depth in the gameplay.

Will try to remember to update this if/when I get around to running it. If you're reading this and you want an open setup to run, why not try this one?

Panic Room

Original 1st run

Made as my submission for the January Open Setup Challenge. I think it's a neat idea, but looking back on it I do think there are some problems and I definitely don't think it's the best setup I've ever made.

It was actually run once (not by me), and to my regret I didn't really follow the game very closely. From what I hear, however, the game ran into some issues and ended up ending fairly early with a mafia victory. May have also been run once as a marathon game?

The Coalition


1st run 2nd run 3rd run 4th run (invalid via cheating)

Another one that's technically not really my original idea, although I did give it a new name and was the first one to actually run it. Ah... I know this isn't really mine, but I feel a big connection to it, and I'm really glad that the idea seems to have taken off (other people have modded this setup and it's appeared as a mechanic in other games). So, thanks mith!

Anyways, as for the setup itself, I'm (obviously) a big fan. I think something great about it is that if town manages to win day 1 via the coalition, the game is just over immediately – something to consider is that, in a regular 9 person setup, if the town can form a townblock of 5 people, the game is auto-win anyways. It's also a great twist on the mafia formula while still focusing essentially on all of the aspects that make mafia what it is.

Red Flag


1st run 2nd run

Okay, I didn't actually make this one, mith did. But I'm the only one who has ever run it or really noticed it after years, so I consider it a "mine" just a little bit. There's an interseting aspect with regards to mafia potentially nightkilling one of their own members given the win conditions, but apart from that I'm not sure how successful of a setup it is. From what I've been told it's far too centric on the first day of the game, and pretty much everything is decided from there. That being said, the first run of this game is still among the favorite games I've ever modded, I really liked the playerlist that eventually replaced in towards the end.

Investigative Reporting


I liked the idea of a larger setup, although this game does fall victim to the classic trap of an open seutp revolving too much around one role that makes the game pointless / a slog if it dies early. Would eventually get my fix of setups with public investigations by modding Vengecop and later making Public Cop 9P.

Two Scoops


My very first attempt at creating a setup. I wanted to create the kind of semi-open, choice-driven setup that would offer near-infinite replay value similar to Pick Your Power X/Y or Stack the Deck, but I was probably a little ambitious in my attempt. The idea I had was far too complex to really offer diverse, balanced options – what probably would have ended up happening is that there would be one optimal choice that would always get made every time.

This did eventually serve as the inspiration behind Pick 5, however, which I think managed to get the basic idea of this while still being balanced.