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About Micc: I was introduced to forum based Mafia in October of 2013 and have played and moderated primarily on ever since. I prefer smaller sized games and spend the majority of my time in the Newbie and Micro queues. I served as the Micro Queue Listmod for about two years starting in July of 2018. With 70 games completed and many more to come, I take pride in being one of Mafiascum's most experienced game moderators. My games generally feature little to no flavor, Normal roles, and have an emphasis placed on game moderator promptness.

Offsite, I am self employed in the business of buying/selling/flipping/renting recreational vehicles and real estate. I am an avid player of Magic the Gathering and other card & board games. I also like to spend my time participating in bowling & golf leagues, and supporting Wisconsin based sports teams of all kinds. In my youth I was a reasonably competitive runner, but presently my enjoyment of the sport comes strictly as a spectator.