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Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif
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i copied someone else's table and then edited it to make it less effective and easy on the eyes

sub game deal result ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
road to rome 1769: happy new year by aeronaut (thanx aeronaut) VT; endgamed maff win behemoth of a game, really. a scumteam of 2 newbies replaced out and got usurped by grey and RC. of the three remaining newbies, mbg was the only one without prior experience iirc. RC scumhammered and got away with it (what? unheard of). i more or less got grey, on d3, shortly before rask announced his tracker guilty. went to a 4p mylo, i was obvtown in spite of my best interests, i pegged RC as town since he was disengaged (LOL) (i was right, but not on the town part). RC uh failed a hammertest. cass was more or less the poster child of all of my false positives. RC played really well—he likes to say that his thing is emotional manipulation and whatnot, but i think his skill is in large part working off the cuff and imitating townie thought processes (he "came to the conclusion" about grey the same time i did, lol, kms)
mayfair 684: pixie seven by fakegod (thanks fakegod) rolecop + conditional vig + conditional voteproof; survived goodguys, flawless'd fun, friendly. RC said that he could already tell it was gonna be a town loss D1, and then we killed two maffs in two days. desperado softed lynchproof in a way that i didn't like (why not just say it? that would have gotten me and several others to a favorable lynch way sooner). dunnstral bitched me out for not hammering an obvtown, and i shot him with my vig that only works after no lynch. gamesolved pretty easily from d1 wagon (opportunity for any of 4 people to hammer town with little consequence, didn't)
central park 675: pick your poison x/y by aronagrundy (thancques aronagrundy) draft position 1; cop, killed n2 maffs, flawless (though one outed scum) i had rc (as: prince lyon) kind of pegged d1 and copped him that night but i got roleblocked. i maybe should have faked the guilty but like all of the entire town was hard townreading him. i had that correct scumread and 4 correct (fairly hard) townreads but was pretty off-base everywhere else, which meant that i got shat on after i died, in addition to before, for being right about rc. uffufufuff. these games are why town manipulates, folks
new yawk mini 1900: another normal game by mastina (thangs mastina) vt; vig'd n1 mafiopodes i kind of didn't do anything; didn't have a computer for a chunk of d1 and kind of didn't recover. 2/3 scum lurked/actilurked, and i was heavily targeted for lurking. can't really fault people, i guess. i townread rc pretty hard and then he replaced out cursing me in his dying breath and i was like "ok". days 2-5 took like ten seconds and it was a town loss more than a scum win i think.
road 2 rome newbie 1790 by umlaut (anthranks umlaut) 1-shot bp; endgamed d4 moops we ate and crunched the roleblocker but then our jailydude got eaten and crunched in turn. i wasted a lot of people's energy around day 3 and picked the wrong obvtown in lylo. this is the first loss that i feel largely at fault for which is pretty heavy. since my town skill is like 80% downloading people i've played with and 20% noticing weird rando stuff people do with grandiose implications i probably shouldn't meander to this subforum again.
mayfair micro 712: literally just make shit up as i go along by not_mafia (tharks) vt; shot n3 evil mans game was about as long as a healthy ISO and sukked. like nobody cared and we wagoned a scum d1 but then they claimed an open role and the actual one, like, wasn't there. i hard townread gamma emerald because he did a bunch of stuff that seemed super natural but oops. he proceeded to site flake and let giga replace in and quickhammer
coney island mini 1916: buttersnap shitfuckery by belisarius (fuck you with a sea urchin belisarius) post-restricted dude; died of syphilis d1 town fucking won somehow what the fcuk utterly scumbusted setup where town played like perfectly, excepting myself who screwed up my post restriction and died of syphilis and nancy who universal backup'd my post restriction and very quickly also screwed it up and died of syphilis. i dropped a fucking kickass readlist tho, i had 6 town at some level of townread and 3 of the 4 (!!!!!) scum as scum with 1 as null from dearth of content. i think that more or less mattered fuckall but the rest of the gang pulled through.
mayfair micro 723: untitled by umlaut (wonderful wind, umlaut) ninja; survived we did it bois! """flawless""" i was gifted three mislynches and we almost lost. silly town quickhammer d1, that townie got lynched d2, somebody accidentally fakeclaimed a non-normal role d3. and like the whole time everybody was like "schadd and bins are still probably both scum but we gon lynch this person instead." like holy shit.
mayfair micro 728: perfect blue by leonshade (tongs leonshade) ascetic neighbor got utterly fucked on as i said in endgame, my plan was to join this game with a bunch of obvtown-y type people that i know pretty well and be town and win and my plan horridly backfired
theme parp clash of the gods by isis and osiris (virtuoso/aristophanes) (thankoids guys) buddha, commutey thing [half-hearted release of confetti] your mcm noms are noted and appreciated
theme poorp kidney mafia by lettuce salad (mariomaniac/zaphkael) (thanksconomy guys) liver, VT we survived yay as gonkbadoop taskmaster, hydra with gigabyte scoopadooper. definitely a weird game, there were the same amount of third party members as scummos (two teamed survivors, 1 sk and 3 groupscummos; there were 15 townies). two people got banned out of the game d1, one of them for flaming someone else in the game and the other for white supremacing. we lynched scum d1, people kinda farted around for a while after that and then eventually we lynched the other 3 baddies. all the scum kinda disliked the positions they were in and never got really townread. i thought bins was actually pretty powertown at the end but other people didn't think that which worked out. not really much to learn, i didn't try especially hard and i got some correct scumreads that weren't really difficult to have
new yurt dragon dance by carcalilly / transcend (thankums chums) VT; lynched D3 alas! a little bit yikes. my d1 reads were p good but very much an example of a game that got bogged down by all sorts of stuff. i think i wanna do more normals though, this was almost a good game.
theme park (bye, it's been funnish) paint mafia mania by cheeto (thanksish cheeto) red yellow cop; lynched at some point dumpstered multiball with like godfathery stuff. also i was scum. wasn't meant to be.
new yorp hell is 56k dialup by kid a (lmao kid a) tracker, survived we did it my dude! mastina said it was gonna be a scum win and she was almost correct, but picked the wrong alignment. there were a bunch of people that just obvtowned and we got a d1 correctlynch by virtue of scum being like unable to talk back to anyone. zach argued at me and then died of bullets. cleaned up by d3. my reads were good in an absolute sense but not like exceptional given the difficulty of the game.
coney island once upon a time by alisae and alisae's fronch maid (ok) we were bad and melted i am pretty confident we lost ashes to ashes, fun to funky / we know major tom's a junkie
new jord a perfectly normal day by insanity018 (thanks018 insanity018) tracker, endgamed aw peas followed and interacted with this less than i perhaps ought to've. my reads were somewhat bad and my tracks were mediocre, ended up being enough to have a pretty strong game solution due to a couple fortunate happenstances. by endgame i had the right team (out of 3 possible) but chumba didn't.
mayfair goals by creature (good on ya buddy) VT, endgamed fuck obviously not, like, blaming this game but i would say this is the last game that i joined and thought, "this is probably gonna go well". the long and short of it is that mathdino just posted a fuckton and most of it was fine and and i townread him which i guess was too free. my other reads were like, fine. i guess if i were to say i learned something, it's that i shouldn't locktown someone unless i have something where i can say "this specific person would not behave this specific way as scum" (which for example is the format of the p solid bins townread i had there). also "don't quickhammer chickadee because she is a nice person that can also be kinda lynchbait early on." incidentally this is one of many games where i randomly spew about my insecurities and what's going on in my life. so check it out if that's all you're here for ig
untrod tripod steam vn upick by guyinfreezer (how's it going gif) doki doki literature club, i forget i'm not counting this as rc and the sunshine band (+rc, creature) which we replaced with the sunshine band (+creature) after rc got banned. never cared about this game but i think town won. i'm noting it here as a means of signaling that i can discount games where i won. virtue signalling i think is the term. i think i had one read which was espeonage town which was right. one of the picks we sent was a furry dating sim :]
new bie newbie 1853 by huntress (thanks huntress! you are somebody who incidentally i would like to play with eventually but idk if you still play mafia) VT, lynched d1 :( scum win but predicates on somebody forgetting about the game in lylo i think well i lurked this one out for a lot of it. katyusha misread me briefly (which happened to be while i was getting lynched) and i could be upset with her but i'd be upset with myself if i were upset with her. the team was rc (who has a scum game i personally think is at least in the high mediocre range) and spartan (idk pretty good i think) and my reads ended up being pretty bad (another game where i townread too easily but idk how i could have better done it, i think on an objective level a few of the town were just doing less good town content than scum were) katy solved the game d3 so :ty:
coneful isle the absolute worst game ever run by mastina (whaddup mastina) VT, vig shot n2 i think not counting this idk i think a lot of stuff prevented this from being a valid game. obviously from a modding perspective it was intentionally not up to par at all and it could hardly have been a town win even with better play just because we wouldn't have figured out e.g. how to vote correctly for a while people had also generally followed the theme of the game, and well i decided i had great reason to check out around the end of d1 which is what i pretty much always end up wanting to do and decide not to count this in my wiki
road to roam medical mafia by bins (<3 bins) mafia roleblocker, survived my only good* scum game so like, this game was far from perfect. like if i left the comment as "your mcm noms are noted and appreciated" it would still be a joke. but at least from a results standpoint i got to an endgame where nobody alive or in the dead thread for the most part was considering me as a scum candidate. for starters i posted more than the other game where i said "your mcm noms are noted and appreciated," i would say i didn't really flake from the game uh that much uh other than d3 and i guess i didn't post at all during d2 either, my PR reads were decent even tho that ended up not mattering (i almost blocked espeonage, the cop who would then get a guilty, but wheme & i got ticked off by rei instead), and perhaps most importantly, i was actively townread by a couple critical people, probably passively townread by a few people and i Dealt With the two times i got scumread proper. like in a different list that might not have been the case (e.g. wheme and i probably both would have caught each other hard had we not been both scum, also lolbins) but Here we Are. this is the game i would recommend looking at as like best case meta. i don't see myself playing better than this as scum for a while unless (uh until?) i get some Serious Mental Improvements or if i'm partnered with like one of a very small group of close scum-competent sitefriends (maybe katyusha, zachstral, keychain, raskolnikov, eddie, lolrc, lolbins, maybe a few more people i've been friendly with)
Mare Of Thon BLOODBATH by bins ( ) werewolf janitor, shot n4 or maybe 3 we won but note this is a marathon Pheast your eyes on this magical great idea masterpiece

i literally got 5 rolecards to choose from that if i recall were 2 mafia, 2 ww, and survivor

the odds of randing 5 non-town were something like .5%
the conic section police academy 1 by mhsmith0 (thath sminks) town cop, survived a town... (squints bemusedly at cue card) win? er... i'm sorry do you have that right? Wherein I Navigate The Exciting New World Of Quietly Yet Continuously Flaking From A Game While Getting Appointed As Site Chat Mod

eddie hopping in was generally a godsend; most of the game was played under the hydra "eddie" (+eddie cane) (name and avatar were my idea and im proud of them <: ) and eddie uh did substantially all of the work for that period

i would say that most of d2 was a proper depression flake for me, that was around when i had finals and was continuously shitting the bed on schoolwork

if you check my main my reads were actually perfectly fine at that point i just took next to no action

it was hard for us to accept punreader being town but shrug


mafia universe mafia championship s5g6 by lissa and hardcoreufo (great event guyos!) (sorry i think you can't link to MU here lmao) VT, survived a fucken nailbiter i wanna say i did ok with this one but i think for the most part i was along for the ride. i would have voted every lynch, d2 i several times said intent to do it and d6 i was asleep for the quicklynch on a roleblocked duder. hilariously my thought around d3 was that in order to have a shot at the mvp thing i should swing for the fences at davedob (which would have been shitty and i probably wouldn't have even pulled it off but lol). really great game and a lot of good players but not much to be said for my own stuff, i was just super nervous to be in a game that mattered that much

abyssum was really fun to read but flight rising doesn't really look like my cup of tea so it's probably just like one ship passing in the night and a tugboat that was kinda following it for a while and then left

in general this has sparked some desire to check out other sites
cara thon quiplash mafia marathon by xyzzy (thanks xyzzy!) town, shot n1 marathon loss kinda scumsided setup i think but still fun bc quiplash. my reads were preddy good. i think it's easy 2 find town in marathons and i think it would b cool to have more of a site meta associated with them like mu does. katy and i died right away which meant we got to just talk about the game in discord which is what we basically want to do anyway
marathon upick anything marathon by rc (u made me scum and for that i will ever forgive u) mafia jailer thingy, lynched d4 marathon loss ggghghghaghghgh,,,,, ,, ,,,,,, i think i powerwolfed d1 and d2 but burned out and screwed up from not thinking my claim and actions out. this would be my highest post count in a scum game as far as i understand.
hairathon shenanigans mafia by the worst (quack quack :) :) ) town doc, survived towm win another example of wadda hell ez marathon. like i kind of gamesolved using an ounce of meta on like everyone, in this setup where nobody was really informed like at all. im pretty sure the town winrate in marathons is really high
marathon quiplash again by xyzzy (ho ho he he pee piss etc mafia!!! marathon win! :) idk there wasn't a high bar of gamesolving here. it kinda feels like cheating since most of the townies were just tryna play quiplash. ended up being a fun night anyway. there is a youtube vod where u can find the quiplashes and most of my scumplay
road 2 esports by shimth (thanks shimth) town cop, shot n1 oh well meh. i got n1'd in the cop vs goons setup which sucks. i think if i lived for even a day it would have been like a really likely town win since i probably would have been able to roleswap with rc. i dont really like being cop. two of the three mislynches were in my poe pool (which had one out of two scum in it lmao) and one was a tr that i didn't push very hard and that i understand would be difficult for newbies especially to find to be town.
MU again sports mash by amrock, riki, lissa and monstrman(thanks comish!) VT, ita'd d6ish mash loss (huge playerlist, lots of rng) meh. fun but a really different form of mafia. i think my townreads were rather >rand but i think my scumreads were pretty much =rand or maybe a little worse. most wolves were people that i hadn't been paying attention to / had given a slight pass for something shallow, only 3ish were like leaders that i was trusting. my ita record sucked farts.
the open one. coney island? pyp xy by the worst (q) VT picked n3vig, lynched d6 : ( as cardi b. first game replaced in, first game finished as an alt! not the first game where i had a litany of weak and not thought-out townreads. like, perfect storm of stuff i can point out that gave me probably specifically <rand reads. that said, i think it would have been tough to nail down skitter even in an objective sense, meta data and game decisions pointed to her being town in large part. i wouldn't have been lynchable on main (and didn't replace in / id myself for that reason, i already feel weird generally about using an alt even though it is only a negative in my case, maybe as either align?) and i was tough to lynch on cardi b (and probably wouldn't have been? i failed a hammertest) cardi b account has like a 50% chance of not being retired. also in general in the short term i'm not feeling the quit mafia thanatos i often do (to reiterate from my PT of myself)

subforum game result commbents
newt yurt anagrams by me (started 4 jan 2018; reviewed by implosion, mhsmith0, radiantcowbells) scum wins my roast is ruined
new yourk chorus of i'll call b4 i cum; started 28 may 2018 and reviewed by radiantcowbells and mhsmith0 town win fun game to watch. lasted way too long due to conceptual weirdness around ninja - that combined with the fact that a considerable proportion of my survey results indicated it sucks is why i don't use it in my normals. d1 correct lynch, d2 guilty, scum had to out-town a lot of people to survive the next bunch of lynches and i suppose he found it exhausting. ruby red's reads were good but she thot they werent
maye faire micro 816-I: songs and probably anagrams; started 30 july 2018 and reviewed by implosion and callforjudgement scum win this was just a hard game, i think a lot of people on town were hard to TR and rc was on scum and he kind of just got a free pass for claiming a backup to a town role which isn't even what he was.
mail fail micro 816-II: pokemon go; started 30 july 2018 town win huge micro. hell of a thick, dense micro. i'm sure sorting happened during some of it. there were a few obvtown slots and little ability for scum to push through that. stungun is hard to mislynch and koki accidentally made it so that he had to do that and oups!!
knewyork advice mafia; started 17 aug 2018 and reviewed by mastina and ircher maf win dunno how i would have done anything useful had i played in this game. i would probably be critical of multitasking rb? especially in light of relatively little town power. i'm happy with the setup tho.

eps performance art section where she can do whatevr she want whenevr she want

i asked schadd to make this section but i have nothing to say

how 2 read

i think im an easy meta read. i generally just get exhausted by playing scum and i have never really been able to exert any sort of force on the stuff that happens (e.g. driving mislynches, defending bartners). i dont really bus ever unless a partner is gonna get lynched like 100% of the time and i figure that out. i can PR hunt mediumly ok and get townread in some lists. check out the comments for medical mafia (the first game in the legible color scheme)

home site

dominion strategy forum (forum games need login to view)

i played in M86, M87, RMM37, M92, M94, M96, NM10, M98, RMM43, M104, RMM45. i modded M91, M95, M97, M101, M102, M103, M107.

4-4 as town, 1-2 as scum

section header

still playing mafia. starting to take modding [games] pretty seriously


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i expect to update this soon as noname wants to find a new album cover for room 25 (the artist was an abuser :/ ) (also i've only listened to it once and may like it more than its placement)