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I joined on December 28, 2012. Prior to that, I had played mafia on a few other more general-purpose sites for about 3-4 years. I learned mafia in short-duration games where the days lasted 12-24 hours, and where eliminations were decided by plurality vote. MS mafia is fun and challenging not just because of the different strategies driven by majority elimination, but because I often play in games where I know few if any players, and encounter some rather sophisticated play styles. My own game is still evolving to be more effective here.

Some of the things I particularly like about playing at MS:

- The variety of game formats and sizes

- Fast-moving queues (though not as fast as when I joined, unfortunately)

- Set-up reviews (when timely)

- Hydrae

- The variety of play styles and abilities

- opportunities to talk about mafia theory.

I like that I have the opportunity to stretch and play well above my league if I shop the sign-ups carefully. I also like that I can play simpler games with newer players and pass forward some of what I've learned both here and elsewhere.

Play Style

hellifino. I sometimes describe my play style as Hegelian. There is a behavioral space that I seldom stray outside of, but specifically where in that space I'll be in a given game or on a particular day is not obvious to me.

For more about my play style and my lexicon, see Terms of Art

Stuff you probably don't know about me

I made trajectory a thing.

Sangres, my hydra with Nachomamma8, won the 2013 Best Town Team Scummie for our play in Perpetual Mylo II. This was our first game as a hydra, so that was pretty exciting. The winning town team consisted of Sangres, GuyinFreezer, Wisdom, Muttley, TheIrishPope, Metal Sonic, and AdoboNation (hydra of MsMarangal and TheNewEarth).

In 2015, I won another team Scummie, this time for Best Scum Team for our play in Reck's Retrospective Rehash. The scumteam consisted of Kise, Nexus, ChannelDelibird and ooba and myself. ChannelDelibird's play was amazing.

In 2021, I won 2 Scummies:

Moment of Brilliance - morph the cat (hydra with Cabd) for our play in Quite Normal Multiball. The town players who received this award were morph the cat, Celestial Powerhouse (hydra of Noraa, Momrangal and Flea the Magician), PookyTheMagicalBear, & unwnd, but if there were still a best town Scummie, the entire town team would have won. Petapan, Dannflor, Lukewarm, and Ythan were equally responsible for this [perfect as can be in a multiball] town win. No town players were day-elimmed, and the doctor, healer and roleblocker (us) all chose the right targets on night 1. Unfortunately, morph died N1 because the mafia team had a 1-shot strongman.

Paperback Writer - for my flavor in Shakespeare uPick.

Stuff I did at MS besides play mafia

Former Member of the Normal Review Group - I seldom play normal games, but I review normal games (Minis mostly) as part of the Normal Review Group. The group is tasked with reviewing games in the Normal Queue before they go into sign-ups, and with maintaining/modifying the Normal game roles, modifiers and rules. Working with this group is a great crash course on mafia design theory.

Support the Newbie Queue - I am interested in Newbie Queue statistics, and in ways to increase Newbie retention beyond the first game or two. As such, I'm also extremely interested in Site meta, how to improve it, and how to improve new members' readiness to play in the vast wilds of the non-Newbie Queue games and otherwise partake of MS culture. I'm a former member of the Newbie Discussion Group which works to continuously improve the Newbie Game Queue.



Total: 37

Newbie: 21

Micro: 2

Open: 2

Mini Normal: 1

Mini Theme: 4

Large Normal: 2

Large Theme: 5

Total Win Ratio

Win Loss Draw % Faction
87 53 0 62.14%  as All Factions
68 44 0 60.71%  as Town
17 6 0 73.91%  as Mafia / Werewolves
2 0 0 100%  as Cult
0 3 0 0%  as Self-Aligned

See details on Statistics Page


"fferyllt - Nothing has sparked for me in a negative way at all. Either super town, or exceptionally good at flying under the radar." - Chenoan, Bugenhagen's Bungalow. I was scum.

"A real big shout out goes to fferyllt who astonished me with her play - incredibly pro-town, good job!" TraceyLyn11, game mod, Polygamy. I was town.

"Incidentally, unless fferylit is an infomancer and I'm not aware of it, that unprompted willingness to go through a bunch of meta games until she found what I was talking about is incredibly Town. It's so Town that it shoots TOWNLASERS from its eyes. It's so Town that it dresses up in green spandex with a giant golden T emblazoned on its chest and runs around town beating up organized crime supervillains. (But no capes.) It's so Town that it splashes ToastyToast (whose 363 is actually terrible and should in no way give you a Town read) with red paint because he inexplicably still has a vote on the squareslot." - Vi, HunterxHunterxMafia: Yorknew City. I was town.

"Talk to me about the clusterfuck that is selkies." - Svenskt Stål Borkgame. I was town.

"As it is, let's see how far RiftSixtian's Ongoing Post Dump of Hope and Puppies takes us." -- Vi in post 68 the Paradox Prime QT. I was town

This is too long to quote, but GuyInFreezer wrote the best case ever for RVS voting me in Mini 1515

"fferyllt - literally no notes next to her name after reading. Feel like I'm looking at a vampire in the mirror - I know for a fact there's SOMETHING there, but can't see anything." -- JKMatthews in Newbie 1485: Water Balloon Battle Royale. I was town.

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