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Prefer to be a Serial Killer! J 3rdParty SerialKiller opt16.gif
Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Completed 60 games
Currently Alive in 1 games
Currently Dead in 1 games
Mod Abandoned/Game Ruined in 5 games
Total Games = 67 games.



Hi, This is Haylen, you may recognise her from such places as General Discussion, Mafia Discussion, MishMash and (most likely) Road to Rome or Little Italy. Hell, She may have even randomly PM'd you at some point. Anywho, Haylen has decided to edit her entire wiki as the majority of it does not apply anymore. You will find she has left the games she has played in or is currently playing in on this page still. Her modded games in detail can now be found on the Haylen's Modded Games wiki page.

Haylen is a 19 year old girl from England. Her scumday is April 1st 2009, yep April Fools Day. There is a story behind her joining MafiaScum, actually. Battle Mage is a good friend of hers in real life; Haylen decided to join MS and become a well known player on the site winning every game she was in with a perfect playstyle too. She wanted to beat Battle Mage, and then reveal her identity to him a few years later. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. You see, Haylen is a very silly person and also a perfectionist. Everything she does has to be correct. This meant that Haylen was too worried to /in for a game just in case she did it wrong, she ended up getting BM to tell her how to /in. Her secret identity stayed a secret for all of 7 days! *facepalm*

Haylen - Through the Ages

Haylen began her mafia career by inning for her first newbie game on 8th April 09, modded by SensFan and IC'd by Talitha. Apparently, this was a rare game because Tally doesn't join games very often. Let's face it, Haylen was a bit of a suck up during that game. It was her tactic, get close to the IC so she learnt stuff and became a good player. This worked, perhaps, a little bit too well, because although Haylen hammered a townie on Day One and would have instantly been a target on Day Two because of this, she was night killed. On Night One. Apparently, She had made the scum edgy and was the most protown player, something that has definately changed...

This steak of protowness carried on for about 2 months, until she joined a game called 'Cr3t1n' Mafia' Her second mini and her third game. It got off to a bad start, then it went immediately downhill. Haylen is best known in this game for writing a mega post of 32 paragraphs on why she shouldn't be lynched...and then got lynched anyway...she defended herself from really good and experienced players for 30 pages and didn't give up at all. Even when she had about 100 questions to answer. After this game, Haylen was completely unable to scumhunt or write cases or even play well as town. She dreaded getting a townie PM. But she's decided to stop beating herself up over this game and her efforts are currently being spent on becoming the good townie that she used to be. She met a lot of nice players in this game, ones that she still talks to, such as Incognito, Camn, Ether and Yosarian2.

Haylen's confidence in the her play grew again after her win as Serial Killer in Bastard Mod Lovefest. It is due to this game that Haylen's favourite role is SK, and this game will stick in her mind for a very long time: as her first Large Theme Game, the first win she had that can be directly attributed to her and her first Power Role fake claim of Reviver - A role she had just played the day before on Xylbot.

After a series of losses as town, Haylen was qualified to IC. This was it, she thought, if she didn't win this game as IC, she was going to leave MS. Her confidence in her game had reached an all time low, this was her last opportunity to prove herself. She did it, she won. It was a very very odd game, but Haylen had done what she set out to do: successfully play as IC and win a game. Even if she was scum. She was on a high after this, but she hadn't proved she was a good townie yet. It is for this reason that Haylen will most likely stick to playing as SE in Newbie games until she ups her town play greatly.

...And here we are now, Haylen is modding her first Newbie game. A lot has changed since the first game she played. She is no longer the girl that displays childlike inquisitivity in her games. She's more comfortable with the other players. But she has become very lurky and is trying to improve that aswell. Owing to her University Degree requirements, Haylen will occassionally throw a little bit of statistics into her games such as standard deviation. The more she practices it, the easier it is to remember, so she is basically just using Mafia as a Revision Tool. She has started to take a more logical approach to her scumhunting, rather than just using instinct, it's difficult, but she's getting there.

Haylen does play extremely oddly on the first day, because there isn't enough information for her to work with. She usually begins games with a ridiculous fake claim, a self vote and sometimes a picture of a duck...This definately shows that Haylen is crazy. If anybody asks what she was thinking when she wrote a post, it is almost certain that Haylen will reply with This

She has been a proud member of BaM since 30th November 2009

In her first year on MafiaScum, Haylen got nominated for Best Flavour Text (For Monks and Masons) and Best Third Party for her consecutive wins as SK, in the 2009 Scummy Awards. She was also a Scummy Judge for Group A. Haylen's goal had been to win a Scummy in her first year and to be a scummy judge. She failed at one of these, but is quite pleased that she got nommed anyway. 2010 feels like her year. And now it's 2011, and I failed at the scummy thing. :P I got nominated for Best Flavour Text (For A Glitch in Time) and Best Claim (For Mafia on Holy Orders).

Haylen's Games

Road to Rome

Game Role Status
NG 771 Townie - NK'd Night 1 Mafia Win
NG 788 Townie Ruined by player
NG 800 Townie - lynched day 3 Mafia Win
NG 794 Townie - Survived Endgame Town Win!
NG 825 (IC) Mafia Goon Survived Mafia WIn!
(Link) Townie Mafia Win
NG 848 (IC) Townie - Endgamed Mafia Win
NG 859 (SE) Townie - NK Night 3 Town Win!
NG 880 (SE) Mafia Goon - Survived Mafia Win!
NG 940 (IC) Vanilla Townie - NK Night 3 Mafia Win
(Link) Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day 1 Mafia Win
NG 952 (IC) Vanilla Townie NK N1 Town Win!
Newbie 962 Mafia Goon - Survived Mafia Win!
Newbie 980 (IC) Vanilla Townie - Lynched D1 Mafia Win
Newbie 1002 Cop - Survived Town Win!
Newbie 1046 (IC) Vanilla Townie - Killed N4 Ongoing
Newbie 1055 (IC) Mafia Goon - Survived Mafia Win!
Newbie 1104 ? Ongoing

Central Park

Note, some open games are in Italy and others are in Central Park because before "The Move" in June 2010, all open games took place in Italy. Mith created Central Park after "The Move". All open games before June, I have placed in the Italy category

Game Role Status
Open 237 3pV Vengeful Townie - Lynched D1 Mafia Win
Open 242 Mafia Goon - Survived Mafia Win!
Open 259 Vanilla Townie - Endgamed Mafia Win
Open 252 Mafia Goon - Lynched D4 Mafia Win

Little Italy

Game Role Status
Mini 795 Highly Toxic Townie NK'd Night 4 Mafia Win
Mini 800 Cr3t1n's Townie lynched day 2 camn wins as SK
Open 157 Vengeful Mafia Mafia Godfather. Zazie was my goon Mafia win!
Open 159 Lovers Townie lynched Day One Mafia Win
Open 156 Swine Flu One Shot Doc - NK Night 2 Mafia Win
Open 167 Pie Mafia - Lynched Day One Town Win
Mini 847 Murder in Zachtown Mafia 2x Voter Mafia Win!
Mini 851 Bloodlust Mafia SK - Survived I won!!!
(Link) Townie Endgamed Werewolf Win
Open 169 Alternating 9P Townie - Survived Town Win!
Open 196 C9 Townie - Survived Town Win!
(Link) Mafia Encrypter - Survived! Scum Win!
Bloodlust Mafia Remix Tracker - Killed Night 1 Mafia Win.
Open 241 Lovers Mafia Lover with Hoopla Mafia won!
Mafia 946 The New Zachtown Werewolf - Endgamed Mafia Won

Theme Park

Game Role Status
Bastard Mod Lovefest Serial Killer I won!
Battle Mafia Protown Neighbour Died Day One Town Wins!
Pick Your Power Mafia Empowerer NK Night 1 Town Win.
(Link) Vanilla Townie - Killed N6 Town Win!
Mind Screw Mafia IV Outsider Robot...thing Killed ? Outsider's Won!
Gears of War Mafia Goon - Lynched Day 6 Serial Killer Win
Mafia in Quirkytown Mafia Roleblocker NK'd Night 2 Town Win
Ladies Mafia Vanilla Townie Vigged Night 2 Town Win!
Holy Orders Shadow Demon Killed Day 5 Demon Win!
Lord or the Rings Aragorn, Town Motivator - killed D1 Town Win!
Multiple Personality Mafia It was confusing :/ - Survived Town Win!

New York

Game Role Status
(Link) Mafia Goon Abandoned
Mafia 103 Kdubstown Vigilante Lynched D1 Mafia Win
Mafia 107 Mafia with the Quickness Vigilante Killed N4 Scum Won
Open 209 Invasion in Liten Replaced out to become backup mod
Picking Simplicity Vanilla Townie - Lynched D5 Town Win!

Coney Island

Game Role Status
(Link) Meowth, scum. Died N1 Mafia Win!
(Link) Wolf Wolves Win!
Mini 875 Utopia Mafia Watcher Mod Abandomed :(
Mini 883 Krazy Mafia Disaster Adaptable Serial Killer I won!
Mini 876 Tree Stump II Scum Mod Abandonned.
Chess Mafia White Whites Won!
Insane Asylum II Serial Killer Lynched D3 Mafia Win
Mafia en Francais 1 shot bulletproof townie Lynched D2 Mafia Win
/Invitational 7 Vermont Chedder Cheese - Endgamed Mafia Win
Lucid Dreamers Nightmare - Killed Day One Game Abandoned
X-files Mafia ? Ongoing

Haylen Modded Games

(This is just a summary, a more detailed version can be found on the Haylen's Modded Games wiki page.

Open 177 Monks and Masons (Mafia Win)- Played in Little Italy.
Newbie 892 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome.
Newbie 907 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome.
Mafia 109 A Glitch in Time Town Win - in New York.
Newbie 931 Town Win - in Road to Rome.
Newbie 944 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome.
Newbie 949 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome
Newbie 982 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome
Newbie 989 Mafia Win - in Road to Rome
Earths Struggle SK Win - in Theme Park
Newbie 1007 Mafia Win - In Road to Rome
Higurashi Mafia SK Win - In Coney Island
Newbie 1032 Mafia Win - In Road to Rome
Newbie 1056 Mafia Win - In Road to Rome
Newbie 1090 Ongoing - In Road to Rome
Charlie the Unicorn Ongoing - Coney Island

Took Over Modding For:
Newbie 926 - Main Mod: Maemuki. Mafia Win
Open 108, Invasion to Liten - Main Mod: SaintKerrigan. Mafia Win
Mafia 123, Outdoorsmen Mafia - Main Mod: Kitoari. Western Mafia Win

Haylen's Peeps

Declare yourself as one of Haylen's peeps below this message: :D

I'm a super-peep! - Jordan
OHAI! - 12Keyblade
Herro! I <3 you! Xofelf
Hey Haylen, can I, Pulindar. be added :)
Hey Haylen! You're nice to newbs like me! Add-on: Awesome back-up mod and huge help with my wiki. jmj3000 :D
I'm a peep! Nobody Special
Hi, Haylie. We kicked arse in Newbie 825, aka: your first IC game! Also, remember that I'm not supposed to be on your blacklist anymore! CSL
I probrably should say here something nice...oh well. HAVE A HUG! ~ Maemuki
Wassssaaap! - AntB
Not sure what a peep is, BUT I WANT TO BE ONE!!!!! - Umbrage
Blackberry is like plants. -- You know who.
I can has be peep too? Silavor
What Umbrage said. Also stupid dayvig. —Fenhl
One day. I aspire to peepness. --BigAbbott 00:11, 17 November 2013 (EST)

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