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MafiaWiki:Protection policy

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This page has official status; unlike most wiki pages, it cannot be edited by normal users. If you believe edits need to be made, please bring them up on the talk page.

Pages on the MafiaScum wiki may be protected from editing for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. being an official page describing policy or process on;
  2. being a high-risk template or other page which, if edited accidentally or maliciously, would significantly disrupt use of the wiki;
  3. having been the target of repeated spam or attacks;
  4. upon request by the primary editor(s) of the page (uncontroversial situations only).

There are two levels of protection, which can be applied separately or jointly to moving or editing a page:

  • Partial Protection (or "autoconfirmed" in the logs) means that anonymous IP-address users and accounts which are very new cannot edit the page. This is usually used to minimize disruption or curb spam/attacks temporarily. Anonymous/new users are automatically forbidden from moving any pages by the software.
  • Full protection (or "sysop" in the logs) means that only accounts with the SysOp privilege can edit/move the page; this is generally reserved for official pages, and applied permanently to avoid stray edits.

If you disagree with finding a page in the protection log, please comment on the talk page of that protected page, or the user_talk page of the SysOp who performed the protection.