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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Pro-Mafia FTW!
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3rd Party FTW!
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If you want meta, its all below. It may be of interest to you that I'm scum by default, don't believe me? Ask on #mafia :P.

If you're just randomly browsing, read through my setups page, see if you can help with balancing, suggestions or just let me know if you want to run one, I'll probably in for it:D.

I always prefer to play as Mafia or Third-Party. Mafia because the game is changed from "Finding Scum" to pure and simple survival and second-guessing any potential threats from doctors and other power roles - aka: The WIFOM dance Third-Party because you haven't got a clue but you can move the game in the direction you want if your careful enough with your actions.

Current Commitments

In Game

# Name Personal Status
NY139 Underground Mafia Alive N4
Open 334 Friends and Enemies in IceTown Alive D2


Game Name Players Status
Newbie 1164 Newbie 1164 gabe1134 - Reyn - Culex - Cakemaker - SESender - Zenax - (SE)BS2000 - (SE)Packbat - (IC)Alabaska J Confirmation Stage

Modding History

Quick Stats

Played Won Lost Average Townie Games Townie Win Townie Endgames Scum Games Scum Wins Scum Endgames Third Party Games Third Party Wins Third Party Endgames
18 9 9 50% 14 (77.7%) 7 (50%) 6 (42.8%) 4 (22.2%) 3 (75.0%) 3 (75.0%) 0% 0% 0%

Completed Games and results


Game Modded By Role Fate Result
Open 273 Vengeful Mafia Nobody Special Vengeful Townie Vengekilled by Chaotic Neutrality Scum Win
Mini Theme 1100 Hair Trigger Mafia LlamaFluff Vanilla Suicide Bomber (Town) Bombed Leo - Also town. Scum Win
Newbie 1031 Revenge of the Numa Numa Song Haylen Town Doctor

(Replaced in D1)

Endgamed Scum Win
Mini theme 1095 Fast Food Mafia Zang Del Taco

Vanilla Townie

Lynched D1 Town Win
Mini Normal 1091 Mafia Mania Nobody Special Vanilla Townie Lynched D3 Town Win
Newbie 1048 Newbie 1048 Alduskkel Vanilla Townie

(Replaced in D2)

Survived Town Win
Large Theme Bomb Mafia RedCoyote Bomb Squad Hero

Town - Immune to 1 bomb explosion

Lynched D2 Town Win
Open 272 Near Vanilla Mafia inHimshallibe Vanilla Townie Lynched D4 Scum Win
Newbie 1097 Newbie 1097 Vel-Rahn Koon Jailkeeper Survived Town Win
Newbie 1124 Newbie 1124 Nocmen Vanilla Townie Endgamed Scum Win
Large Theme Any Band uPick Slaxx Vanilla Townie Vigged N2 Town Win
Mini 1194 Reverse Mafia ChannelDelibird Vanilla Townie Endgamed Scum Win
Newbie 1145 Newbie 1145 Nikanor Cop Killed N2 Scum Win
Newbie 1161 Newbie 1161 NanookTheWolf Vanilla Townie Survived Town Win

  • Newbie 1097 is the first game using the new 2of4 setup.


Game Modded By Role Fate Result
Mini Theme 1106 No Exit Mafia Seacore Goon Lynched D5 Town Win
Newbie Game 1051 Newbie 1051 Kublai Khan Roleblocker Survived Scum Win
Mini Theme 1116 Literally Anything uPick Mafia VasudeVa Phazon
(One-Shot Absorber)

Phazon Corrupted Sapphire Dragon

Survived Scum Win
Newbie Game 1056 Chocolate Cake Mafia Haylen Mafia Goon

(Replaced in N2)

Survived Scum Win

3rd Party

Game Modded By Role Fate Result


Here are things people have said about me, what I think need to be immortalised :D

Thor665 in Newbie 1031
 • AntB - Pretty much best doctor I've ever seen ;)


These people I will avoid like the plauge.

Graffiti Zone

Hey Ant I didn't mod Hair Trigger Mafia, that was Llamafluff. I did, however, play in that game, and was also the only player to bomb scum, which is probably why you remember me :P ~Parama