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Fenhl /fɛn.xəl/, also known as Max Dominik Weber is an inactive SE player.


ordered chronologically, by start time (or replacement time if I replaced in)

Current Karma: +1

Modded Games

Wiki stuff

With coding as a hobby, I like doing template stuff on Wikis.

  • I have written the {{Karma}} Template and am helping with the overhaul of the Karma page.
  • I have written the {{U}} template, which automatically finds an existing page of a user by username and links to it, and included it in the Karma template.
  • I have written the {{Game}} template. You can see it in action above.
  • I have deleted the {{Mod}} template in favor of the Game History project.
  • I have written the {{PM}} template, which is a shortcut to a forum PM link.


  • Template Fu, a personal sandbox for template stuff.
  • Rules, which apply to all games I mod.