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Acolytes of UberNinja

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...spake His Ninjaness on this, the 8th of Aprinja, in the First Year of His Glorious reign.

He continued thusly:

"It has come to my attention that my followers need some place to congregate. Post here if you think Ninjas are better than Flowchartians. Or if you love Ninjas."

And so our Great Lord UberNinja made his first remarks against the Order of the Flowchart, sparking a heated but very brief struggle between the esteemed Cults of When Mastermind and Lord of the Order of the Flowchart Majiffy capitulated to His Ninjaness, the great unrest was swiftly ended, with the Cults forever linked in fellowship and devotion to their respective leaders. With the conversion of T-Bone to the ways of the ninja, the last resistance was conquered.

The Cult was de facto disbanded nine days after Its formation when His Ninjaness terminated our Place of Congregation, and de jure disbanded fourteen days after THAT when His Ninjaness was permanently exiled from


- Maestro, Lieutenant and Second in Command to His Ninjaness, whose Culting was achieved long before the First Year

- RichardGHP, General, Chief Magistrate of the High Court of the Acolytes, and Third in Command to His Ninjaness, whose Culting was achieved long before the First Year

- DrippingGoofball, Head Recruiter and Chief Instigator of Mayhem, whose Culting began the first wave of newcomers during the First Year (formerly a rival Cult Leader)

- izakthegoomba, High Warlord of the Northern Armies, whose service brings justice to those who would seek to topple His Ninjaness's influnce in faraway realms

- JacobSavage, Master of Nonexistence-Jutsu, whose Culting brought many forms of previously unknown combat to the Acolytes

- GuyInFreezer, Marshal of Isolated Realms and Overseer of the Winter Wastelands (e.g. The Winter Warlock from Santa Claus is Coming to Town + Jim Raynor from StarCraft II)

- BBmolla

- Rhinox

- Om of the Nom, Former Lonely Wandering Potato, Supreme Viceroy of Villianous Vegeteblery, whose Culting brought wanton celebration and consumption of cabbage (among other things)

- Guy_Named_Riggs

- Majiffy, Former Leader of the Holy Order of Flowchartians, Newly Appointed Ambassador of the True Way, whose Culting brought lasting peace and unification between the Cults (formerly a rival Cult Leader)

- Human Destroyer, Just Vanquisher of All Creatures Human and Otherwise, whose Culting brought one of the primal warriors of MafiaScum into the Acolytes

- Antagon

- saulres

- Ser Arthur Dayne

- N

- kuribo, Defenestrator of Defectors and Welcomer of Warm-blooded Newbies, whose Culting brought lasting guffaws and such from his fellows

- Cheery Dog

- Kublai Khan

- d3x, The Almighty Duke of Fear and the Ever Eminent Baron of Scarin', whose Culting and Titling (which directly succeeded Venmar's) continued the creative Titles gifted by The Lord UberNinja in the First Year

- Maruchan

- BeautyandtheBeast

- pirate mollie

- buldermar

- xtopherusD, The One Who Has Photoshop, whose Culting granted new recruiting power to the Acolytes.

- Superdeclan

- gorckat

- borkjerfkin

- Bacde, A Whole Bucket of Ketchup, whose Culting goes well with most any entree but is especially appreciated on burgers and hot dogs and the like (ninjas gotta eat)

- Faraday

- Korts, "President or Chairman or Chief Counsel or something", whose Culting brought the first signs of the Acolytes' infiltration of the higher ranks of MafiaScum

- AngryPidgeon

- Siveure DtTrikyp

- JasonWazza, Chief Wazza Wazza of the WazzaLands, whose Culting wazzan awesome thing for all the people who wazzan already Culted - WAZZA

- mastin2

- diginova

- Tazaro

- Ms Marangal, The Totally Not Insignificant Significant Other Of That One Sneaky Ninja Dude, whose Culting brought the Acolytes their most revered Secretary

- Colonel Guile

- T-Bone, The Ethereal Hypnotoad, whose Culting brought an eternal sworn enemy into the fold of the Acolytes - one who shall continue to resist (in futility) from within (formerly a rival cult leader)

- Psyche

- Venmar, Lord Undermarshal of Documentation, Organization, and Operational Management, whose Culting marked the culmination in creative Titles given to Acolytes of the First Year

- Malakittens

- Who

- kdowns

- Loranthaceae

- CooLDoG

- Mastermind of Sin

- Bowser

- Axxle