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Ser Arthur Dayne

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I'm in the (slow) process of adding tables, etc, so this page could no longer give people cancer...

I now come with a Graffiti page! So if you want to go say hi, or any other thing, feel free to go there and write whatever you wish.

Marvel at such a poorly edited wiki!

Some things to do (notes to self):

-For God's sake attempt to put some chart form on there.

-Switch the history game to be ordered from most recent to oldest.

-Add some comments to games? I dunno, that seems like a lot of work actually, but if I have time and I'm really bored?


Ohai, I'm Ser Arthur Dayne, The Sword of the Morning. I got this name from A Song of Ice and Fire (It's good, you should read it :p). So I hail from Westeros, the land of the seven kingdoms, etc I've seen people call me Arthur, Dayne, and SAD. I prefer Arthur, but I don't mind any of the others.

Also, I'm pretty chaotic. So I am not held responsible for any headaches, migraines, rages, or breaking your computer screen because of me.

Played Games



  • Newbie 1237
    • Alignment/Role: Mafia Rolecop
    • Record: Loss (Town win)
  • Micro 36 UPick
    • Alignment/Role: Town - Day Dipper Sleeper Ambidextrous Jailkeeper Watcher
    • Record: Win (Town win)
  • A Dance with Dragons
    • Alignment/Role: Town - 1-shot Even Night Champion
    • Record: Loss (Stannis Scum Win)
    • Note: "Dolorous Edd" hydra with Alek (Bodean44) alt
  • Mafiastuck
    • Alignment/Role: Town - VT
    • Record: Win (Town win)
    • Note: "Titan" account hydra with Tammy.
  • Author Mafia
    • Alignment/Role: Town - Seeking Mason
    • Record: Win (Town win)
    • Note: Alted as [?]

Modded Games


Here you may write whatever you wish :D


^that - Human Sequencer