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As this account

Game W/L Moderator Role Team Death / Status
1  Open 201 - Fire & Ice Mafia (R) Loss CSL Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 3
2  Open 203: C/9 Loss Sho Minamimoto Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 3
3  Open 201 v2.0: F&I Mafia Loss CSL Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 1
4  Mafia 112: Ridiculous Drama! Win Dramonic Psycologist Town Survived and Won
5  Go Play in Traffic! Loss StrangerCoug Vigilante Town Killed Night 5
6  Mini 973: "Bawhston" Brawl Loss yabbaguy Serialkiller Other Lynched Day 1
7  Mini 1390 Win nhammen Neighbour Town Survived and Won
8  NY 160: Terrible Melodrama Mafia Loss DeasVail Vanilla Townie Town Nightkilled Night 4
9  Gay Mafia 2 Loss Sir Elton Hercules John Vengeful Lover Town Suicided Night 3
10  Street Racers: New York Loss StrangerCoug Vanilla Townie Town Lynched D3
11  Micro 102: Mainstream Mini Mafia Win chkflip Cult Recruiter Cult Survived and Won
12  Mo' Mafia, Mo' Vengeance: Micro 104 Loss TheButtonmen Vanilla Townie Town Endgamed Day 1
13  Meta Playstyle Mafia (R) Win MonkeyMan576 Tree Stump Town Survived and Won
14  Micro 115: Noughts and Crosses Mafia Win Empking Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 4
15  Open 474: Friends and Enemy's Win CityElectric Mafia Goon Mafia Survived and Won
16  Mini 1414: Mafia and Werewolves Win rapidcanyon Vanilla Townie Town Survived and Won
17  NY 162: A Week at the Theatres MattP Currently Night 7
18  Adventure Time Win Untrod Tripod Vanilla Townie Town Lynched Day 1
19  Open 481:Duck, Duck, Goose Win Lord Mhork Mafia Goon Mafia Survived and Won
20  Mainstream Mafia chkflip Currently Day 1
21  Micro 135:BOOM BOOM BANG KABOOM Win Bitmap Vigilante Town Killed N1
22  Newbie 1343: Boatsauce [IC] Win borkjerfkin Cop Town Killed N2
23  Mini 1431: The Tenements Loss 4nxi3ty Tennet Town Lynched D2
24  Amnesiac Mafia (R) Loss T-Bone Town Town Killed N1
25  Newbie 1355 (R) [IC] Day 3 Messiah Vanilla Townie Town Killed N2
26  Mini 1440 (R) Day 4 Phenenas Vanilla Townie Town Killed N3
27  Micro 164: Epic Mafia (R) Win RichardGHP Hooker Mafia Survived and Won
28  Micro 170: Empking Mafia Loss Empking Empking Town Endgamed D3
29  Open 486 Light-kun  Replaced out Day 2
30  Micro 169 - Greater Idea Mafia Loss AurorusVox Vengeful Townie Town {{{endtext}}}
31  The Fortnight Loss zoraster Townie Town Lynched D1
32  Micro 173: For the Love of Science Win Equinox Mafia Goon Mafia Survived and Won
33  Micro 176: Won't you be my Neighbour Loss Saulres Cop Town Lynched D3

Known Alt's

Game W/L Moderator Account Name Role Team Death / Status
1  Newbie 1298 Win Jackal711 Fe Vanilla Townie Town Survived and Won
2  Open 459:New Scum in Town Loss RachMarie Fe Mafia Goon Mafia Lynched Day 1


Game W/L Moderator Hydra Name With Role Team Death / Status
1  Micro 123: Mainstream v2 Win chkflip Devilish Destroyer's Human Destroyer Poisoner Cult Survived and Won
2  Mini 1444: Mafia in the Park VoidedMafia Jacon JasonWazza Currently Pre-Game


Win Loss Draw % Faction
15 13 0 53.57%  as All Factions
9 11 0 45%  as Town
4 1 0 80%  as Mafia / Werewolves
2 0 0 100%  as Cult
0 1 0 0%  as Self-Aligned


I have a Mini Normal about to head into signups. I also have an Aristocat's themed Micro and Large Normal in the design stage.