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Scummer - Joined November 8th 2012. Will post with games and other information later. Yes, I know the formatting sucks. I will try to fix that later.

Newbie Games

Newbie 1303 - Role: Vanilla Townie.

Mod: Tierce

Lynched Day 1.

Town win Day 4.

Played extremely badly. Did everything a player wasn't supposed to do: self-vote, lurk, etc.

I was eventually lynched on Day 1, but the town eventually pulled through.

Newbie 1323 - Role: Mafia Goon.

Mod: xReckonerX


Mafia win Day 4.

Played much better. Successfully manipulated the town to give myself a town read before brutally murdering them in the night. Forced to bus my partner on Day 1, but was able to turn it around in LyLo.

Open Games

Open 476 - Role: Vanilla Townie. Mod: Malakittens Killed Night 5. Fire Mafia win Day 6. Played rather badly, but I did manage to be on 3 out of the 4 lynching wagons. I became confirmed town by Day 5, MyLo, but a No Lynch coupled with my death and townie cross-voting led to a Fire Mafia win.

Micro Games

Micro 139 - Role: Silencer. Mod: Majiffy Lynched Day 1. Town Win Day 2. Played extremely badly. Made a huge scumslip on the 3rd page and was subsequently and justifiably lynched.

Mini Normal Games

Ongoing game - Replaced in. Mod: ?

Ongoing game - Started Mod: ?

Mini Theme Games

Mini 1437 (Venrob's EpicMafia Adventure) - Role: Watcher Mod: Venrob Survived. Town win Night 1. Game wasn't that balanced. I became confirmed town because I was silenced on Night 0. Even silenced, I was able to identify scum and put my reads and information into my will.

Large Theme Games

How 2 and a half Men Banged Your Mother - Role: 3-Shot Vig. Mod: jasonT981 Survived. Abandoned Day 4. I became confirmed town by Day 3 even though some people delusionally held on to the "Antagon is the Serial Killer." idea. Despite that, my reads weren't that bad and I was never killed. Game was eventually abandoned because of a Yates alt problem.

Modded Games

Open. Currently in Day 3.

Games Replaced Out

Open 488: Pick Your Poison. - Role: Vanilla Townie. Mod: xtopherousD Replaced out Day 1. Slot lynched Day 4. Mafia win Day 5.

I hastily joined this game because I loved the setup, but I forgot that I was currently bombarded by a mass of projects and tests. I was thus forced to replace out.