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Plotinus/2015 Games

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Year in Review

I enjoyed the first two offsite games I played, Puppy Mafia, Elemental Mafia, Zar Show, Long Winded, Battlestar Galactica, WiFom City, Plain Sight, and Handwriting. I enjoyed some parts of the others. [10/25]

I think I played well enough in Zar Show, We Didn't Playtest This (elo only), Battlestar Galactica, CYS, Friends and Enemies (elo only), WiFoM City, Plain Sight, Handwriting, History [9/25]

I was nominated for a scummy for We Didn't Playtest This (rising star, best replacement), Long Winded (rising star), Friends and Enemies (rising star), Numbers (modfather), and Slavic Music I (modfather, game of the year, best mechanic).

I made a lot friends and learned a lot about the game.

Faction Played Win% Won Lost Tied Faction Survived Eliminated Killed Endgamed
22 45% 10 12 0 9 0 4 3
Faction Town.png Town 11 55% 6 5 0 Faction Town.png Town 5 0 2 3
Faction Mafia.png Scum 9 44% 4 5 0 Faction Mafia.png Scum 4 0 1 0
Faction Self-Aligned.png Third Party 2 0% 0 2 0 Faction Self-Aligned.png Third Party 0 0 1 0

MafiaScum Games

Tarot uPick II

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Large Theme fferyllt Mafia JOAT (2-shot doc, reflexive roleblocker, music vendor) Replaced in Night 3 Eliminated Day 7 35 days 4/4 Town win
Replaced into a very difficult position and I'm surprised I survived as long as I did. Shortly after replacing in my personal life got very difficult and then I was in 3 scum ELOs at once and just didn't have the time to stay afloat in this game and then I was eliminated. I did manage to stay alive long enough for my buddy to make it to ELO and he almost won it for us.

Mini Theme 1717 Alfred Hitchcock UPick

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme Antihero Mafia Reflexive Neighbouriser, Modified Commuter Replaced in Night 5 Eliminated Day 6 3 days 1/1 Town win
Replaced into an almost unwinnable situation during the night phase, misunderstood role interactions, and then lost. I am not sure whether I could have won it even if I hadn't misunderstood the situation. Oh well. 5th scum game in a row. Only 2 in the last 11 completed games are town games.

Mini Theme 1729 History Mafia II

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme Nexus Mafia Mafia Goon Started Survived and won 47 days 3/4 Almost Perfect Mafia Win
Hydraing with BBT is always fun though he got a busy towards the end. This game was an exciting challenge and I had a lot of fun helping my buddies behind the scenes. I had a lot of fun being cheeky this game and when the top 4 leading wagons were all on town i'd say things like "i'm happy eliminating any of these". We almost had a perfect mafia win except that one of our buddy's slots was compromised (which wasn't his or any of our faults but the fault of his predecessor) and I still want to count this as a perfect win. Our buddy was modkilled and so was a townie who we'd been snuggling up to (whose slot was similarly compromised through our buddy's predecessor's actions). Lost a lot of motivation for this after the modkill but still managed to win without losing anymore buddies. Our scum PT was very beautiful this game!

Newbie 1653 Handwriting on the Wall

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie fferyllt Mafia Mafia Goon Replaced in Day 3 Survived and won 27 days 2/3 Mafia Win
I spent a month trying to replace into this game because it was the first game that I had early reads I was confident in and the first game that made me feel interested in mafia again after my break and then I rolled scum and couldn't take advantage of the page 1 reads I was so proud of. I think I emulated my 3p ELO town meta closer than I have ever done in this game.

Newbie 1658 Mafia in Plain Sight

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Equinox Mafia Mafia Goon Started Survived and won 43 days 3/3 Perfect Mafia Win
I thought daytalk would make being scum IC suck less but it didn't really. I won, though. My buddy spent day 1 tunnelling a townie, replaced out during night 1, his replacement was jailkept night 1 when he made the kill and then in 6p MELO we had 2 confirmed towns and he was wagoned by town for about 12 hours which made him confscum because nobody quickhammered and conftown was on the wagon. I successfully derailed his wagon onto a townie without drawing suspicion onto myself and eliminated town for the win. I am really proud of this.

WiFoM City: Don't Trust Titus

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Large Theme Titus 3rd party Arsonist Started Eliminated day 9 80 days 3/8 Town Win
Hydraing with Fro99er was amazing. Our hydra PT was over a quarter the length of the game thread. We had a really great dynamic between us and we scumhunted well. This was a personal victory for me in avoiding being crosskilled for 8 entire nights (we were shot at once but we had 1-shot bulletproof so that was okay), when normally I have trouble turning the obvtown down. This is the last of the games that I was playing during a hard time in my life and fro99er did a great job of helping keep the game fun for me and teaching how to enjoy playing again. This game was frustrating to play but we did our best and we learned a lot together.

Open 607 Friends and Enemies

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Open West9 Town Mason Started Survived 67 days 3/6 Town Win
Hydraing with Bella was pretty great but neither of us really like being town and we were both kinda overgamed so this one was on the back burner for a while at the start. I didn't play very well for most of the game and I was frustrated and had confidence problems, especially after leading a miselimination on a fellow town player on day 1. Being a mason was hard and it really affected my play in ways that I didn't enjoy. I was a townbeard this game and it really sucked, since I was left alive as an uncounterclaimed mason for 5 day phases after my claim. Even though I got off to a rocky start, some of the old Plotinus came back as we got towards ELO and some things in my personal life started to get better and I was able to vote correctly in 3p ELO for the win.

Mini Theme 1704 Butterfly Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme Rumia x Cirno Mafia Rolecop Started Eliminated as last scum 27 days 2/4 Town Win
Hydraing with wgeurts was great and I enjoyed playing with everyone on this playlist. I had a lot going on in my personal life, though, and I think I need a break from mafia.

Micro 508 MafiaMafiaNotMafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Salamance20 Town Vanilla Townie Started Endgamed 22 days 0/2 Perfect Mafia Win
Hydraing with Bellaphant was fun. I hate micros. I hate being town. Got into a stupid TvT with not_mafia because we misunderstood his town paranoia; he said something about would be willing to policy eliminate us because we looked town and I should have known it was a compliment to my scum game because he was the backup moderator for my first scumgame but I just took it badly and the game stopped being fun for me so I tried baiting the nightkill and it didn’t work which was depressing. This was one of those “can’t look at the game thread without crying” games but I can’t remember why exactly. My reads were terrible and the setup was hard and I got prodded for the first time in my life after my cat died. Was nice getting to know Parama some.

Newbie 1628 - Graffiti

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie insanity018 Mafia Mafia Goon Started Eliminated in 3p ELO 36 days 1/4 Town Win
First time ICing a game and I was really lacklustre. I am sad that I can no longer pretend lacklustre is a towntell for me. It’s null. I coasted on IC stuff too much at the start and meanwhile the townies built a town bloc and I just couldn’t get my head into the game. And then I started having a lot of offline problems and it just made it worse. I wasn’t happy with my play in this game and I felt I was obvscum. The town played really well and I was proud of all them.

Micro 507 Lazy Mod

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Micc Alien 2-shot rolecop, 1-shot bulletproof, voice of reason started Died end of day 2 (delayed PGO) 8 days 0/1 Town Win
Hydraed with BBT as Bearded Cat. This game stopped being fun for me on page 4, but I did enjoy hydraing with BBT and we worked well together and our playstyles compliment each other really well. I think we’ll have more fun in a larger game. Micros aren’t my thing but this micro sucked the least and Micc was good at modding it. It was hard that our night kill was only one shot and it really sucked rolecopping toxic goo. Once we got the result on our role cop we knew we couldn’t win so I just tried to make sure Malakittens would win by claiming an inno on her. She did win but it wasn’t thanks to me.

Mini 1675 Choose Your Side

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Theme UshiromiyaAnge Mute Mafia and Mewling Mafia The Mathemakitten, Mewling Mafia Matrix Mogul Started Crosskilled night 1 15 days 1/1 Mafia A Win
I tried to WotC someone and the mods made her my scumbuddy. She got herself modkilled within 7 posts. Other than that, this game was pretty great and I had the best role PM ever. The only problem was that I was so excited about it that I came off as obvtown and got crosskilled on night 1. I did have the opposing scum team pegged and I did have an ability that would let me redirect their kill away from me but my ability would fail if I redirected anyone who didn’t use an action so I was being conservative with it. Also, I missed that I only had a one shot night kill after my partner died so even if I hadn’t been crosskilled I would have had no way to win after using it. I did shoot scum, though.

Battlestar Galactica

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Large Theme Battlestar Galactica Town Executioner replaced in day 7 Killed night 7 6 days 0/1 Town Win
I replaced in to a heavily scumread slot and spent 6 days towning it up and trying to solve the game but I didn’t have time to read the ISO of the last scum. I scared him badly enough that he nightkilled me though so I was proud of that. My numbers thing cleared 2 slots of being the sleeper agent and would have cleared a third of being the sleeper (but not of being scum, I was wrong about him).

Micro 501 V9

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro FakeGod Town Vanilla Townie started Survived to the end 17 days 0/2 Town Win
I signed up to play with my friend and he was turboeliminated in a page 1 RVS wagon. I had town apathy from page 2 and we were in ELO by page 6 when my playstyle needs a lot more data to work with. I was wrong about everything but at least everyone realised I was in a TvT and the vig shot correctly after I miseliminated town in ELO for the win. This game really sucked, though.

Mini 1689 Rhyme & Reason

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Normal Ether Town Mason Replaced in N3 Survived to the end 1 day 1/1 Town Win
I don’t even know whether to count this one or not because I literally replaced in during the night phase and then sheeped a guilty on the last scum and the game was won after I’d only made two posts (1 to vote the guilty, 1 to greet a friend). I tryharded some in the mason PT during the nightphase, though!

Mini 1687 Refraction

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Mini Normal Aeronaut Town Bodyguard Started Died protecting scum from a crosskill N1 15 days 1/3 Mafia Win
I was really lacklustre in this game. It took me forever to get my head into the game and then I had a stupid TvT with a friend of mine over something that was 5% misreading and 5% paranoia and 90% offline stuff and then got into another fight with another friend and then finally helped to miseliminate a third friend because she gambited and I didn’t understand what was happening and then I died protecitng scum from a crosskill because they claimed doc even though it was multiball and I moped in the dead thread until my friends could join me and I could finally appologise to them for being bad. I wish I knew what makes me lacklustre some games are just really hard to obvtown myself in and I don’t know why.

Newbie 1615 - Extra Cool, Special, Long Winded Game

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie vettrock Mafia Mafia Goon Replaced in day 1 Survived to end 23 days 1/4 Mafia Win
Replaced in because I was going stir crazy in WDPT and didn’t have enough ongoing games. My first onsite scumgame. The main thing I regret about this game is that I wasn’t a very good buddy to my scum buddy, and I wasn’t able to make the game more fun for him. Also, I felt bad for some of the newer players because we had a lot of SE replaceins who knew each other and we were a bit cliquish at times. I had a lot of fun until ELO which was very stressful.

We Didn’t Playtest This

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Large Theme Cuttlefish Town Bulletproof Replaced in day 3 Miseliminated in 3p ELO 70 days 7/10 Rock falls everybody dies
Replaced into page 209 after my very first newbie game completed and I was so fucking lost. My slot was being widely scumread for reasons I didn’t understand. My first readslist contained the words “because the wiki says”. Whenever I bumbled into a correct scumread people started yelling about what I r*t*rd I was. At one point one of the scumteams faked a guilty on me and I didn’t even know what was happening or why Narninian was saying things that weren’t true so I just ignored it and I would have been miseliminated but someone else got themselves modkilled, then Narninian was crosskilled and flipped scum that night so my wagon didn’t reform but people were still heavily scumreading me and they wouldn’t tell me and I continued being bad for a while, with voting patterns that looked opportunistic and stances that made little sense. I spent so much time being afraid that someone might mistakenly think I knew what I was doing and sheep me that I came off as wishywashy and overlycautious and self-conscious, which I was.

Anyway, after a month or so I started getting better as a player and started gaining some confidence and figuring out what I was supposed to be doing and finally started towning up my slot. After doing well as a replacement in the Zar show I started an uphill battle to combat the town apathy we were all feeling and started a reread of the thread, by then 277 pages long, liveblogging my thoughts on all the living players, analysing the scumgames of all the dead scum and looking for associatives. We were 3:1:1 by then and we all thought it was 4:1 and I was townreading one of the scum, who buddied me and that affected my readthrough in a bad way but Mastin saved the day and managed to eliminate him on Day 10.

Then on Day 11 it was 2:1 and I finished my readthrough and I tried to get the remaining two players to interact with me but I was still being widely scumread and I didn’t know what to do anymore because I’d done everything I could think of and I grew despondent, thinking I’d let everyone down because I’d tried my hardest and put in so much work and the only response was “Plotinus is scummy because Plotinus is scum”, but the way the remaining two players responded to my meltdown was a huge clue to who the final scum was. I just needed a little setup spec help and trying to get it from Bulbasaur Commonwealth made them vote me for reasons I didn’t understand but by then I was sure it had to be Brantz so I didn’t crossvote even though I knew crossvoting was the right move. I voted Brantz and pleaded with them and they unvoted me but then later they setup specced themselves into hammering me after I was crossvoted by Brantz’s replacement.

I was nominated for two scummies for my play in this game, but it’s a good example of me sometimes taking quite some time to find my way in a game and figure out what to do.

Newbie 1603 - The Zar Show - Mafia In N00bTown

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Zar Town Vanilla Townie Replaced in day 1 Survived to end 9 days 1/1 Perfect Town Win
Replaced in because two of my friends were in the game. Saved the IC from being miseliminated and led successful wagon on scum. The IC and I were conftown the next day.

Open 595 - Elemental Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Open Alchemist21 Town Vanilla Townie Started Survived to end 23 days 3/3 Perfect Town Win
Had some trouble getting into this one but we found scum on day 1, the SK killed scum on night 1, we eliminated the last scum on day 2 and the SK gave up on day 3

Newbie 1596 - Exotic Birds

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Cephrir Town Tracker Started Killed in endgame 24 days 0/4 Mafia Win
My second game. I derphammered on day 1 just out of RVS because I didn't remember other people's RVS votes and didn't think to count. The person who was hammered and the person who put them at E-1 also had miscounted. The person I tracked the first night was nightkilled. I had a lot of defending myself to do on Day 2 but another townie whose slot looked scummier than I did was eliminated. Realised my friend from the previous game was town so I crumbed my role to her in the end of Day 2, though she'd actually figured it out on her own since Day 1. The two of us were a town voting bloc on Day 3 and developped a nice synergy but alas we both voted the other townie.

Newbie 1587 - Puppy mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Newbie Jake from State Farm Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed in endgame 33 days 0/3 Mafia Win
My first game. I was wrong about everything. I was conftown because I didn't know mafia didn't have daytalk, but I read everyone else wrong. Scum befriended me and it worked. People townread me and I thought they were buddying me so I tunnelled them.

Offsite games

The one in which I was culted on night 1 and yet we lost anyway.

The one in which my wincon changed after my faction won 7p ELO so they won but I lost.

The one in which everyone was inexplicably scumreading me despite townreading the cop who had claimed an inno on me.