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  • Matrix6
Setup Size:
  • 9
Setup Type:

Matrix6 is the latest Newbie Setup, trying to address flaws in previous setups. The preceding Newbie Setup was 2of4, but the setup contained unbalanced possible setups, and was thus phased out.

Setup name

The name of the setup is derived from the matrix that illustrates the variable roles in the setup, and the fact that there are 6 possible setups.


1 Town Jailkeeper Vanilla Townie Mafia Goon
2 Mafia Roleblocker Town Cop Town Doctor
3 1-shot Bulletproof Townie Mafia Goon Town Tracker

The setup is determined by randomly selecting one row or one column from the above table, then filling in the remaining 6 roles with 5 Vanilla Townies and 1 Mafia Goon to create a 7-town, 2-mafia setup.

For example, if Row 1 (Town Jailkeeper, Vanilla Townie, and Mafia Goon) was chosen, the full setup will be 1 Town Jailkeeper, 6 Vanilla Townies, and 2 Mafia Goons.

Balance discussion/statistics

The Mafia Roleblocker is allowed to both submit the nightkill and perform his Roleblocker action. In addition, the Roleblocker is stated to resolve before the Jailkeeper. This only matters in the case where the Roleblocker and Jailkeeper target one another, and even in this case only matters if the Roleblocker was also going to submit the kill (the end result being that the kill will not be jailed).

The Bulletproof Townie's bulletproof cannot be roleblocked, as it is a reflexive action.

Newbie 1370 was the first Matrix6 newbie.

In late January 2014, a slightly more formal analysis of the setup began, which continued in a new topic. As of August 31st 2015 with 264 completed Newbie games using Matrix6, the town has a win rate of 48.9%. However, the individual setups show more variation:

  • Row 1: 56.0% (50 games)
  • Row 2: 56.8% (44 games)
  • Row 3: 41.3% (46 games)
  • Col A: 40.5% (37 games)
  • Col B: 51.1% (45 games)
  • Col C: 45.2% (42 games)