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Open 595: Elemental Mafia

Mini 1804: Poker Mafia

Mini Normal 1921

Currently playing in:

W/L: (38-33)

Town Winrate: (26-23)

Mafia winrate: (12-8)

3rd Party winrate: (0-2)

Completed Games in order of Most Recent Role Player Outcome Game Outcome
[ Mini Normal 2236 Mafia Compulsive Multitasking Fruit Vendor Eliminated D2 Mafia Win
Mini Normal 2226 Vanilla Town Eliminated D3 Town Win
Mini Normal 2187 Town Bulletproof Eliminated D1 Mafia Win
Mini Normal 2179 Mafia 2-shot Rolestopper Survived Mafia Win
The Shape of Water Mafia Town 1-shot Tracker Survived Town Win
Mini Normal 2166 Mafia Neighbor Eliminated D3 Mafia Win
Redneck Mafia 3rd Party Absorber Lived until Endgame Town Win
SIR Disease Mafia* Town Healer D1-N3, Infected N3-N5, Town Healer N5-Endgame Killed N5 Town Win
Mini 2138 Town Odd-Night Jailkeeper Killed N3 Mafia Win
Mini 2126 Vanilla Town Lynched Day 6 Mafia Win
Krazy's Post-Apocalypse uPick 2-shot Bulletproof Serial Killer Lynched D7 Town Win
Mini Normal 2115 Vanilla Town Vigged N1 Town Win
Big Four Mafia Mafia Traffic Analyzer Lynched D4 Mafia and Survivor Win
Mini 2106: Magia Record Fate Weave Semi-U-Pick (Mafia) Konomi Haruna Lynched D4 Town Win
The CoaLITion Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Mafia Win
Pokemon Fusion U-Pick Mafia 3-shot Hail-summoning Strongman 1-shot Loverizer Survived Mafia Win
Large Normal 221 Vanilla Townie Killed N3 Town Win
EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY NORMAL Town Simple Rolecop Survived Town Win
Krazy’s Anime UPick Mafia Perfect Cell Survived Mafia and Survivor Win
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Town Rival 2-Shot Watcher Killed N3 Mafia Win
Mini Normal 2075 Town Multitasking Even-Night Fruit Vendor Lynched D2 Town Win
Starcraft Mafia: Legacy of the Void Town JOAT Killed N3 Town Win
Mini Normal 2067: Musicals Mafia 2-shot Gunsmith Lynched D5 Town Win
Greatest Idea Mafia VIII Town Mason Killed N1 Town Win
Greatest Idea Mafia Town Ascetic Killed N1 (lived part of D2 due to mod error) Town Win
BooneyToonz IX Town Miller Killed N1 Town Win
Starcraft Mafia 2 Mafia Ninja 1-shot Strongman Survived Mafia Win
Overkill 2: A Blood-Thirsty Stallone Themed Game Town Tracker Killed N3 Mafia (and SK) Win
Mini Normal 2033: Dolphins Vanilla Town Lynched D5 Mafia Win
How good is Vonflare at Laser Tag Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win
Mini 2025 Sneks and Noodles Mafia Neighborizer Lynched D3 Mafia Win
Mini Normal 2024 Vanilla Town Killed N3 Town Win
Fallout Mafia - Commonwealth Edition Commonwealth Weapon Vendor Killed N6 Mafia Win
Open 723 Purgatory Mafia Mafia Goon Endgamed Town Win
Open 715 White Flag Mafia Vanilla Town Endgamed Mafia Win
Paint Mafia Mania Town Red Cop Lynched D6 Yellow Mafia Win
Beneath the Mask (Town) Sojiro Sakura Killed N1 Town Win
Open 698: Stack the Deck Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win
Mini Normal 1943 Town Cop N/A Game abandoned due to cheater
Mirco 725: Nomination Mafia Vanilla Town Endgamed Mafia Win
Micro 715: Friendly Neighbor 6 Mafia Roleblocker Lynched D4 Town Win
Open 680.1: C9++ Town Cop Killed N1 Mafia Win
Open 680: C9++ Vanilla Town N/A Game Abandoned due to mod error
Micro 682: Post Restriction Mafia Town Doc Modkilled D3 Mafia Win
Micro 653: Defiance Mafia Vanilla Townie/Town Afflicted Endgamed Mafia Win
Micro 643: Desperation Day Vanilla Townie Killed N4 Mafia Win
Mini 1798: Greatest Idea Mafia Town Bulletproof Killed by Mafia Vengeful D3 Town Win
Micro 613: Setup uMake Town Dolphin Survived Town Win
Space Dandy II Ninja Dandy (Mafia) Survived Mafia Win
Mini 1774: Formation of America's Mafiascum Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
Mini 1766: SCP Mafia Town 1-shot Unblockable Lightning Rod Killed N1 Mafia Win
Mini 1757 Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
You Could be Anyone IV Vanilla Town Lynched D3 Mafia Win
Mini 1752: Back to December Town Even-Night Tracker Survived Town Win
Mini 1733: Jurassic Monkey Town Universal Backup (replaced in D1) Lynched D4 Mafia Win
Open 611: Making Friends and Enemies Mafia Goon Survived Mafia Win
Open 609: Pick Your Poison Innocent Child Killed N4 Mafia Win
Mini 1697: A Re-Balanced Game of Mafia Vanilla Town Killed N3 Mafia Win
Mini 1686: Give me a Clue! Mafia Goon Lynched D1 Town Win
Mini 1696: Space Dandy Mafia Scarlett (Town) Killed N3 Mafia Win
Micro 474: Over the Garden Wall Town Neighborizer Endgamed Mafia Win
Poekmon Gen II UPick* Espeon (scum) (Replaced in D5) Survived Mafia Win
TEAM MAFIA: Twin Trap Vanilla Town Lynched D1 Town Win
TEAM MAFIA: 8:4 Nightless Vanilla Town (Replaced in D5) Lynched D9 Town Win
Open 592 - Matrix14 Vanilla Town Killed N3 Town Win
Open 591 - C9++ Vanilla Town Vigged N2 Town Win
Micro 447 - Shameless Mafia Mafia 2x Roleblocker Lynched D5 Town Win
Hilariously Unbalanced Mafia 2 Vanilla Town Killed N1 Town Win
Open 584 - White Flag Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
Open 586 - Elemental Mafia Elemental Goon Lynched D3 Town Win
Micro 438 - Greatest Idea Mafia Town 1-shot Dayvig Survived Town Win
Open 579 - Pick Your Power X/Y Cop Killed N2 Town Win
Open 582 - Stack the Deck Vanilla Town Survived Town Win
Micro 415 - Lucky Star Mafia Town JOAT Killed Night 3 Mafia Win
Touhou Mafia II - Makai Mix* Vanilla Town Replaced out Night 4 Mafia Win
Open 574 - Stack the Deck Vanilla Town Alive for duration of game Game Abandoned
Open 571 - Pick your Poison Mafia Goon Lynched D5 Town Win

[*]Game is recorded for meta purposes, but is not counted towards W/L