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Greater Idea Mafia

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  • Greater Idea Mafia
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Greater Idea Mafia is a semi-open setup, based on Great Idea Mafia, designed to be flexible while adding an extra layer of WIFOM and almost entirely removing the need for random votes.

In this setup, each player is randomly assigned two roles from the deck. They must immediately choose one to keep and discard the other. Once every player has chosen a role - and there is at least one antitown role in the game (if all town, abandon or reshuffle) - any roles with partners are informed of their partners. At the start of Day 1, every player's discarded role is publicly revealed.

This page is in the process of being redesigned for clarity and ease of use in online play; you can find several smaller 'sub-decks' listed on this page for games with more manageable role lists and themes.

This page previously contained an accurate representation of the real-life Greater Idea deck of cardds maintained by ChannelDelibird and brought to Mafiascum meets. However, some of the cards listed below have since been removed from the real-life deck due to difficulties that arose in face-to-face play, making Greater Idea games frustrating and unwieldy in some scenarios. The list should now be considered to cover all roles that have ever been in the real-life deck, so as not to confuse online-based players who are used to a slightly wider spectrum of possible roles. Notes on which roles are no longer in the face-to-face deck now follow the list below.

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE that, for the benefit of maintenance on the real-life Greater Idea deck, the role list on this page or the meanings of the roles should not be changed without consulting CDB. Mods, if you wish to run a Greater Idea variant using a different list of roles, please maintain your alternative list either in the game thread or on another page on this wiki to which you link in the 'Sub-decks' section at the bottom of this page. CDB could not be more enthusiastic about people playing Greater Idea variants but please be aware!


  1. Vanilla Townie
  2. Vanilla Townie
  3. Vanilla Townie
  4. Vanilla Townie
  5. Vanilla Townie
  6. Vanilla Townie
  7. Vanilla Townie
  8. Vanilla Townie
  9. Vanilla Townie
  10. Vanilla Townie
  11. Vanilla Townie
  12. Vanilla Townie
  13. Watcher
  14. Tracker
  15. Tracker
  16. Cop
  17. Cop
  18. Cop Lover
  19. Seer
  20. Seer
  21. FBI Agent
  22. Doctor
  23. Doctor
  24. Roleblocker
  25. Jailkeeper
  26. Bodyguard
  27. Vigilante
  28. One-shot Vigilante
  29. One-shot Dayvig
  30. One-shot Dayvig
  31. Compulsive Childkiller (if any Innocent Child is revealed, the Childkiller must immediately dayvig that player)
  32. Bulletproof Townie
  33. Supersaint
  34. One-shot Paranoid Gun Owner
  35. Mason
  36. Mason
  37. Mason
  38. Mason
  39. Mason Doctor
  40. Mason Lover
  41. Lover
  42. Lover
  43. Lover
  44. Jack-of-all-trades (One Roleblock, One Cop, One Doctor)
  45. Vengeful Townie
  46. Retired Werewolf Hunter (named townie)
  47. Retired Marine (Immune to Serial Killer kills)
  48. Miller
  49. Hirsute Townie (Investigates as Werewolf)
  50. Evangelistic Townie (Investigates as Cult)
  51. Tentacled Townie (Investigates as Alien)
  52. Watchlisted Townie (Investigates as Serial Killer)
  53. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie (Universal Miller)
  54. Black Goo (Town; anyone who targets it with an action becomes Cult)
  55. Ascetic Townie
  56. Private Investigator (Gets result "Cult" or "Not Cult")
  57. Gravedigger (Shows up as targeting all nightkilled players to Trackers and Watchers on night of said players' deaths)
  58. Lovebird (Compulsively chooses a Lover on Night 1; NOT part of pre-existing Lover groups unless united by N1 choice)
  59. One-shot Governor
  60. One-shot Diplomat
  61. Town Godfather
  62. Innocent Child
  63. Hider
  64. Enabler
  65. Treestump
  66. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  67. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  68. Conspiracy Theorist (Gets result "Alien" or "Not Alien"; investigates as "Alien")
  69. One-shot Kingmaker
  70. Weak Jailkeeper
  71. Bloodhound (Gets result "Town" or "Not Town")
  72. Vanilla Cop (VTs, basic Werewolves and Mafia Goons are Vanilla)
  73. Hero (If a King tries to execute you, the King dies instead)
  74. Tourist (Compulsively targets someone every night. No effect)
  75. Nurse (If a Town Doctor dies, you inherit their power)
  76. One-shot Commuter
  77. Cop-of-all-Trades (One-shot Cop, One-shot Seer, One-shot FBI Agent, One-shot Conspiracy Theorist, One-shot Private Investigator)
  78. One-shot Gladiator (Target two players at night; if both alive at daybreak, they are the only two elimination candidates that day)
  79. Persona Non Grata (If you are eliminated, any and all Condemners immediately win)
  80. Psychiatrist (Target someone each night, if they are an SK they will become a Vanilla Townie)
  81. Reloader (Target someone each night, if they have previously used a one-shot ability they regain their shot)
  82. Fruit Vendor (Target someone each night. They will be told that they received fruit)
  83. Parrot Role (Target someone each night. If they have an active ability, you use that ability on them)
  84. Judas
  85. Saulus
  86. One-shot Townie (If alive at the start of Day 2, turns into a Survivor)
  87. Underdog (When the first Day death occurs, adopts the alignment of the dead player. Starts as Survivor)
  88. Mafia Goon
  89. Mafia Goon
  90. Mafia Goon
  91. Mafia Goon
  92. Mafia Goon
  93. Mafia Godfather
  94. Mafia Tracker
  95. Mafia Doctor
  96. Mafia Roleblocker
  97. Mafia Lover
  98. Mafia Seer
  99. Mafia One-shot Dayvig
  100. Mafia One-shot Governor
  101. Mafia Strongman
  102. Mafia Reflexive Doctor (protects anyone who targets them)
  103. Hirsute Goon
  104. Mafia Cupid (Targets player Night 1; all OTHER players who targeted same player become Lovers with target)
  105. Alpha Goon (essentially a named goon)
  106. Mafia Compulsive Hider
  107. Mafia Fruit Vendor
  108. Werewolf
  109. Werewolf
  110. Werewolf
  111. Werewolf
  112. Alpha Werewolf
  113. Werewolf Roleblocker
  114. Werewolf One-shot Bulletproof
  115. Werewolf Cop
  116. Werewolf Mason
  117. Werewolf Watcher
  118. Werewolf FBI Agent
  119. Ninja Werewolf
  120. Werewolf One-shot PGO
  121. Werewolf Miller (investigates as Mafia)
  122. Werewolf Supersaint
  123. Werewolf Godfather (essentially a named werewolf)
  124. Werewolf Gravedigger
  125. Wereparrot
  126. Alien One-shot Diplomat
  127. Alien Prober (targets one player; target is roleblocked and Prober gets investigation result of "Werewolf" or "Not werewolf")
  128. Alien Vanillaiser
  129. Alien Silencer
  130. Bulletproof Alien Lover
  131. Alien Psychotrooper (While alive, all cops with 'guilty/not guilty' format results are Inverse)
  132. Alien Mass Redirector (Once per game, choose a player at night. All actions are redirected to that player that night, making the Psychomagnet essentially a 1-Shot Lightning Rod-izer)
  133. Alien Bloodsucker (Treestump someone at night. No Alien may perform the factional nightkill on the same night that you do this)
  134. Alien Sympathiser (If there are Aliens in the game, you are an Alien goon. If there are no other Aliens, you are a VT.)
  135. Survivor
  136. Compulsive Bodyguard Survivor
  137. Survivor Mason
  138. Condemner (target to the left; or on forum: target above in playerlist; or on skype/chat: target chosen randomly from all other players)
  139. Condemner (target to the right; or on forum: target below in playerlist; or on skype/chat: target chosen randomly from all other players)
  140. Serial Killer (Two-shot Bulletproof)
  141. Serial Killer (Immune to Mafia kills)
  142. Serial Killer (Immune to Werewolf kills)
  143. Serial Killer (Immune to Alien & Replicant kills)
  144. One-shot Cult Recruiter
  145. Cult One-shot Goomaker (Once per game, at night, target someone to make them take on Black Goo ability)
  146. Wild Card (No alignment. After discards are revealed, discard the Wild Card and draw one new role which you must keep)

Replicant faction

  1. Replicant One-shot Lightning Rod
  2. Replicant Odd-Night Cop Even-Night Seer
  3. Replicant Doppelganger (All investigative actions on you return results for the player on your left)
  4. Replicant Suppressor (Target someone each night. All other actions on them that night fail)
  5. Replicant Millermaker (Each night, permanently cause a player to show as GUILTY to all 'X/not X' investigative roles)
  6. Replicant One-shot Politician (Target a player to steal their next day's vote and give it to another targeted player. Does not work if next day is ELo)
  7. Replicant Exploder (Day ability)
  8. Bulletproof Replicant
  9. Replicant Sympathiser

Cards no longer in the face-to-face deck

  1. The Replicant faction is no longer in the real-life deck so as not to dilute the scumgroups.
  2. Due to the commonality of playing Greater Idea games without an initial moderator (therefore the first player to die on Day 1 becomes the moderator for the rest of the game), all One-shot Diplomat roles have been removed from the deck. (These are: One-shot Diplomat, Alien One-shot Diplomat, Judas and Saulus.)
  3. Due to the difficulty of signaling night actions in a face-to-face setting, the Jack-of-all-Trades and the Cop-of-all-Trades have been removed from the deck.

Possibly Confusing Setup-Specific Things

  • If only one Mason or Lover is chosen, then they are essentially a named Vanilla Townie.
  • If more than 2 Masons or Lovers are chosen, then all the Masons form one Mason group, and all the Lovers form one Lover group (rather than separate pairs).
  • The Lovebird, however, creates a separate Lover group when it uses its action on Night 1. It is not part of any pre-existing Lover groups at gamestart. It is possible to unite the two groups if the Lovebird targets an existing Lover, however.
  • The One-Shot PGO is activated on the first night during which someone targets it. Any and all players who target it in that one night die.
  • On the forum, it is strongly advised to only run setups that start with at least 50% Town roles. This should also be advertised to the players. Broken setups are no fun. On scumchat or Skype or a Marathon Day, go crazy. Crazy setups ARE fun.
  • The Alien faction has only a one-shot factional nightkill for the whole game. The faction was designed to appear rarely but have powerful role actions. To make up for the reduced nightkills, Aliens win ties in endgames.
  • The Innocent Child can choose to reveal itself at whatever moment it chooses. It is not revealed automatically at the start of Day 1.
  • The Enabler affects one randomly mod-selected other player. If the Enabler dies, its Enablee can no longer use any role powers other than a factional nightkill.
  • The One-shot Cult Recruiter cannot recruit scum who could potentially be in a group faction (i.e. Mafia, Werewolves, Aliens). Independent scum (SK, Survivor, etc) can be cult recruited. Any player, however, can be Culted by targeting the Black Goo.
  • The Replicant faction was originally designed to be an alternative to the Alien faction, with one of the two factions used at random by shuffling the face-to-face cards. If playing without a mod on Skype or in chat, this is not feasible; you may choose whether or not to include the Replicants as well as the Aliens, or to mutually agree with the players to use one instead of the other. Unlike the Aliens, however, Replicants are not limited to a single nightkill for the whole game. (In practice, face-to-face players ended up just using both)

History of Additions

  • The Alien Bloodsucker, Alien Sympathiser, Werewolf Godfather, Alpha Goon, Cop-of-all-Trades, One-shot Commuter, Nurse, Tourist, Hero and Vanilla Cop were added to the deck at Scumdon 2013.
  • The Compulsive Bodyguard Survivor, Survivor Mason, Werewolf Supersaint, Mafia Cupid, Bloodhound, Weak Jailkeeper, Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie, Tentacled Townie, Watchlisted Townie, Evangelistic Townie and Mason Lover were added to the deck at BaltoMeet 2013.
  • The Town One-shot Gladiator was added to the deck at The Reckoning III in January 2014.
  • The Replicant faction was added to the deck just prior to MANCHESSKID in February 2014. During that meet, the Alien/Replicant-immune SK, Mafia Compulsive Hider, Werewolf Gravedigger, Cult One-shot Goomaker, Underdog, Persona Non Grata, Compulsive Childkiller and Psychiatrist were added.


Setup Design

This setup was invented as a Face-to-Face game at the UK Scummers Meet 2013, using a constantly expanded card deck. The setup is intentionally goofy and designed for slightly shorter, less serious games - at the meet, it was frequently played at night. The initial deck was designed by ChannelDelibird but was modified and then vastly expanded by all the other attendees of the UK meet.

A small expansion of 19 cards added to the Greater Idea deck at the 2013 Baltimore meet by the attendees thereof was also intended to serve as the Greatest Idea Mafia deck.

Further roles have been added to the deck at several meets. The latest is a seven-card expansion from the UK Scummers Meet 2015, including the Wild Card, One-shot Townie, Town Parrot Role, Reloader, Town Fruit Vendor, Mafia Fruit Vendor and Wereparrot.


With the face-to-face deck now officially too large to shuffle efficiently, several smaller, optional decks are being selected to offer more streamlined setups to players interested in particular elements of the deck more than others, or simply hoping for more chance of one or two unified scumgroups in any given game. These are linked below; more will be added soon.

  • /Classic - A 52-card deck featuring more basic roles, only one scumgroup (the Mafia) and two Serial Killers.
  • /Basic Two Scum - A 52-card deck featuring more basic roles and only two possible scum factions (the Mafia and the Werewolves).
  • /Basic Mafia and Aliens - A 52-card deck featuring comparatively basic roles with one large scumgroup (the Mafia) and one smaller scumgroup (the Aliens).
  • /Life and Death - A 76-card deck featuring roles that perform, prevent, affect or capitalise on kills and deaths, including one large scumgroup (the Mafia), one smaller scumgroup (the Aliens) and several independents (Survivors, Condemners and Serial Killers).
  • /101 Ways to Play with a Third Party A 101-card deck involving several third party roles

Role PMs

See /RolePMs.

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