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Face to face refers to Mafia (or any game) played in MeatWorld. Face-to-Face Mafia is usually played with a standard deck of playing cards representing various Roles, though some Mafia-specific decks do now exist.

When played face-to-face, the question of how to handle Night Choices becomes more tricky; there is no easy way to secretly converse or make choices known to the Game Moderator. A couple of strategies have evolved:

  • Everyone puts their head down on the table, and the moderator calls out each of the roles in (or even potentially in) the game. That player or Faction then make their decisions as silently as possible, while all players make some sort of "white noise" by banging on the table, humming, etc. The process is repeated until all choices have been made, then the Moderator "wakes up" the group and announces any Death Scene.
  • All players (even those without choices) must write something down on a piece of paper and give it to the Moderator.
    • (in both of the above choices, it is customary to have the requirement for "agreement" on a Night Kill by Scum to be less than 100%, or else it changes the Game Balance significantly that they cannot talk and plan)
  • Moderator sends everyone to different locations over the course of the night, and Factions can discuss in private what their choices will be, then communicate them to the Moderator somehow.
    • This method has the drawback of being extremely susceptible to "out of character" spying by other Factions, whether intentional or not. See Live Action Mafia for an example of how this can break.