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UK Scummers Meet 2013

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The UK Scummers Meet of 2013 was held in a cabin in the woods of Derbyshire from April 5-12, 2013. It was organised by Fenchurch after several years of fruitless debate on how to make a British meet feasible.


  1. Fenchurch - UK - Organiser, frequent driver and total hero.
  2. Primate - UK - Town as balls. Creative breadcrumber.
  3. Cogito Ergo Sum - Netherlands - Picked scum roles in Greater Idea Mafia slightly too frequently to be sensible. Still got away with it. Poker champion.
  4. AurorusVox - UK - Moderator of crazy role-madness games and ostensibly the unluckiest Lyncher ever.
  5. Max - UK - Suspects CDB.
  6. ChannelDelibird - UK - Rice chef and frequent buddier. Constantly paranoid about Patrick.
  7. inspiratieloos - Netherlands - Universally referred to as Erik thanks to not picking a conveniently contractible username. Laser tag serial killer and almost never scum.
  8. Patrick - UK - The mafia one-shot dayvig who didn't feel like shooting anyone.
  9. Nexus - UK - Attended the first few days. No town wins but one spectacular scum bus for victory and heroic cook.
  10. Xdaamno - UK - Usually eventually lynched. Excellent juggler. Partial to being Alien.
  11. iamausername - UK - Signed up, contributed funds ... never showed up.


We never did get round to settling on a punny name for the meet. Mooted ideas included 'Tea & Scums/Scumpets', 'Scumdobust, 'Fendezvous', 'CHESSNUT' and 'Union JOAT'.


Arguably this meet's finest cultural achievement was the birth of Greater Idea Mafia. Other setups bravely pioneered include SS5 (SS3 plus one more Supersaint and one more Townie), a courageously town-balanced game suitable for repeatedly playing at 3am to see if scum can ever win a match.

Aside from mafia, there were games of: Psi*run, Dominion, Lost Cities, Arkham Horror, Balderdash, the Name Game, British Bulldog, Pirate Fluxx, The Resistance, laser tag, piggy in the middle, cricket, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Countdown, Texas Hold 'Em, Dixit and probably several other things CDB forgot to mention.

Fenchurch prepared an Easter egg hunt! She also sat one one of the eggs that she'd hidden and got chocolate everywhere.

There were two Upick games run - an unthemed one modded by CDB, won by CES & Xd (the mafia) and Patrick (CHESSKID), plus a Pokemon-themed game run by Erik and Max, won by the town.

Food! There was chilli night (meat & veggie both), Nexus's barbecue, Nexus's Sunday roast, CDB's veggie rice and Xd's Chinese chicken, fish and chips, pizza night and that one time when CDB didn't so much eat a cucumber as wield it against a tub of hummous.


Check the meet thread from page 23 onwards for a bunch of photos and videos taken by CDB and Fenchurch.


Patrick modded an Invitational game following the conclusion of the meet. The game used a flavoured Smalltown setup.