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Unicorn quotes

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Just some small snipets from the Unicorn Brethren

  • (unofficial slogan) "Pwnin' Newbs Since 2008!" - ReaperCharlie
  • "Guys, Unicorns exist and I am going to get one. Then you're all going to be jealous when I ride it around." - Fritzler
  • "Get your forklifts ready for today's challenge..." - Flameaxe
  • "Wait, there's a girl? BACK OUT, BACK OUT, BACK OUT, BACK OUT!" - Fritzler
  • "White is the worst camouflage color ever against flowers and rainbows. No wonder unicorns are extinct." - DrippingGoofball
    • "Plus the constant rainbows imply that it's a very wet conditions, probably swampy. Malaria probably wiped them out." - Kublai Khan
    • "Or, judging by the historical photograph provided by ReaperCharlie, mercilessly hunted to death by bloodthirsty bands of Yellow-Bellied Unicorn-Eating Chickadees." - DGB
  • "If you ain't first, you're last! And that last match, you guys were ALL last!" - Fritzler, after actually winning a match for once
    • "And yeah, I went -19, however, I got the W, and that is what I play for. Holler." -Fritzler
  • "Hey, also, if you play Halo: Reach with us, your emblem has to be a unicorn. Yes, I'm serious." - Fritzler
    • "Heh. Yeah. It's sort of a majority-forced rule that everyone needs to have a Unicorn to party with us. I don't exactly know where it started being a rule, but Fritz was the first one that had the Unicorn emblem in our group on Halo Reach. I used to use the serpent with the cross behind it, but they took the serpent out, and so I was homeless. The Unicorns gave me a home, and so I adopted their propaganda with zeal... and... well, here I am today. A better person." - ReaperCharlie
    • "I will be brutally, anally raped before I change my emblem to a unicorn." - Knight of Cydonia
    • "Doable." - ReaperCharlie
  • "Stef, are you a gypsy pixie? Confirm or deny." - ReaperCharlie
  • "OMG UNICORNS!!!!!" - DeathRowKitty
  • "Occupation change: Unicorn hunter time." - DTMaster
  • "I am going to get a girl unicorn. who fucks boy horses with her horn." - Fritzler
  • (talking about this pic) "I'm driving the unicorn. Stefunny is holding on.. (just before she assassinates me)" - tanstalas
  • "I love unicorns! <3" - Haylen
  • "GUYS, EXCITING NEWS! While rocking a Unicorn Emblem, a girl agreed to marry me. So yeah, Unicorns = hetero 4 lyfe. Ask Flameaxe and Reaper to confirm." - Fritzler
    • "This happened." - Flameaxe
    • "Yeah lol. It took like 3 minutes, and I was pissed because I have been talking to her for like... 5 days." - ReaperCharlie
    • "That is because no one wants to be with Asian Unicorns, they have small horns." - Fritzler
  • "ATTENTION: Thane and I just got married in Fable III." - Fritzler
    • *Throws rice and prescribes STD treatment* - Stefunny
  • "So... my wife and I are going to eat breakfast now." - ReaperCharlie (at 1 in the afternoon)
  • "Ha, we just got done playing. We had a lot of fun, between AGar, Stefunny, Flameaxe, and I. We were up to all sorts of shenanigans and unicorn stuff." - Fritzler
  • "Reaper is cheating on the Unicorns with non-unicorn emblems. Discuss. :D" - Flameaxe
  • "Also Fritz, you may not violate my cats." - Stefunny
  • "Unicorn+Narwhal=Narwhal." - gandalf5166
    • "Wouldn't unicorn+narwhal=two horned freak? Or two horned god?" - Fritzler
  • "Reck should totally get Reach so we can introduce him to Epic Rainbow... we'd be like matchmakers :P" - tanstalas
  • "We have convinced random people on Halo: Reach to embrace the power of the 1 horn." - Fritzler
  • "Where is the unicorn love tonight? Or are you all eating breakfast?" - tanstalas
  • "I totally want to come on you." - ReaperCharlie
  • "Ok, I'm gonna go put some clothes on, be right back." - Fritzler
  • "I desire one of those excellent unicorn avatars. How might one proceed in procuring such an avatar?" - quadz08
  • "Where is your unicorn, Flameaxe?" - ReaperCharlie
  • "Highlight so far: Stefunny trying to prove she can assassinate like me, she sneaks up behind me, and gets yoinked by someone else shooting me in the head. Ha, don't you look silly now Stefunny?" - Fritzler
    • "Or me trying to assassinate you as you blow up from a sticky? - Stefunny
    • "Yeah, you're a punk." - Fritzler
  • "That's the biggest man cannon I've ever seen..." - ReaperCharlie
    • *look of disbelief* "That's too big to be a man cannon." - Han Solo

"I mean the internet has it's ups and downs... On the down side, there are lots of sexual predators... But on the up side, there is plenty of sexual prey." - Fritzler

  • "When Stefunny failed to show up for a scheduled meeting on Halo: Reach and didn't return any phone calls, her fellow unicorn brethren reported her missing to the local police. However, it seems even the police have been infiltrated by the mafia, for the report itself vanished. Given the situation, you all assume that Stefunny is now dead.
    Stefunny, townie, was killed on Night 2!" - Equinox, in Open 268: Raise the White Flag
  • "Stop... Unicorn Time!" - Fritzler
  • "What was up with those beaver scrapes you kept giving me? They weren't like the quick tea-bag way where you're like "hey I just killed you", they were more like the slow, sensual kind where it's like you're actually trying to make love with my corpse..." - Fritzler
  • "A high five is more better than an overkill" as all of us are killed trying to execute the high five maneuver on Arena Zealot when someone on the other team kills us all. The High Five maneuver was made up by Fritz, two people run cw and the other two run ccw and when we meet up on the other side we jump and do a team high five. It sounded good till we were all dead lol. - Jack Forman
  • "Unvote ... No more fucking unicorn hammers!" - GreyICE
  • "Guys, if anyone here has a reason to be upset with RC, it is me. He stopped me from sleeping with a nubile desert rat, and creepily added my sister on facebook and talked to her." - Fritzler
  • "Also: Orgasm" - KaleiÐoscøpe (just before posting a link to something awesome)
  • "I'm keen to get atleast one or two strategies down for some of the maps. We act like a stampede of Unicorns when we are playing 7 unicorn FFA with one random chick LOL :P" - HamboBlank
  • "They have 3 generals, we're screwed. - RC
    • "But we have 3 unicorns :D" - Rhinox
  • "It should be noted that I apparently can't drive a mongoose while drunk." - PokerFace
  • Stefunny "So someone requested to join the group, and I don't know who it is." AGar "That'd be me." Stefunny "Wait, you're not asian?!?!?"
  • Fuben "My hologram is our 5th man"
  • PokerFace "I'm too drunk to kill Hambo!" XAntoftheSkyX "I'm too SOBER to kill Hambo!"
  • FruitLoop "No no no! (Deep breathing) No no no! (Deep Breathing) Yes Yes Yes! Triple Kill!!! PokerFace "I may need to go to the bathroom as my overactive imagination is very dirty"
  • "NO JUMPING" - KaleiÐoscøpe
  • "NO CAMPING" - KaleiÐoscøpe
  • "IN YOUR FACE" - KaleiÐoscøpe
  • "To be fair, that rocket race was more fixed than a puppy that has had a trip to a vet." - XAntoftheSkyX
  • FruitLoop - OH! OH! OH! YES! FUCK YEAH! XAntoftheSkyX - Yeah, that's what they usually say...
  • XAntoftheSkyX: Fast and Furious 2 is on. We hungry.
  • XAntoftheSkyX: Stefunny, you're a girl, can I ask you something?
    • Stefunny: Sure...
    • XAntoftheSkyX: Okay, what do I say to a girl that will give her the message that I want to jump her bones, while respecting her as a woman?
    • Stefunny: ...
  • Jack Forman: The worst part about unicorn sex is I always end up using the wrong horn...
  • HamboBlank: You wanna see where I pee my Rainbow?
  • Stefunny:Hambo I like your accent but I can't understand you when you drink.
    • HamboBlank: I'm not drinking! I'm hydrating!
    • HamboBlank: There's water in wine, right?
    • After a while: Stefunny: Maybe it's not when Hambo gets drunk, maybe it's when I get drunk...
  • Stefunny: We should get our tournament game done now.
  • XAntoftheSkyX: "Stefunny, how do you not know (insert band name here)?!"
  • Pokerface: "I know Ant's a math teacher and I wanted a quick answer"