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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Completed 10 games
Currently Alive in 10 games
Currently Dead in 3 games
Replaced out of 2 games
Total Games = 15 games.

Gandalf5166's Game Stats

Games Wins Losses Draw Ratio
10 3 6 1 3-6-1

Wins as Town 2-5-1 Wins as Mafia 1-0-0 Wins as Third Party 0-1-0

Gandalf5166's Biography

Gandalf5166's Game List

Road to Rome

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
Newbie 939: Mafia Goon Alduskkel Joined Alive Win
Newbie 971: Vanilla Townie Sotty7 Replaced NashiNashi Alive Loss
Newbie 976: Vanilla Townie Zorblag Joined, Replaced by Aranneas Lynched Loss
Newbie 959: Vanilla Townie Vel-Rahn Koon Replaced ycz6 Lynched Loss

Central Park

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
Mayhem Clinic: Doctor TheLoneWolf Joined Night Killed Draw
Friends and Enemies: ? Socrates Joined Alive Ongoing
camn's apartment: ? camn Joined Alive Ongoing
7p Vengeful: VT inHimshallibe Joined Lynched Ongoing
Polygamist Mafia: ? Elscouta Joined Alive Ongoing
Mayo Clinic: ? crywolf20084 Joined Alive Ongoing

New York

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
? ? ? ? ? ?

Little Italy

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
Mafia in Mobsville: VT Locke Lamora Replaced Concerned Night Killed Win

Coney Island

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
Random Mafia: Town Doctor MafiaSSK Joined Lynched Town Loss, I was modlossed
Pop Mafia: Katy Perry, VT Jarti Joined Lynched Ongoing
Mega Man 1 Mafia: Mega Man, Town Ability Thief Netopalis Joined Lynched Loss
PokeUPick: ? Robocopter87 Joined Alive Ongoing
Tarot Mafia: ? dramonic Joined as hydra Capn with Prox, replaced by Prox Alive Ongoing
Madmen Mafia: ? Snow_Bunny Joined Alive Ongoing
Mario and Luigi: BIS Mafia: ? animorpherv7 Joined Alive Ongoing

Theme Park

Game Role Moderator Join Death Status
Cross Edge Bastard Mod: Aurica the Day Doc dramonic Joined Alive Win
Super Smash Bros Mafia: Peach, Beloved Princess Master Hand Joined Lynched Ongoing
Square Enix III: Heat, Mitochondrial Universal Roleblocker Kise Joined, replaced by vezokpiraka Lynched Ongoing
Mad World Time Travel Mafia: Mr. Nobody, Reverse Survivor Mason ooba Joined Died N1 Loss, Ongoing
Reck's Mad Mad Mind: ? xRECKONERx Joined Alive Ongoing
Alphabet Mafia: ? dramonic Joined Alive Ongoing
Succession Mafia: ? Mr. Flay Joined Alive Ongoing}