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Unicorn Brethren/History

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In the beginning was the Horn. And the Horn knew that it was — not just good; it was awesome.
One bright sunny day, the Horn deigned to fashion an equestrian mammal to ferry itself around.
Then the Horn planted itself into the horse's forehead, and at that moment, history was written.
This ultimate being came into existence, and this being became known as THE FIRST UNICORN.

And all of the other beasts of the ground and fowl of the air paid homage to this glorious beast.
It came to pass that evil came into the universe, and thus the mighty Unicorn wept with jealousy.
Not jealousy of evil, but jealousy of the universe before evil entered it. Yes, it was a paradox, but
that kind of detail did not matter to The Unicorn. And so he wept freely and without any shame.

And it also came to pass that a strange race known only as the Covenant rained down from the
skies in metal birds, carrying flaming swords, and destroying all in their path. And thus, much of
what the Unicorn knew and loved came to be destroyed. In righteous anger, the mighty Unicorn
decided to recreate the world in a flash of brilliance. And thus, the Unicorn Brethren came to be.

The Unicorn Brethren fought the Covenant with their own horns (not Horns, for there is only one
true Horn, which belongs to the One True Unicorn), and though for a time it appeared that they
might fall before the mighty onslaught of the evil Covenant, they eventually found ways in which
to begin to fight back against the Dark Race of the Unknown. And behold, they created MJOLNIR.

Yea, MJOLNIR was strong, nigh impenetrable, and the Unicorn Brethren wore it and fought the
Covenant gallantly. But their numbers dwindled in the absence of the One True Unicorn. For that
blessed being had withdrawn himself, to the Fortress of the Inner Horn, and had shielded all the
innocents from the wake of destruction that the Covenant visited upon them. And lo, they wept.

But one pointed to the sky (with his horn of noble honour), and neighed so that the others might
listen, and take heart. For an entirely new regiment of Unicorn Warrior Brethren poured forth from
a rift in the sky, chanting with vigor and full of life. As their manes swayed in the mighty wind, the
sky grew dark with horror. The Covenant had amassed as one. Would the brave Unicorns survive?

The Proving Grounds: When Fuben Met Charlie

One day, the glorious black stallion Fuben was traveling across a mountain through a stretch of woods so thick that one could barely make out the daylight. Fuben had been walking for week after week, gallantly pursuing a mob of grunts that had captured his beautiful wife, a white stallion that had entered into the Spartan SWAT Program alongside him, eager to do her part to help fight off the overcoming Covenant powers.

Fuben awakened that day to the sound of battle off in the distance. He jumped up and sprinted toward the echoing cries of war. As he ran through the woods, he came into a clearing. Not wanting to be discovered, and waylaid on his search for his wife, he stopped short of the clearing to watch. What he saw was an epic battle unfolding. He even saw what he believed to be a Unicorn Super Forces Spartan (USFS)! This Unicorn was outnumbered and was getting backed into corner by the heavy attacks of 4 or 5 Covenant Hunters and Elites, and all of the other Spartans in his team had fallen in battle.

Thinking quickly, Fuben scanned the area, and spotted a Falcon that had been destroyed by the Hunters. He also saw a rocket luncher next to the wreckage. He dashed over to it in desperation, eager to help the fellow Spartan Unicorn! Without waiting, Fuben locked on to the Hunter and pulled the trigger. A big explosion erupted, but when the dust settled, both Hunters are still up and moving in closer to the lone Spartan. Fuben then took very careful aim at the Hunters, and *zzzzzuuuuuueeeee*... the rocket rushed toward the Hunters and hit the ground between them: *Bbbbooooooommmmmm!!!*

Double Kill! shouted an unseen announcer.

One of the Hunters and an Elite fell to the ground dead, and the other Hunter stumbled nearby, badly wounded. Fuben looked to see if the Spartan was ok, and saw him pick up more ammo for his Sniper Rifle. Suddenly, he spun around and dropped the Hunter and the remaining two Elites in no more than 3 or 4 seconds, most with headshots. It was a site you would have to see for yourself to believe; he was a USFS without a doubt. Cold metal mask expressionless, the Spartan dusted himself off and approached Fuben, saying in a deep, commanding voice:

"Thank you for buying me some time with that rocket launcher. I see you are a Spartan as well... what corps are you with?"

"Spartan SWAT corps, Sir!!" Fuben responded.

"Well, thank you," the Spartan replies, "... and what is your name?"

"Fuben, Sir!" Fuben replied.

"Thank you, Fuben. I am Reaper Charlie, USFS Corps." the Spartan said. "My USFS team has fallen, and I am not done with my mission. Could I recruit you to be part of my team?"

Fuben straightened up at this.

"No Sir, sorry Sir. I am tracking down a band of grunts that captured my wife in a recent battle."

"If you stop with that Sir shit, I will help you find your wife, and I would make both of you part of my team. Will you please join my team?" Charlie begs.

"Well... I will join you, Sir, if you will help my wife first." Fuben said.

"Then it is done, Fuben. I am the commander of USFS team Unicorn Brethren, and as such, I proclaim that as of now, you are one of the Brethren of the Unicorn!" Charlie announces, as he rears up on his legs and lifts his head up high so that everyone for miles could hear. Charlie's front legs hit the ground like thunder, and leveled poor Fuben, but Fuben rose to his feet seconds later. A bright light come from the top of the stallion's head, and as it faded, Fuben saw the impossible. A Unicorn horn had appeared.

"Come Fuben, let's go save this wife of yours!" Charlie said gallantly.

"Yes, Sir!" Fuben stated, with an odd but empowering feeling. And that was when Fuben first met Charlie and the other Unicorns.

"I said: knock off that 'Sir' bullshit, Fuben." Charlie said as they galloped off into the sunset.

"Yes Sir! ... Oh, sorry, Sir! ... Shit, sorry Charlie... (you tiger now)." Fuben replied.

The Merging of the Brethren, Part I

Night had fallen on Reach. The smell of blood and Grunts was in the air and a tired USFS team had stop to make camp and plan for the next day. The team was lead by Fritzler as team captain, whose weapon specialties were with combat knife. He struck with the speed of a bullet, and was as quiet as the shadows on a moonless night. AGar was his weapons master; there was not a weapon in the war that he could not use with deadly accuracy. He had been fully trained on every Spartan weapon, and was also part of a Covenant weapons evaluations team. As such, he was trained on how to use many Covenant weapons, and also studied what their weaknesses were. After those two, the team's newest recruit was a Unicorn called EpicRainbow (he followed the Don't ask, Don't tell policy flagrantly). He was quite a marksman with weaponry such as the DMR, sniper rifle, and even with the magnum pistol. There was not much that could stand in the way of this USFS team; all three of them had proven themselves worthy of their titles, and had survived and dominated many epic battles.

Fritzler's team was on a misson to infiltrate a Covenant camp, to retrieve plans for the next Covenant strike. It was a massive operation using gigantic weaponry, that could have destroyed up to half of the Spartan army if deployed correctly. Intel provided from ONI claimed that the plans were kept at a camp just over the hill from the USFS team. They had fought their way through many Covenant for many days to reach that point. Once so close, they knew they must plan an attack that would be quick and effective to finish their mission.

"Captain, we will need an ammo drop in the morning." AGar said.

"Roger. Get command on the radio and send them the code to have an air drop at 0500. I want to strike at 0445, that way we can take down the Grunt patrol just as our ammo drop hits the ground. Then we will get a moment to restock and reload before the next patrol gets to us." Fritzler ordered. "EpicRainbow, go and finish breaking down camp."

Both Spartans responded with a "YES SIR!" and went about their duties with speed and efficiency.

Fritzler scouted the valley below them: Roughly twelve Elites, six Hunters, and very many Brutes. Heavily armed, and from the looks of it, very vigilant. And they were all on patrol just outside the main part of the camp that he suspected that the plans were at. He knew the day to come was going to be a long one if they even make it that long.

"STOP... Unicorn time." Fritzler stated, as he turned back to face his men.

"What do you mean?" AGar inquired.

"I mean it is time to put on your game faces, cuz we're going in for a bumpy ride." Fritzler replied. "How much ammo do we have left?"

"Four clips of DMR, eight rounds of sniper, and two for the rocket launcher, Sir." EpicRainbow answered quickly.

"Very well. I have a plan, and we are going to need all of it!" Fritzler revealed.

As the night slowly started to become day, the team prepared for what was most likely the hardest mission that they'd ever taken. Though tired from battling the entire Covenant platoon they had encountered earlier that night, they were nonetheless frosty and wired tight. They began to set themselves up in the positions they had planned for the attack, and they were ready to confront just about anything that the Covenant could throw at them.

"And so, it becomes a waiting game." Fritzler mused to himself.

But nothing could have prepared them for what happened next.