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My awesome avatar, thanks to Chevre!

This page is far from finished right now, I'm still working on it. I'm a guy living in a small Swedish town. Right now I've loads of spare time on my hands and can dedicate much time to Mafia. That will soon be subject to change however. Why did I choose the user name Johhog? Well, without telling you too much it's the first three letters in my first name and surname.

Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

I stole this layout from Pine, who stole it from AGar, who gives credit to a mix of Papa Zito and ReaperCharlie for the layout of his wiki. Thanks!


Entry Faction Win Loss Draw Abandoned
Town 1 2 0 0
Mafia 0 0 0 0
Other 0 0 0 0
Town 0 1 0 0
Mafia 0 0 0 0
Other 0 0 0 0
Overall 1 3 0 0

Current Games

The game(s) I'm playing right now:

# Name Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Game State
1 New York 138: OxyMoron Mafia Large Normal CryMeARiver and sorasgoof Still alive Still alive Started Lynched Day 1 Day 2
2 Newbie 1131 Newbie Vel-Rahn Koon Town Vanilla Townie Replaced in Day 1 Lynched Day 1 Day 3
3 Newbie 1136: DarthYoshi's Dystopia of Death Newbie DarthYoshi Still alive Still alive Replaced in Day 1 Still alive Day 3
4 SMBM II: Defense of Yoshi's Island (as Sunset, a hydra of me and Twistedspoon) Large Theme CSL Still alive Still alive Started Still alive Day 2
5 camn's temperamental Mini Theme camn Still alive Still alive Started Still alive Day 1

Completed Games

Completed Newbies

Newbie 1112

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Uite Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 4 Town win
Awesome game, the best first game I could ever get. We started the game off by lynching a Townie D1 and another Townie D2 because he hammered our D1 lynch in a scummy way. On Day 4 we caught SigmaEXE003 when he fake claimed cop. camn had the choice to lynch me or Sigma, and her choice was the right one. I then got night killed and on Day 5 town managed to win by lynching FourseenCircumstance when the only other non-confirmed was obvtown BS2000. Win shared with racerman13, kondi2424, Nobody Special, BS2000, camn and hiplop.

Newbie 1145

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Nikanor Town Vanilla Townie Started Lynched Day 1 Scum win
Ugh, this game sucked. I tried a new playing style in this game, but the Rolecop FourseenCircumstance quicklynched me, resulting in his lynch Day 2, but not before tricking the cop, AntB to claim. The Goon, Christine was very town through the game, so town quickmislynched twice and the game was over after like two weeks. FourseenCircumstance and Christine won.

Newbie 1151

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Uite Town Vanilla Townie Replaced in Day 1 Killed Night 1 Scum win
Fuck, my W/L record is getting worse and worse. In this game the Mafia, Epsilon_Andrew and Ranmaru, was seen as very town throughout the game. On Day 1 we lynched Lord, the alt of Meransiel. His last words was a bizarre case on me, and apparently he thought that I was obvscum. I got killed Night 1, when the scum thought I had a PR (I was also seen as town by a majority of the players). Then Xeras got quicklynched Day 2, as he was extremely scummy D1 with an extremely scummy hammer. The JK, racerman13, was then killed N2 (and Andrew got site-banned during this Night and replaced by zMuffinMan) , and the town had no more PRs. On Day 3 Krazy, the IC, did put his vote out on Stels very early, allowing the scum to hammer him. zMuffinMan and Ranmaru won.

Completed Mini Themes

Mini 1217: Campaign Mafia

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Theme Crazy Town Vanilla Townie Started Elected Evening 2 Scum win
Ouch, this game sucks. We quick-elected Timeater D1 even though he didn't even post, during to his opponent Maruchan being a VI screwing up for himself. I then got elected Night 2, and Twistedspoon N3 (both town) only making us need one more town election in two days for a town win. Unfortunately the townreads of the town, Lurconis and Duplicity (a hydra of Regfan and Shift) was both scum, so we lost. Timeater, Pomegranate, hiplop, Lurconis and Duplicity won.

Games I've Modded

None yet.

Favourite Games

None yet.

Completed Games outside of MS

Maffia - FMS Rollspel Part V

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Off-Site Semi-Open, 30 players Pontarii Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 3 Town win
OK game, but not more. The scum lurked and was incompetent, me and the not-investigative-immune Godfather (!) Flour was like the only active players. In the end the Mafia got screwed over by their lurking and a ridiculously town-sided set-up. Win shared with waggen, pusselbit, Adoo`, JMalmsten, Persson93, dejan, Bütters, Pastore, lassse, vicke231, Linhem, Bogga, Bartie, Messi, viktor6731, klurig, Scholsey, nisse156, kinali, Rasse96 and Tomenham.

Lord of the Rings Mafia

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Off-Site Open, 24 players Lichtieforlife and Shelldon Sauron's Army (Scumgroup A) Balrog (Mafia Goon) Started Lynched Day 2 Sauron win
Really bad game. I got policy lynched Day 2 for my play style and then it went downhill for Sauron's Army. The set-up was broken and by Day 4 everyone knew each others roles. A remarkable plot twist then happened when Saruman's Army defected (!) to Sauron's Army just to end the game. Win shared with lichtgilphead, The Real Saints, ThatBoyRonaldo, die hard doonhamer, Scotty Tunbridge, Broxi#1, Kyle and nevets_8.

The Dragonball Z Mafia Game

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Off-Site Open, 23 players the jambo-rocker and South Lanarkshire Jag Town Chi-Chi (Vanilla Townie) Started Survived Town win
This game was a lot better, with good modding and active players. We lynched the Mafia easily, with Mafia lynchings almost all days. Sadly the last Mafia got modkilled for flaking (no replacements on P&B). Win shared with gy diamond, Stewbo, Smurph, Kyle, GingerSaint, Widge, Scotty Tunbridge, HEED, The Real Saints, lichtgilphead, die hard doonhamer, Forehead7, Jojo, Nocturnal Groove, Lichtieforlife and Ayrgirl.

A Country for Old Men

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Off-Site Closed, 17 players TheLastDays Town Elroy (Doctor) Started Killed Night 2 Mafia win (shared with 2 Neutrals)
Good game, but the scumhunting wasn't good and the town all claimed (private talking and PMs is allowed on this site) to Major Robert Dump and was lucky that he was town. Then town failed by lynching an even more failing Seon, the bus driver. I sucked in this game too. B_Ray, issaikhaan and autolycus (the Mafia), and Diamondeye and dcmort93 (Neutrals] won.

Finding Johhog Outside of MS

The sites apart from MS which I'm playing Mafia on. - Johhog - Johhog - Johhog - Johhog


Here you can leave a message or just say hi. Please don't delete anyone else's messages.

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