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Faction Win Loss Draw Total
Town 2 7 0 9
Mafia 6 1 0 7
Other 0 0 0 0
Total 8 8 0 16


Faction Entry Final Status
Started Replaced Survived Endgamed Killed Lynched Replaced
Town 5 4 0 2 6 1 0
Mafia 5 2 5 0 0 2 0
Other 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 10 6 5 2 6 3 0

Completed Games


Newbie 965

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Jeffcole1 Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 1 Win (Town Victory Day 4)
My first game. I was killed Night 1 because of obvious town play. DavidParker decided to be a village idiot and fakeclaimed Cop as a VT, backtracking later, which got him lynched Day 2. In the end, our veteran players pulled through and lynched scum on Day 3 and Day 4, securing a town win.

Newbie 957

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Vel-Rahn Koon Mafia Mafia Goon Replaced easjo682 Day 2 Survived Win (Mafia Victory Day 4)
A very interesting game. I replaced in during twilight the second day, when my scumbuddy Memnon had already been hammered, so I was all by myself. I managed to make a good impression before the day closed, and I got lucky when I killed the Cop on a hunch. Day 3 went by very quickly when our resident VI self-hammered after an attempt to Policy Lynch him. Day 4 I made it so I was left with two players who suspected each other over me, and although I got some suspicion from Me=Weird, nevermind sided with me and secured my win.

Newbie 943

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie hasdgfas Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Strigoides Day 3 Endgamed Loss (Mafia Victory Day 3)
This game was a bitch. I entered in a five player LyLo, with two players already having cast votes on each other. After a lot of discussion and analysis, the two other players voted, which left me to decide the game. Though I had been very suspicious of both of the scum players, and I had already deduced they had to be on the same side, I switched my vote to the town player at the last minute, thereby losing the game.

Newbie 974

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie hohum Town Vanilla Townie Replaced WrightJustice Day 1 Killed Night 1 Loss (Mafia Victory Day 5)
I was nightkilled almost immediately after I replaced in. Turned out to be part of the scum strategy to disallow a fresh perspective. AClockworkMelon played the scumgame quite well. As soon as his partner (the IC no less) made a slip Day 1, he crucified him. After that he laid low, letting the town destroy itself, which was helped by DavidParker and Charlie, the first fakeclaiming Doctor as town, and the second making a really weak Copclaim, which was unfortunately true. Both players were lynched, and ACM chose to not nightkill anyone after that, committing to putting the game in perpetual MyLo. Infighting between AGar and signersigner eventually won the game for him on Day 5.

Newbie 972

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Zachrulez Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 3 Win (Town Victory Day 4)
We broke the record for most posts on one day in a newbie game! We made a whopping 822 posts on Day 1! I really liked how this game turned out. Day 1 I recognised an impending mislynch, but I unfortunately failed to prevent it. Day 2 was less stellar, as I made a huge case on a fellow townie, and eventually got him lynched, while not suspecting any of the two scum. Day 3 went really well for me. I started out by posting some compelling evidence that one player was town, causing both scum to panic and slip up. They both claimed cop, but left a few holes, which quickly got both of them lynched after a massclaim that revealed their inconsistency.

Mini 1015: Thursday Morning Murder

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Normal esuriospiritus Mafia Mafia Goon Started Lynched Day 1 Loss (Town Victory Day 6)
A rollercoaster. I was lynched on plurality Day 1, without any real suspicion on me. Drmyshottyizsik, one of my scumbuddies, was horrible this game. He actually bussed me Day 1, and prevented the quickhammer Day 5, thereby losing us the game. The other original scumbuddy, Enigma threatened to throw the game because of it. His eventual replacement, Hoopla played terrifically, almost ensuring our win. The town played very badly, with multiple town fakeclaims, lynching of powerroles, and not really suspecting the actual scum. Should have won this one.

Newbie 1000

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Vel-Rahn Koon Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 3 Loss (Mafia Victory Day 4)
My play wasn't exactly great here. I tunneled on a fellow townie most of the game. Pretty much everyone in this game was scummy to some extent, and the most obvious townies were killed off early on. Moose200x being a total idiot didn't help either. My highlights: hammering the first scum Day 1, and making a nice case on the second scum at the start of Day 2. I later concluded he was probably town on some very flimsy evidence. It all went downhill from there.

Open 254 ~ Trust Issues (FvEvE)

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Open CSL Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Equinox Day 1 Killed Night 1 Loss (Mafia Victory Day 4)
This game was a farce. I started off strong replacing in for Equinox, asking a lot of good questions and preventing a mislynch on chesskid3, lynching a Werewolf instead. That also meant I had to go Night 1. The next day saw the lynch of the remaining Werewolf, but then singersigner was killed, turning the game over to the lurkers, allowing the two Mafia to coast to victory. Only chesskid3 dared to speak up, and he was subsequently lynched. The day after that, they lynched Sevei in LyLo, who was pretty much my strongest town read at that point, for the Mafia win.

Mini 1032 - ReBoot Mafia

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Theme Nikanor Mafia Networker Started Survived Win (Mafia Victory Day 4)
This game was awesome. Everything went right here for us. Day 1, me and my Mafia buddy ZONEACE were both under heavy suspicion. Bussing Zone saved the day, as it got TheLoneWolf to fake a "not guilty" result on me. Still, I was forced to claim, but after I did, nobody suspected me at all the entire game. That was helped by MagnaofIllusion's faulty interpretation of his double lyncher role, since both his targets were actually scum. My other buddy Thor665 played great, and wasn't really suspected until very late in the game. I do feel kinda bad for driving some of the members of the town into such frustration that they basically gave up, but it made for an easy victory.

Open 265: Trendy and Subversive

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Open vezokpiraka Mafia Mafia Goon Started Survived Win (Mafia Victory Day 2)
I shouldn't have won this game. After we got the backup to claim, I pushed too hard on the PR after I found out who he was causing him to claim as well. Fortunately for us, Day 1 drmyshottyizsik's antics got him mislynched. Day 2 however, the Cop (HopOnMyJoystick) immediately voted me, and of course I wasn't quicklynched. While this should have made it obvious I was scum, I somehow managed to redirect the vote on me to a lurking townie and we quickhammered for the win.

Open 266-Pie E7 Mallow's Manor

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Open mallowgeno Mafia Roleblocker Started Survived Win (Mafia Victory Day 2)
This game was pretty similar to Open 265, with many of the same players and me being scum in both. I'm proud of how I turned this game around. Day 1 was pretty uneventful; Shotty made an ass of himself and was subsequently lynched. Unfortunately, the Cop, charter, saw a connection between Shotty and me and promised to investigate me. A fakeclaim from andrew94 saved him from being blocked Night 2. We did manage to kill the Doc though, thanks to a good read from my buddy Chesskid3. Then the real Cop claimed, and revealed he didn't investigate me after all, but instead went for the dead Doc. After this, I started bussing my buddy, but when both Andrew and Charter voted for a town lurker (Chevre), I quickhammered for the win.

Mini 1071 Secret Invasion Mafia

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Theme danakillsu Town Super Backup Started Lynched Day 1 Loss (Mafia Victory Day 4)
I can't say I cared much for this game. I got mislynched on a flimsy pretext Day 1, and MagnaofIllusion revealed my alignment in Mini 1032 in the process. Too pissed because of that to look at the situation rationally, I just sorta let it all happen. Beyond that, scum played well, and they definitely earned their win.


The Big Game

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Theme mykonian Mafia Godfather Started Lynched Day 1 Win (Mafia Victory Day 6)
This game had a fun, if a bit screwy setup with two Sane Cops, three VTs, and two scum, with the scumteam consisting of a Godfather and a Lightning Rod. Unfortunately, I was lynched early on in Day 1. My buddy, Cogito Ergo Sum, really bussed me hard, and despite not being able to kill anyone at night, managed to coast to a victory.

Mini 1090: Of Rogues and Curses

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Mini Theme Ythill Town Vanilla Townie Started Endgamed Loss (Mafia Victory Day 5)
This was a very good game, with a good setup, good flavour and a good player list. Unfortunately, I didn't exactly play my best here. Thanks to the efforts of players like Vi and VP Baltar, we succesfully lynched scum the first two days. The last scum remained elusive, and bad use of abilities on the town end, combined with expert use of his, Zorblag managed to pull through for the scum in the end, despite many close calls.

Newbie 1038: Welcome to the Jungle!

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie bv310 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced lunaticlucas Day 1 Killed Night 2 Loss (Mafia Victory Day 3)
I replaced in in a very rough spot, close to the deadline, and close to being lynched. I did manage to not get lynched, lynching DavidParker instead. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a VT too. The next Day saw me arguing against LlamaFluff, the IC. I got him lynched, but unfortunately, turned out town as well. That Night, I was killed, and the next Day saw a lot of pressure on Concission, who self-hammered in protest. Unfortunately, that was the third townie to be lynched, handing the victory to the scum.

Newbie 1040 - Murder in Newbville!

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Kitoari Mafia Roleblocker Replaced silverbullet999 Day 1 Alive Win (Mafia Victory Day 3)
This game was awesome. Night 1, we figured out that we were in the mountainous setup, which allowed us to do whatever we wanted. On top of that, neither of us were on the Day 1 lynch, and in fact, my buddy LordChronos managed to not be on any lynches at all. This demonstrates the extent to which we controlled the Town, and even though I was pretty bad during Day 2, a well executed fakeclaim in LyLo gave us a perfect win.

Ongoing Games

Open 284: Tit for Tat

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Open jmj3000 Started Alive