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So I kinda forgot the game was happening, but I've played this setup a couple times in sitechat before, (and modded them, too) and usually it doesn't matter who gets lynched first, just because if you get town, you get a confirmed townie, and most of the time by the first couple minutes based on who's working with who and so on and so forth. I saw the votecount and it looked like it was him or you. I knew if I voted you I'd either get scum and p much win, or I'd get town and you'd shoot him (killing scum). That's how it goes pretty much every time. So I flipped a coin that would only land heads up.

I get this setup mixed up a lot, though, with SS3 (and also every time I skim this I think townies are perma one-shot lynchproof) which is why I posted like I did at beginning of day 2. I know you know I'm town, cuz if you didn't think I was, you'd have shot me yesterday. Let's lynch RC and win this thing for the homies?

If you're looking for my most recent scum PT, [1].