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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 7

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Chain 7: Nikanor's Chain

35. Nikanor - Phrase

"These tapeworms are becoming a hassle."

15. SpyreX - Picture


11. gandalf5166 - Phrase

"Vegetarians are very unhappy people."

19. KaleiÐoscøpe - Picture


29. StrangerCoug - Phrase

"Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, which probably went to Hell's Kitchen."

4. VasudeVa - Picture


5. KittyMo - Phrase

"Little Bo Peep is concerned about the possibility of the devil and a blue-eyed black man eating her sheep for dinner."

6. Zorblag - Picture


14. Robocopter87 - Phrase

"The Shepherd daydreams that all his sheep are roasted by the devil and his minions."

17. Umbrage - Picture


18. populartajo - Phrase

"The shepherd imagined the devil and his two little monkey minions making a spider barbecue in his dinosheep grill."

32. Korts - Picture


16. mallowgeno - Phrase

"A shepherd ponders an alien invasion."

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