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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 6

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Chain 6: Porochaz's Chain

28. Porochaz - Phrase

"Hey, that badger stole my wristwatch!"

16. mallowgeno - Picture


32. Korts - Phrase

"The flow of time is like skunk piss," Mr. Square exclaimed."

13. SaintKerrigan - Picture


15. SpyreX - Phrase

"Happy Box is a urinating skunk voyeur."

39. Mina - Picture


30. Jahudo - Phrase

"Happiness is a skunk that spies on neighbors for relief."

18. populartajo - Picture


19. KaleiÐoscøpe - Phrase

"Fresh new house in the neighborhood makes skunk happy."

31. implosion - Picture


14. Robocopter87 - Phrase

"The skunk is happy that his house is blue, and not black like everyone else's."

27. Furry - Picture


5. KittyMo - Phrase

"Skunks are attracted to blue houses moreso than black ones."

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