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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 8

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Chain 8: tanstalas' Chain

12. tanstalas - Phrase

"Johnny spent his day blowing up balloons for the party."

21. Charlie - Picture


31. implosion - Phrase

"The well-dressed yeti's party was a failure."

10. Andrius - Picture


39. Mina - Phrase

"Chewbacca is disappointed that his birthday party was thrown in an igloo."

34. Sudo_Nym - Picture


13. SaintKerrigan - Phrase

"The Eskimo woman, her fur attire shredded beyond repair, visited the Arctic's red light district."

2. Kitoari - Picture


24. Zang - Phrase

"A man finds two buildings in a mountainous area surrounded by red suns."

38. bvoigt - Picture


26. TheBadOne - Phrase

"A man is watching two buildings and four red suns going down between mountains."

23. mith - Picture


3. ChannelDelibird - Phrase

"The man watched as the Giant Tomato Apocalypse destroyed a nearby city."

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