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Packbat is a USian nerd who never got a chance to play Mafia offline, and decided to take the opportunity online. His style is somewhat manic-depressive, and he's a total sucker for oddball setups. He found out about Mafiascum through the rationality blog Less Wrong, where a user posted a link to Wine In Front Of Me in response to a game theory post. Since discovering this forum, he has played almost exclusively here or on Skype with players from here.

He has AIM and Yahoo! Messenger accounts named after the Inspector from Dorothy Sayer's mystery novel Have His Carcase. He tried putting this info up on the Wiki, but immediately was inundated with junk invites.

You can also watch him edit this Wiki in his alter ego User:Packbat.


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Mafia Games

The following excludes non-written games such as Skype mafia games.

As Player

(Completed anti-town games are underlined.)

In Queue:

  • None at present.


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  • None at present.


  • Won:
    • Sherlock Holmes Mafia - survived, Sherlock Holmes, Town Lie Detector.
      • Primary lesson learned: Revision to lesson of Ozy and Millie: don't be ambivalent about your partner's fakeclaims - wishy-washiness is scummy. Most townies tend to believe claims, at least provisionally.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Be willing to change your mind if you notice that you were obviously wrong.
    • Seacore's Color Concentration Mafia (Mini Theme) - killed on Page 9, Night 2, drop of yellow (vanilla at time of death).
      • Primary lesson learned: before you try a gambit as scum, estimate the probability of it working all the way to victory. A gambit that guarantees you won't be lynched today but guarantees you will be lynched in a few days is worthless.
      • Secondary lesson learned: It is very easy for scum to out themselves with their interactions with a partner's wagon.
    • Open 336: Scales of Justice (Open) (replacing glowball N1) - survived, Vanilla Town.
      • Primary lesson learned: Fakeclaiming as town can be a powerful gambit.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Logic is a powerful scumhunting tool - scum are often very hesitant to act against their wincon a la WIFOM, particularly if they are in a desperate situation.
    • Communication Breakdown 2 - Hacking the Hackers (Mini Theme) - survived, Neighbor.
      • Primary lesson learned: don't panic.
    • Newbie 1164 (SE) - survived, Vanilla Town.
      • Primary lesson learned: It's risky to claim as the last scum in 2of4.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Scum will take a risk when the alternative is instant death.
  • Lost:
    • Newbie Game 1027 - replaced Maniamax on page 23, Day 2; lynched on page 31, Day 4 at MyLo, Vanilla Townie.
      • Primary lesson learned: A claim is worth exactly nothing when it is impossible to have a counterclaim.
    • Newbie Game 1025 - Doctor, killed N1.
      • Primary lesson learned: Beware of those who slip under the radar, intentionally or accidentally.
    • Newbie Game 1037 - Vanilla Townie, NKed during the second night.
      • Primary lesson learned: It's not difficult to find connections between players, regardless of slot - they don't mean much unless one of the two has already flipped scum.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Policy lynches are sometimes justified.
    • Open 270 - Medical Mafia (variation: sanity not revealed on death) - endgamed D5, Naive Doctor.
      • Primary lesson learned: Wagon analysis at endgame is pro.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Don't waste too much time trying to analyze open setups unless it's really certain to work.
      • Tertiary lesson learned: Play it friggin' safe at LyLo/MyLo with night actions.
    • Ozy and Millie Mafia - Mafia Goon, killed N2.
      • Primary lesson learned: Don't be too skeptical of your partner's fakeclaim - that's an easy way for people to link you together.
    • Newbie Game 1075 - lynched on Page 35, Day 3, Vanilla Town.
      • Primary lesson learned: Never fall for the bus - if the lynch hits scum, check to see if one of the players decided they were scum without evidence.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Keep track of PR hints - you might just catch a fakeclaim without officially outing them.
    • There Goes the Neighborhood (Mini Theme) - killed on Page 31, Night 3, Commuter.
      • Primary lesson learned: Bring your A game every game - being a flake gets you vigged, and no-one will care.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Think any gambits you want to try all the way through before you start acting on them.
    • Newbie 1122 as IC - killed N2, Vanilla Town.
      • Primary lesson learned: Beware lynching lurkers/idlers - a player who isn't dedicating enough energy to the game can look a lot like a scumbag.
      • Secondary lesson learned: WIFOM kills can come at any time.
    • Mini 1194: Reverse Mafia (Mini Theme) - endgamed N4, Strong-Spirited Townie.
      • Primary lesson learned: no setup should have an instant-victory role. The presence of such is automatically bastard-mod.
    • Crazy's Campaign Mafia (Mini Theme) - killed D5, Townie.
      • Primary lesson learned: Always Be Scumhunting.
    • Open 331: No Lynching Town (Open) - killed D4, Townie.
      • Primary lesson learned: It is easy to be right for the wrong reasons - don't tunnel too hard based on early reads.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Lurking is a good scum strategy. Be wary of those who seem mysteriously unable to keep up with the game.
    • TV Tropes Mafia (Mini Theme) - (quick)lynched D1, Magnificent Bastard (Chaotic Neutral Survivor)
      • Primary lesson learned: Never draw a Survivor role PM.
      • Secondary lesson learned: Don't let questions about your role distract you from being active in the thread.
    • Open 385 (No Lynching Town) - endgamed N4, Townie.
      • Primary lesson learned: Any "towny" player at endgame who does not participate should be automatically viewed with suspicion.



  • Won:
    • Mafia of Dune (California)- Freman (Vanilla Townie, username "Packbat"), survived.
      • This was a tough game, particularly since nearly everyone was a newbie and the Cop was killed N1 -- but rather proving chesskid3's advice from Open 270, pure scumhunting was able to nail both Harkonnen after the mislynch D1.
  • Lost:
    • None so far.

As Mod

In Queue:

  • None at present.

In Progress:

  • None at present.


  • Open 366: Weak M.D.
    • Primary lesson learned: Calendar alerts are my friend.
    • Secondary lesson learned: Make offsite backups.

Mish-Mash Games

  • Signups:
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