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Est: 2008

After over 7 years of sporadically updating this wiki page, I figured I could make it a little bit more interesting by having comments on the games I have played rather than just listing them. We'll see if I ever get around to doing that. (As of August 20, 2017... still nope.)

I'm retired from mafia now. Not really from announcing my retirement or anything like that, just from the lack of playing or modding any for a really long time now.

If I ever get bored enough the games below may end up with links someday.

83 completed games

Newbie 707

Mini 722

Open 120 (Guard)

Open 124

Newbie 749

Mini 734

Mini 761

Open 150 (Mod Abandoned)

Newbie 784

Newbie 806

Newbie 810

Open 167

Mafia 98

Mini 829

Mini 851

Newbie 842

Newbie 843

Newbie 846

Newbie 859

Newbie 864

Mini 845

Mini 882

Open 188

Newbie 885

Mafia 108

Mini 916

Mini 918

Open 188

Open 196

Mini 922

Newbie 911

Newbie 916

California Trilogy (As Sottyrulez)

Newbie 932

Newbie 937

Newbie 938

Mini 942

Newbie 953

Newbie 958

Mini 987

Mini 988

Newbie 985

Mini 1014 (as sottyrulez)

Open 250 (as sottyrulez)

Mini 1007

Invitational 8 (Replaced out)

Mini 1042

Newbie 1006

Open 250 Mark II (as sottyrulez)

Mafia on Holy Orders (as sottyrulez)

Earth's struggle

Mostly Mountainous

Newbie 1021

Mafia of the Chosen Ones (As Sottyrulez + Hitogoroshi)

Simpsons Mafia (As Sottyrulez)

Stars Aligned III (As Trilobite)

WWF Road to Wrestlemania (As Sottyrulez)

Newbie 1046

Newbie 1067

Team Mafia 2011: Psychic Mafia

Metamafia (Sottyrulez)

The Call of Cutthulhufish

Mini 1175

Newbie 1118

Mafia Invictus

Newbie 1116

Open 327 3 of 5

Open 334 Friends and Enemies

Mini 1243 Magic Castle (Sottyrulez)

Mini 1273 Metal Gear Solid Mafia

Team Mafia 2012 White Flag

Open 420 Medical Mafia

Micro 21 Bird 7p


Mafia 160B

The Wire Mafia (Sottyrulez)

/in-vitational 12: Mafia in #YOLOville

Khan's Unnamed 3p Mafia II (Micro 175)

Mini 1406: Sherlock Mafia (Sottyrulez)

Mafia of the Raptured

Mini 1472 (Sottyrulez)

White Flag Mafia [TM2015]

13p Normal [TM2015]


Hahaha... nope... nothing... nada

Mod Record

Mini 847 (Complete, scum win)

Newbie 920 (Complete, town win)

Mini 946 (Complete, scum win)

Newbie 945 (Complete, scum win

Newbie 947 (Complete, scum win)

Newbie 972 (Complete, town win)

Newbie 979 (Took over as backup mod, scum win)

Newbie 1005 (Complete, town win)

Newbie 1029 (Complete, scum win)

Zachtown in the Mountains (Complete, town win)

Mini 1105 (Complete, town win) 1st 13p mini game.

Newbie 1055 (Complete, scum win)

Newbie 1086 (Complete, scum win)

Mini 1202 (Complete, scum win)

Open 339 Bird 7p (Complete, scum win)

New York 146 Zach's Insane Mafia World (Complete, town win)

Micro 134 (F11) (Complete, town win)