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Telephone Pictionary: The Ramen Years

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Telephone Pictionary: The Ramen Years was a Mish Mash game run from October 2012 to early November, hosted by Ether. It had heavy deadlines and a suspicious number of furries. These helped it to serve as a beacon to EPYC/Telephone Pictionary fans disillusioned by the longer games.

A hurricane hit the mod less than 24 hours before what would have been the final round, delaying the reveal by a few days. The moral of this story is to get your submissions in early. It does make a difference!

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

The Player List

The Chains

A. sword_of_omens's Chain
B. DrippingGoofball's Chain
C. saporovirus's Chain
D. StrangerCoug's Chain
E. Amrun's Chain
F. Xalxe's Chain
G. izakthegoomba's Chain
H. ChannelDelibird's Chain
I. Scigatt's Chain
J. Fujiko' Chain
K. Equinox's Chain
L. RedCoyote's Chain
M. N's Chain
N. Empking's Chain
O. petroleumjelly's Chain
P. Cheery Dog's Chain
Q. Kimor's Chain
R. Thor665's Chain
S. Kcdaspot's Chain
T. Ether's Chain