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Telephone Pictionary: The Ramen Years/Chain B

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Chain B: DrippingGoofball's Chain

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

Wile E. Coyote offers the Road Runner a Valentine rigged with dynamite.

N - Picture

Telram B1.gif

saporovirus - Phrase

The Road Runner's lust for Wile E. Coyote would turn out to be his undoing.

petroleumjelly - Picture

Telram B2.jpg

izakthegoomba - Phrase

While daydreaming about it's love for the brown rat-dog, the blue bird tragically snowboarded off the edge of the orange cliff and plummeted to it's doom.

Kimor - Picture

Telram B3.png

Amrun - Phrase

The roadrunner skateboards down a cliff in an effort to make the coyote happily; in his final moments, he empathized with his rival.

Empking - Picture

Telram B4.png

sword_of_omens - Phrase

The best way to cheer up a sad monkey is to let him push you down a very steep hill on a skateboard, and hope that you don't die.

Fujiko - Picture

Telram B5.png

Equinox - Phrase

The monkey thought to relieve his boredom by pushing a skateboarder off the cliff but not of the consequences.

Kcdaspot - Picture

Telram B6.png

Cheery Dog - Phrase

The sleepwalking monkey was happy when he pushed the skateboarder off the cliff.

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