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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 9

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Chain 9: Antihero's Chain

7. Antihero - Phrase

"The bear prepared to defend himself against the dangerous opponent."

40. Moospiker - Picture


33. Chevre - Phrase

"In the moonlight, the bear told the warrior, 'I have a gun!'"

25. Shanba - Picture


27. Furry - Phrase

"Chewbacca described his blaster to a knight at night."

8. Papa Zito - Picture


37. Faraday - Phrase

"The confused knight wakes up to see Chewbacca stealing his poster."

28. Porochaz - Picture


9. Equinox - Phrase

"The clueless mouse-knight objected to the burglar's assessment of his EPYC masterpiece."

30. Jahudo - Picture


1. Fenchurch - Phrase

"At the art gallery, the mouse-knight gets a low score from a criminal chicken."

36. Brandi - Picture


20. RedCoyote - Phrase

"The elitist chicken bandit critiques his mouse partner's performance amidst a children's museum caper."

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