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{{rcl}} is short for "role classifier"; it's used by the role parser templates to determine which parts of a role string correspond to which parts of a role PM.

Here are the possible output values:

Class Description Examples
f Faction: which team a player is on. Also determines their win condition. Town, Mafia, Werewolf, Jester
h Hidden: a role component that that the user is not self-aware of (and thus does not show up in the role PM, thus should not be mentioned in a role string). False, Naive, Paranoid
v Vanilla: a role component that has no effect on the role, and serves only to clarify its lack of additional power. Do not mention these in role strings. Townie, Goon
p Passive: an ability that is always in effect, with no choices made by the user. Bulletproof, Miller, Ascetic, Paranoid Gun Owner
m Action modifier: an ability that changes the effects of one or all actions (e.g. by adding side effects), or places a targeting (but not timing) restriction on them. Loyal, Weak, Strong-Willed, Ninja
i Interaction modifier: an ability that changes how two or more active actions work when they are used together. Multitasking
g General restriction: a role or modifier that applies to all active actions a player has, changing every action in the same way. JOAT, Inventor
s Schedule restriction: a modifier that applies to a single ability, and changes the schedule on which it can be used. 1-shot, Odd-Night, Day, Backup
t Targeted active: an ability that is explicitly activated by the user at a specific, single other player. Cop, Doctor, Roleblocker, Vigilante
u Untargeted active: an ability that is explicitly activated by the user when they want to use it, but does not target in the regular way. It may require choices other than a target, or have a nonstandard form of targeting. Oracle, Dreaming God, Bus Driver
dx Derived role: a role that names another role because it is linked to it, but does not have the abilities of that role. The second letter x shows the category of role that's created. (Backup is not a derived role; a Backup role does gain the abilities of the original, just can't always use them.) Enabler (dp), Activated (du), Switch (du).

In order to add an option to this template, create a page Template:rcl/role, e.g. {{rcl/Cop}}. The content should be a single letter (or d-letter pair), the expected output from the template.